Advantages of Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

por Somos Digital Collaborator en November 08, 2019

Why should your next pair of headphones have active noise-cancelling? With a standard set of headphones, a bit of ambient noise is passively blocked out by the headphone materials. However, in order to block out both high and low frequency sound waves, you will need to look to active noise-cancelling headphones.

ANC is the only feature in headphone technology that allows users to achieve a fully immersive listening experience. If the prospect of listening to your favorite songs or watching thrilling cinema and feeling like you’re immersed in the thick of the action, then ANC headphones are for you!


How exactly does active noise-cancelling work? Simply put, an ANC system cancels out undesired background noise by sending out waves that are the “opposite” of the undesired sound waves.

This phenomenon known as destructive interference is achieved by identifying the amplitude and frequency undesired sound waves and then creating sound waves which are the opposite of that. The ANC system is equipped with a microphone which registers the incoming sound waves and a speaker which creates new waves that combat and cancel out unwanted sounds.

ANC headphones allow you to eliminate outside distractions and enjoy the audio you intend to hear.

The ideal balance of apex audio quality, comfort, and complete sound immersionH12 Headphones achieve a first-class listening experience without the costly price tag. The H12 incorporates 40mm audio drivers which provide hi-fi stereo sound that creates an invigorating aural atmosphere around the listener.

MPOW ANC headphones are unparalleled in the realm of comfort, with plush earcups and a snug fit adjustable headband. H12 Headphones feature super-effective ANC that enable you to hush the world around you and focus on your audio.

In addition to the MPOW H12’s superb listening experience, it has a sleek and flexible yet sturdy design and is built to last and withstand years of extensive use. Concerned about using your H12 on the go? It’s packed with 30 hours of battery life from each charge and conveniently folds up to fit in the included carrying pouch for easy travel.

Want your own MPOW Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones?


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por ejwdpdmodh en March 22, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

por Mark Arthur en December 15, 2019

Oh noise cancelling headphones are the only way I can travel in a plane, I have such issues with my head if I don’t!

por Ron en November 26, 2019

I use them for music movies and when traveling on longer flights or car rides…

por Jason Cole en November 25, 2019

I listen to podcasts and watch movies/tv shows

por Jenna macvicar en November 20, 2019


por Robert en November 19, 2019

I use different headphones in order to review them against one another and share my findings with others.
I prefer to personally use them when going to sleep, or flying.

por Clarence Zacharias en November 19, 2019

If the original noise component is still there, and you add a noise that is 180 degrees off, does it really cancel , or does it fool the ears to thinking there is no sound when there are still two sound sources 180 degrees apart. Does it actually cancel it out?? or is the sound pressure still there , but you can’t hear it???

por Donald Gray en November 19, 2019

Had a pair of the they worked fine for 4 months no problem then only one side worked asked for a refund or a replacement was told warranty is expired so quit using them and they collect dust in my garage went back to using my Beats

por Justin en November 19, 2019

I use them for commuting back and forth to work on buses and trains and especially on long flights.

por Francisco pee en November 19, 2019

For watching youtube, watching movies on PC and listening to music. Me, my daughter and my son would love it.

por JP en November 19, 2019

I’m interested in testing these. Thanks !

por Brij en November 19, 2019


por Carol en November 18, 2019

Would love to try these out

por Rajesh en November 18, 2019

Know what is noise cancelling uses. Now it’s time till know how effective it’s this one. Happy to test if given free headset 🤔😉

por matt en November 18, 2019

I would give them to my son to use mainly for gaming and watching YouTube the ones he got was 5 bucks not to good lol

por Charlie Brown en November 18, 2019

I’d like to test these for you please. Thanks.

por Richard M Morenberg en November 18, 2019

I’ve always noticed the little note changes as well as some melodies so much. like when my uncle introduced me to pink floyd darkeside of the moon album. first track I heard money.
then of course anything RUSH just amazing it was his first quadrophonic stereo. but his head phones were a whole other level of hearing what the artist was really saying

por Alex en November 18, 2019

All of them! I am a gamer, as well as a singer. I also travel frequently.

por Jeryl en November 18, 2019

Gaming and music

por Thomas McDonald en November 18, 2019


por Muhammad Durrani en November 18, 2019

I would you the headphones for gaming and watching videos

por Marc Hamilton en November 18, 2019

I travel by air a lot. Having noide cancelling headphones will quiet the ride.

por Priscilla en November 18, 2019


por GUTSNGLORY en November 18, 2019

Hopefully after everything i read is truly equipped with great sound quality and noise canceling.

por Elizabeth Randall en November 18, 2019

I would use my earphones for different purposes like reading . Gaming. And music i do all the above i love it

por David en November 18, 2019

I’ll be using them for gaming and music

por Andy en November 18, 2019

I would use these headphones for music so I don’t have to listen to my girlfriend when she get bitching.

por Jennifer en November 18, 2019

My daughter and I would both love them for music but she would also love them when watching Netflix

por Dhruv en November 18, 2019

Will be perfect for gym and travel.

por Mohan Sharma en November 18, 2019

I’ve used in ear headphone my MPOW, and those are really good. I’m sure over the ear will also be great.

por Cheryl en November 18, 2019

Listening to soothing music on my plane ride next month!

por Ali en November 18, 2019

Mostly music and movies, and travel.

por Naweed en November 18, 2019

I would use it for travel and gaming.

por Tasia en November 18, 2019

Sounds perfect for the gym and travel.

por Dustin Grant en November 18, 2019

I would use headphones for music and my personal development on my computer

por Dustin Grant en November 18, 2019

I would like a pair of headphones.

por Brenna en November 18, 2019

i would use them to help me focus clean the house cut the lawn do my daily things with a little up beat music instead of listing to me neighbours fight and hit the walls constantly get that little bit of me time when my son has a nap or is at daycare whwn i go for a walk to take my mind of things and just take the time to enjoy myseld i would love to get a pair of these head phones

por Andrew en November 18, 2019

I would use it for music.

por steve en November 18, 2019

Would use it for listening to music and podcasts while traveling in noisy environments, like my morning and evening train ride.

por Gina en November 18, 2019

Music. My daughter has a pair. Great product

por Akheel Mohammed en November 18, 2019

If I could afford one, I would have bought this one

por Ryan en November 18, 2019

Would absolutely love a pair of these for my music. In dire need of a pair after my beats got smashed in an unfortunate accident.

por Michael Gill en November 18, 2019

Listen to all types of music 24/7 would love to test my ones are bulky and uncomfy after a couple of hours. Had leading brands and not lasted.

por Andy B en November 18, 2019

Mostly music. 👍🏻

por Luke exley en November 18, 2019

Id love to try these for music and gaming

por Suzzanne Naylor-Richards en November 18, 2019

Look awesome!

por Sebastian Stephen en November 18, 2019

Headphone specialist I have the Ear would love to test and review your product

por James Charlesworth en November 18, 2019

Gamer and very interested. In these beauty’s.

por John en November 18, 2019

Gaming and traveling.

por Catalin en November 18, 2019

Gaming & music

por Catalin en November 18, 2019

Gaming & music

por Harry en November 18, 2019

Gaming and music

por Gary p en November 18, 2019

Gaming and music

por john hulbert en November 18, 2019

Gaming and music

por Josh clark en November 18, 2019

Very interested

por john hulbert en November 18, 2019

Sweet headphones

por Mark Langhorn en November 18, 2019

Can I test these for you? Thanks

por Steven Coppenhall en November 18, 2019


por Leon Ettey en November 18, 2019

They look quality

por MOHAMMED en November 14, 2019


por MOHAMMED en November 14, 2019