How to Choose the Right Headphones for You

di Somos Digital Collaborator sopra September 20, 2019

We heard you're in the market for a new pair of headphones – you've come to the right place if you want to consider what your ideal product looks, sounds, and feels like! With so many types and features to consider, it So be be difficult to narrow it down. So, we present you with this strategy guide on how to assess the value of audio devices! There are three major factors you will want to consider when assessing which headphones are right for you – Audio Quality, Design , and Comfort.


Audio Quality

                This is generally the priority for most people, as the main function of any audio product is the audio itself! However, there are several aspects of audio quality worth considering and your preferences for each may vary depending on what you want to use yours for.

"But wait, good audio quality is just "good" in all cases, right?"

                Nope. Depending on whether you're listening to music, gaming, working out, watching TV/films/videos, or a vast array of other uses – you will want to consider things like audio tone, frequency, and surround-sound and noise -cancelling features.

                A major benefit for avid music listeners and introverts alike - noise-cancelling. If you're into diving deep into your headspace and completely cutting out all external distractions and complications, this may a feature you want to prioritize. What you're listening to Quite a relaxing experience, but when it comes to working (especially working with audio) it can be valuable to be able to hear nothing but the audio playing through your headphones. If it's clear that this feature is important To you, we recommend you Take a look at the Holo series .

H10 Mpow Holo Series Active Noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headphone

               Look to headphones which deliver 7.1 surround-sound. This feature can be nice purely from a cinematic point of view, as it allows you to hear a wide range of sound and physical feeling the direction that voices and sound effects are coming from. This system Replicate sounds at an enormous range of distances and angles, allowing you to visualize exactly where the sound is spatially. Where this is especially useful is in gaming. This feature gives you an Edge in competitive games, where you'll be able to more quickly Identify and react to sound than other players. If you're going to use your headphones for competitive gaming — especially ones with large maps and sound queues occurring from every direction, such As FPS and RPG games – you will want 7.1 surround-sound.

EG Gaming Headset series 

Mpow Gaming Series Headset


                Tone and Frequency – Tone is generally up to user preference and is something you'll want to listen to and test for if possible. Does it sound dark or light, wet or dry, is there an echo or reverb? Of bass, mids, And treble, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). Most high-end headphones follow a standard of 20 to 20,000 Hz, as this is generally accepted as the audible frequency range. Some headphones go beyond this, with frequencies As high as over 30,000 Hz, but this excess range is not heard by most human ears. It's worth trying out headphones of varying frequency ranges to decide which gives you the best range of sound and tonal quality.



                For many people, the first thing they'll notice about a pair of headphones is not how they function or what they can do, but how they look. We are, after all, visual creatures and attracted to beautiful things. It's important to make Sure that your headphones are an expression of yourself, and you feel confident and happy wearing them. It's worth considering your personal style and how your headphones may complement that. Will you be using them primarily at home? At the office? Traveling, exercising, Gaming? How your headphones match your look and the outfits you wear could a major difference in how much you find yourself enjoying using them.


                Now About Color – to many people, this is a major expression of how they define themselves. Color and personality theory is a deep enough topic that it warrants a separate conversation – for now, we'll leave it at this: Choosing a color may Be the most personally expressive design choice you can make. If you want your headphones to highlight your style, it may be worth looking into the wide palette available from the H10 Recolors. Available in bold red, luminous blue, party purple, and several other Colors.

 H10 Recolors

Bold Red Mpow H10 Recoloring Noise-Cancelling Headphones

                Portability, Convenience, and Versatility– If you're planning to use your headphones while exercising, it's probably best to get sports earbuds which are designed to stay in-ear even during intense activity. However, if you just want to be able to be on-the-go but won’t necessarily be doing much running, biking, and jumping, you may still be able to get away with using over-the-ear headphones and receive the sound quality benefits that they provide. Convenience is a major factor for some people – if it’s not easy to access the headphones, they never get used. Mpow headphones are all designed with this in mind - even with stereo headphones, which are generally designed to be either slim fitted and easy to carry, or foldable and include carrying bags.If you want To avoid all the fuss of carrying headphones around and enjoy the simplicity of fitting your device snugly into your pocket or bag, then you may want to consider Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. This audio device prioritizes north and portability and can be used from virtually anywhere, in any situation. Look to M10 Wireless Earbuds as a prime example.

Mpow M10 Wireless Earbuds


                Finally, We Come to Comfort-which although often overlooked when browsing headphones online, is equally as important as audio quality and design. Anyone who wears their headphones for ten minutes and then gets a throbbing headache won't ever touch those headphones again. That's why it's important to make sure You are comfortable when it comes to how they fit and feel. People will all have different preferences for how headphones should fit in, on, or over your ears, as well as the adjustability of the headband, the durability, and the feel of the If you don't want to wear headphones which require adjustment and prefer to simply pick them up and fit them in your ear s, you are likely best off with wireless earbuds. If you're a fan of a soft, foamy earmuffs that accompany a big, full sound,Then you'll be more interested in over-the-ear headphones.

