3 Enhanced MPOW Gaming Experiences!

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Our goal at MPOW is to bring the highest quality audio experience  to you  at an affordable price point!  To better unders nd some of the  intricacies of our gaming headsets and the experience audio brings to gaming, we extensively tested a variety of games across multiple platforms In this post, we present you with three games on three  different platforms  that  receive massive benefits from  playing with our MPOW EG3  headset -- Let's get to the gameplay!  

PC – Overwatch – First-Person/Team-Based Shooter

One of the most popular categories of PC games is FPS. Overwatch  has been a major player in the FPS category for several years now and is one of our favorite PC gamesFor those who aren't as familiar with Overwatch, there is a constant multitude of actions taking place during any moment in-gameIt's a 6 versus 6 team-based game and each playable hero has a set of unique abilities. Being able to distinguish between each particular movement, ability, and voice  significant impacts Overwatch Gameplay.  
The experience of playing  the  game with  the EG3  Headset on is vastly different from  using  other audio devicesWith the help of the EG3’s astounding sound quality, it’s possible to detect even the most subtle movements. We were able to hear soft sounds like a crouching Genji sneaking up on our team’s backline, or a floating Sigma discretely deploying his projected barrier off to the side. Sound effects like these may at first seem negligible, but through thorough testing we found that being able to hear each distinct sound creates an enormous difference in player reaction time.
The capabilities of 7.1 Surround Sound proved to be extremely advantageous during gameplay, as we were able to effectively pinpoint exactly where each sound was located. High quality audio information can be just as valuable as visual information in fast paced games abound with audio cues. Additionally, it is essential to have fluid communication in a game like Overwatch, where having information for planning and adapting is key to success. The high-quality headset microphone and adjustability of the audio controls and microphone make effective comms a breeze. 

PlayStation 4 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Action Role-Playing Game 

Next, we looked to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on PlayStation 4, to experience console gaming with the MPOW EG3. In a game like Sekiro, concentration, determination, and deliberation mean everything. The moment you break focus in a Souls-like game is the moment you die a terrible, regrettable death. We found that playing Sekiro with the EG3 on made it significantly easier to stay “in the zone and maintain complete concentration on the game. These headsets are designed to be so comfortable that they feel like you’re not even wearing a headset. Plush ear cushions and a headband that conforms to your head shape make hours of completely uninterrupted, comfortable gameplay enjoyable.
Similarly to Overwatch, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is riddled with sound effects coming from every area of the game map at every moment. Even being able to hear the subtle movements of your own character is important, because enemies hearing your footsteps will alert them to your presence. As Sekiro, you’re taking on the role and duty of a formidable assassin, and it’s vital to maintain quiet composure as you approach your prey. In Souls-like games and in most RPGs, enemies will produce the same sound each time they perform an action. This allows the player to learn the game by recognizing audio and visual cues that identify which action is being performed and how to best react. While wearing a high-quality headset like the EG3, identifying audio cues becomes a more natural aspect of your gameplay and heightens reaction time. 

Nintendo Switch – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Platform Fighter

Our journey through Nintendo Switch games naturally led us to the globally cherished Super Smash Bros. franchise. Super Smash Brothers is filled with so many sound effects and voice lines  Every attack, and even most basic movements such as dashing and jumping produce easily recognizable audio cues. Being able to hear each individual cue is essential to absorbing everything happening in a game of Smash. In our experience, players who choose to play Smash Bros. without top tier audio  and instead rely solely on visual info  are at a severe disadvantage against their opponents. 
In any gaming experience, you’ll of course want to be able to wear your headset for long sessions. High quality audio output and the comfort of your headset are especially important during intense games that require focus and deliberationWith MPOW's EG3, you can attain total game immersion for many enjoyable hours of play.
Let us know in the comments which games you’re passionate about, and how upgrading your headset has or could improve your gaming experience!