Key Features of a Top Tier Gaming Headset

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If you’re looking to improve your overall gaming experience and give yourself a competitive edge, consider the importance of game audio. Sound effects and voices in games are often overlooked, although they give the player crucial information about what’s happening in real-time. There are numerous advantages that a player can accrue from accurately hearing and tracking the sounds of players and objects in-game. Countless times throughout history -- FPS, RPG, and MOBA players have fallen prey to deadly mistakes because they were lacking in satisfactory audio or even playing without audio! With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most important features that top tier headsets have to offer. 


7.1 Surround Sound – This is a big one. Not only is it nice to be able to hear what your opponents and teammates are doing, it’s also important to be able to distinguish where the action is occurring. The greater the audio quality of your device, the more attuned you will be to each sound you hear – also allowing you to execute quicker and more natural, fluid reactions. With the powerful tool that is 7.1 Surround Sound, you’ll be able to hear and envision the precise position of each in-game sound. 7.1 Surround Sound has proven to be highly advantageous in FPS games, and players without it play at a disadvantage. Playing with proper sound quality is essential for gaming! 


Elastic Headband and Comfortable EarpadsSome headsets are built for longer uses, with features like plush cushion earpads and elastic headbands. These are especially nice for gaming, as they allow you to maintain immersion without experiencing any discomfort. If the comfort and flexibility of your headphones is a priority for you, we recommend checking out the Mpow EG3 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset.


Controls and Microphone – The best headset experience will come from the device which gives you the most control while causing the least interference with your play. A simple and functional button interface for volume and microphone controls is all that’s necessary, any more than that creates clutter on the device. For ideal communication, we recommend an adjustable noise-cancelling microphone, which can be particularly useful in team-based games, allowing teammates to hear your voice clearly without picking up any background sound. 


ValueOf course it’s on everyone’s mind, “Well, how much is a high-quality product going to cost me?” In truth, advancements made in technology and design have allowed us to create premium quality headsets at an affordable price. The degree of sound and listening experience that is available today would have cost hundreds of more dollars for a device of significantly lesser quality just ten years ago. It isn’t uncommon now to find a high value gaming headset with all other features covered here – We offer our headsets with these features for under $30 USD, and you can find out more about our EG Gaming Series here.

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di Mark Arthur sopra December 15, 2019

These sound like they’re really awesome to play with!

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would sure like to fit inside noise canceling head phones Riding a morwer- and could use those , thank you Alton

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It should be good, haven’t used it thou 🙄

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Nice headset

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Oh how I would love to try these out.

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Seems like a top quality headset.

di JD sopra October 10, 2019

Are these available at local retailers or, online only? They look fantastic. I have 3 Moow headsets ATM. They are 1 neck and, 2 basic over the head. I love them.

di William Litwinowich sopra October 10, 2019

This looks like exactly what I need :)

di Caroline sopra October 10, 2019

Wow ! Fantastic quality headphones for a great price !

di Erik Hernandez sopra October 10, 2019

I most definitely agree the gaming industry need better and cheaper headphones cause in some games in order to hear foot steps u need the tv super loud or a surround sound going to extremely expensive headset cheap ones don’t do the trick.

di Charles Johnson sopra October 10, 2019

I’m a Professional Musician Producer Bassist and I need headphones for listening to and making music

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Beast headphone for gaming 😈😈

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Awesome…it seems to be great quality and sound.

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I would to win this so I can experience the sounds of the games I play thank you so much for the opportunity to enter

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Love this…would improve my gaming by great bounds and leaps

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very good i wanna try for sure

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First time i heard of the 7.1 VTS! ❤️

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I would love to review these

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Very good and effective guide on how to choose a great gaming headset and how to make the best decision.

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Nice value headset

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Great qualities in headphones for sure!!

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Looks awesome, I would like to try it

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I read your whole ad sounds pretty awesome !! one day ill be famous. Well more for my music but if you show me love and i can tweak your product and improve sales on your headphones would you listen ?? Probably not !! ✌sorry i have young teenagers. Im broke at the moment just started my business tonight . i had an awakening i dont make products. I make them better !! Or maybe their flying off the shelves and your new and hot. Thats what i do thru product advertising or tweaking possible for ideas of change and uniqueness !!

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I would like to try it

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It’s good one
Clear sounds and bass is literally am amazing.

di Stephanie Taylor sopra October 10, 2019

Love the overall look of these headphones they look very stylish and comfortable. The way you describe what the sound feels like sounds amazing. I bet my little brother in law would love to play fortnite on these

di Michael Durfee sopra October 10, 2019

I absolutely Love my EG3’s!!!
The sound is amazing!!

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Would love to win these

di Alex turner sopra October 10, 2019

Would love to win these

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I love gameing I’m xbox and pc would love new headphones and gameing set up