Dive into 2020 with MPOW Fly – The Ultimate Underwater Earbuds

durch Somos Digital Collaborator auf January 03, 2020

Ultra-waterproof, Ride Every Wave

As we move into the beautiful new year of 2020, ripe with possibilities, let’s make sure we follow up on our New Year’s resolution to stay active and fit!
Looking for an unyielding audio companion to valiantly accompany you in any environment? MPOW Fly – the Ultimate Liquid Guardian – is definitively equipped to handle every sports activity.
Let’s kick off the new decade right and ensure that we establish a positive, active lifestyle! Read on to find out about the major benefits of the MPOW Fly.

IP68 Waterproof

Thanks to the Fly’s IP68 structural waterproof grade, you’ll be able to continue your audio listening journey while undergoing any activity, no matter how wet it gets.
MPOW Fly earbuds are impenetrably sealed to enable complete submersion underwater and can be washed for long-lasting use.
Enjoy your audio while swimming, surfing, running, hiking, travelling, or any activity you can imagine! With the perfectly sealed performance of IP68 waterproofing, you can keep the music flowing without any concern for liquid interference.

Magnetized Earbuds

When not in-ear, the MPOW Fly earbuds are magnetically attracted to each other and can be worn like a necklace.

Dual Equalizers, Switch Between Listening Modes

To provide a richer and better catered listening experience, MPOW Fly is equipped with two listening modes: Bass+ and Well-Balanced.
These two modes can be seamlessly switched between by simultaneously pressing the Play and Volume Down buttons.

12 Hour Battery and Rapid Charging

MPOW Fly is equipped with a 100mAh rechargeable battery that takes only 1-2 hours to fully charge for 12 hours of playback or 250 hours of standby.
Out of battery but need a couple hours of playback? No problem! Charge for just 10 minutes to receive 2 hours of playback.

Flash Connection

Bluetooth 5.0 instantly connects your wireless earbuds to your device every time.
No more delays – Your audio when you want it.

Enhanced Ergonomic Fit

The MPOW Fly comes equipped with 4 ear tips and 3 ear fins of varying sizes, so that every wearer can find their perfect fit. The ear tips are perfectly designed for a stable, comfortable on-the-go experience.
Swimming, Surfing, Adventuring the Wilds? Let us know in the comments where you would go with your MPOW Fly!
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