MPOW HP112A Swimming Ear plugs 20 Pairs for Kids
  • SKU: HP112A

MPOW HP112A Swimming Ear plugs 20 Pairs for Kids

    • CUSTOMIZED EARPLUGS FOR SMALL EAR CANAL SWIMMERS: Mow silicone earplugs are designed to fit small size and shape ears to ensure comfort and wonderful sealing.
    • AN INDISPENSABLE FOR SWIMMING: No more troubled by getting water in ears while swimming. The soft and moldable silicone earplugs can perfectly seal your ears and keep water away from ear canals as well as prevent ear canal infections.
    • SAFE CHOICE FOR KIDS: Made of CE and ANSI certified safe, non-toxic material, Mow silicone earplugs is the right choice for children’s tender ears in order to protect their ears away from loud noises, water in swimming pool and droplets in shower.
    • RELIABLE NOISE REDUCTION: With CE and ANSI certified 28dB SNR (Single Number Rating), Mow moldable silicone ear plugs can reduce surrounding noises, such as snoring, night molar, loud concert noise, traffic noise.
    • 20 PAIRS WITH 2 DAILY CASES: Mow silicone ear plugs pack comes with 2 daily cases for keeping used earplugs and protecting them away from dust and debris as well as ensuring the convenience of bringing the plugs with you wherever you go.