Which H10 Color Matches Your Personality?

by Somos Digital Collaborator on October 09, 2019
Understanding art and how it relates to our identity and personality can be a catalyst for self-actualization. Finding people with similar music tastes fills us with ecstasy and helps us bond with others. We recommend sharing this article with your friends and comparing which color types you best relate to! We can all better understand ourselves and each other by reflecting on our viewpoints and preferences – such as our choice of H10 Headphone color! Which H10 color best matches your personality and your approach to music? Let’s get into it and find out!


Bold Red: Spontaneous Thrill-SeekersDecisive, and Unrelenting 

Bold Reds can be associated with a variety of music genres from Hip Hop to Pop to Rap to Rock – Anything that gets their blood pumping and their head in the zone. Bold Reds like to employ music as a tool for propelling themselves into action, while at work, playing sports, gaming, and partying. Bold Reds tend to be competitive, but also work well within teams – often taking on the role of a leader. They are the type to always be on the move, liking to think and act efficiently. Artists that appeal to Reds widely vary, ranging from Eminem to Beyoncé to The Rolling Stones.

Citrine Yellow: Positive, Responsible, and Engaging

Citrine Yellows are joyous harmonizers – usually in a positive mood and not looking for conflict. They are dependable and friendly and try to ensure that everyone’s as happy as possibleThey tend to prefer music which is smooth and laid-back like themselves. They look for songs which are bright, feature memorable hooks, and aren’t at all abrasive. Genres which naturally suit Citrine Yellows include soft rock and pop, smooth jazz, folk and country.

Metallic Grey: Slick, Conscientiousand Perfectionistic 

What appeals to Metallic Greys is intricate music in which the artist expresses themselves through technical mastery. As such, they are drawn to genres like Classical and Jazzwhich involve musical precision and unconventional chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies. Some Greys may even be interested in learning and understanding complex music theory. This type is especially fond of accuracy and mastery and can become exceptionally dedicated musicians.

Luminous Blue: Expressive, Creative, Dreamer 

Luminous Blues often appear private and aloof due to the extravagant ideas that fill their heads. This type is fascinated with Indie and Soft Rock, as well as Pop throughout the agesThey seek depth and abstract meaning in music and enjoy envisioning new concepts from what they hear. Luminous Blues tend to be secluded listeners but will joyously share their passion if they think they have found someone with similar thoughts and interests. Blues have an extreme creative disposition and unique musical perspective. 

Party PurpleAdaptive, Sociable, Generous 

Party Purples are all about that bass – their bubbly, gregarious nature pulls them toward popular party music. Purples love to connect with people, thriving in social situations that involve song, dance, and glamour. To them, music is a means for celebration and encouraging connection. Some favorite artists for Party Purples may include Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson, or the Beatles!

Cloudy Beige: Reassuring, Purposeful, Sincere 

Cloudy Beige types are extremely principled and honest. Their music preferences are unconstrained by genre but tend toward popular music which is meticulously produced and easy to listen to. Beiges heavily value the sincerity of the artists message and feeling connected to the artist. Some timeless examples include artists like The Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel.

Timeless Black: Composed, Analytical, and Perceptive 

Timeless Black types place a focus on growth and learning and are intrigued by music that inspires new – and often intense – ideas and feelings. Timeless Blacks tend to be individualistic listeners who find it difficult to relate to the musical perspectives of others. However, this type assigns a significant part of their identity to their music taste and will seek out like-minded Alternative Rock, Metal, and Grunge enthusiasts. They are often artists and musicians who engage in long listening sessions and form bands with other Timeless Blacks.


 Which MPOW H10 COLOR best suits your personality? Let us know in the comments and share with your friends! 


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