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Product Description

  • Universal Compatibility: The wireless car charger provides 10W fast charging for Galaxy, 7.5W fast charging for iPhone, and 5W for other wireless charging-enabled devices (Note: QC3.0/2.0 adapter is needed for 10W/7.5W fast charging). It provides 50% faster charging than standard wireless chargers, your phone will get juice quickly and won’t die even if you have a long ride.

  • Auto-clamp, Auto-release: The arms will open automatically when the wireless car charger is connected to the power, and also automatically close as soon as the phone is placed in the cradle. The mount has a built-in power storage setting. When your car engine is off, you can open the arms once to take out the phone in 1 hour.

  • Charge Through Case: The car wireless charger is compatible with most phone cases that are less than 4mm thick. Please note that to get proper and fast charging, you should remove the thick case (>4mm), metal ring holders, pop holders, magnet attachments, or credit cards that will interfere with wireless charging.

  • Right Alignment for Efficient Charging: The adjustable feet can help you align your phone with the charger’s charging coil. Just move the feet up and down with reference to the preset calibration, you can find the sweet spot for small or large phones. When the car mount charger cannot work normally, please check the alignment.

  • 360° Rotating Viewing Angle: A good car phone holder will hold your phone in a convenient place while you drive, without blocking your view of the road. Mpow car mount owns the capability to rotate 360 degrees to present horizontal and vertical view, so you can readily see and reach the screen with no eye and neck fatigue.


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View our knowledge base of FAQs, or contact our product support team by email. You may get fast response in 24 business hours.


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