MPOW Launches Official Community and MPOW Flame Pro!

75 comments by Somos Digital Collaborator

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, MPOW Fans! We’re celebrating the holidays on our newly launched MPOW Community Forum, where we’re giving away tons of Christmas and New Year's gifts this season!

Many MPOW fans know and love the MPOW Flame, say hello to the new MPOW Flame Pro! You’ll be able to get one to try out for yourself by participating in our community giveaway!

Let’s review some of the major benefits of the Flame Pro:

Qualcomm aptX Sound

The immersive, synchronized sound of Qualcomm aptX creates an optimized listening experience, so you can detect even the slightest audio nuances. Freely listen to your music and jam out like never before with the Flame Pro’s modern technology.

Wireless Charging Case

This intelligent wireless charging station is specially designed as a sleek, compact fit for your Flame Pro. Liberate yourself from the wires that used to tie you down. This convenient little case slips neatly right in your pocket or bag, providing tons of hours of on-the-go use.

Auto-Play Bluetooth Connection

Auto-play your favorite music from the onset – no more fumbling with setup. Flame Pros are designed to automatically sync up with your device and the built-in proximity sensors detect when you’re wearing it.


4 Noise-cancelling Mics

With Flame Pro equipped, your voice won’t be drowned out by surrounding commotion. Four noise-cancelling mics transmit your voice crystal-clearly for high quality calls and recordings.


Supercharged Battery

32 hours of battery life for days and days of auditory splendor.


IPX7 Waterproof

Flame Pro is equipped with IPX7 water resistance, completely rejecting water contact. Worried about a spill or a bit of sweat while working out? The MPOW Flame Pro can handle anything that’s thrown at it.

Want to win yourself a free MPOW Flame Pro?

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