About Wholesale

In order to meet the needs of customers for placing orders in batches, MPOW has added a gradient discount function, which can help you reduce communication costs, save money, and achieve the purpose of placing orders in batches.



Specific discount range.
Mpow offers 6 discount ranges



How to place an order with gradient discount?

When placing an order, you can directly increase the product quantity as needed. During settlement, it is automatically calculated according to the gradient discount price.

For example, when you need to buy 100 mpow 071 headphones, fill in 100 for the quantity, and the settlement will be calculated directly according to the corresponding discount range.


The individual price is $29.99, with a total of $2999

The gradient price of bulk purchase is $20.99, totaling $2099.3

With the gradient discount, you can save $899.7.


The More You Buy, The More You Save   


How can you contact MPOW with questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, there are a few ways you can contact us.

Email Us:support@XMPOW.com

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