                Wired vs. Wireless - Very few headphones today are designed to be wired, but some may prefer the reliability and consistency of having a wire attachment. In most cases, people enjoy the freedom of going wireless, but this does come with the cost of needing To charge the batteries every so often! Which brings us to our final point...

                Battery Life - Sometimes Bluetooth headphones running out of juice and dying on you can happen as a daily occurrence. If that's the case for you, we recommend you simply replace them, as there are many headphones models on the market that should be able to last You through the day, or even for weeks depending on how often you use them! Mpow headphones are designed to last you for days of active use per full charge, with many models having a battery life of 30 hours. Battery life is important to you, we prove checking out Holo series headphones .

Mpow H17 Fast-Charging Battery Life Headphones


Leave a comment telling us which MPOW device you have or want! Congratulations to our giveaway winner - Bryan! Bryan wrote that he values lightweight, comfortable, and efficient audio gear due to his active lifestyle!

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di Michael S sopra January 14, 2020

I’m an audiophile. I love my music, my movies, my quiet. Some would even say I’m a sound snob. I want perfect enjoyment, clarity and response from my headphones. I’m still in love with my DAK’s that I got back in the 80’s. So now i’m looking for wireless with all the whistles and bells and are the best out there for audio quality and bass response and those perfect mids without all the tingy highs.
Also, question. Does your model number (i.e. H21, H12, etc) represent H21 being newest model with the number getting bigger with each replacement of a previous model or how do you tell which is the newest, latest and greatest updated/upgraded techno headphone that has been manufactured?

di Mark Arthur sopra December 15, 2019

Would use mostly for music and movies, but playing games is not out of the question, just less often!

di Charles Kosters sopra November 08, 2019

On this Mpow sight they show that the H12 ‘s have 5.0 Bluetooth , but on Amazon’s sight tey say that the H12’s are 4.1 Bluetooth. Can somebody explain. Also Amazon is showing a PRO version of the H12 with a slightly different look and this PRO model isn’t listed on your sight.

di Kalpan Patel sopra October 17, 2019

The M-Free M5 Bluetooth Earbuds really looks nice and I’m in love already with its look and specs.

di Kalpan Patel sopra October 16, 2019

The Headest looks amazing with new designs and Specifications. I really like the M-Free M5 Bluetooth Earbuds as it’s wireless and tiny which can fit easily in the pocket reducing the risk of losing it.

di Puckman sopra October 12, 2019

Being in the tech support industry and working in both an office environment and on site, my preferences start with comfort. Noise reduction would be second. I then look to audio quality and battery life as some days are 10~12 hours. Portability and wireless connections become essential as well but would be at the bottom of the list.

di Savannah sopra October 11, 2019

For me being a busy mum on the go wireless is what I’m looking for my earphones are constantly falling out my ears the wire is just annoying my s10 needs some buds in her life haha 😊

di Rogelio Luna sopra October 10, 2019

I bought some mpow headphones off of a special that was offered to me. I was not expecting much from them but some noise making headphones. I am a little hard of hearing & wear HEARING aids, I got the mpow & again didn’t think of trying them on. I have some Bose, JBL, Jlab Altec & Monster & many other brands . I am always wanting something that gives me the clearest sound . With a combination of both , not to much highs where they sound ringing or just thumping with bass. Right before my trip this year , I sat down & had been charging the mpow. So I tried them & I was so surprised at the sound good mixture of highs & lows with all kinds of music, country, techno, ranchero, rap, I am an odd man but I like all music & these headphones are very surprisingly comfortable & good. This is a product that gives you more than what you pay for, I have paid alot more for name brands & they do not sound as good or as comfortable as My mpow headphones!

di Deyondre sopra October 10, 2019

I’m in need of wireless headphones

di Beston Uche sopra October 10, 2019

When I look for headphones, the first I search for the best sound, how low can the frequency go? the surround sound feeling is a bonus. I also look at the battery life and the fit and comfort of the headphones.

di Wyatt Morgan sopra October 10, 2019

The M5 earbuds seem like the choice for me because they are supposed to be soft, I really like a comfortable eadphone along with portability and size being small

di Oceane Khozai sopra October 10, 2019

The headphones, from what I’ve off seen in the description and in previous reviews, look desirable, stylish and more comfortable than other brands of headphones!

di Alejandro tech films sopra October 10, 2019

Can you send one product to unboxing??…to youtubero Chanel?

di Christopher McAllister sopra October 10, 2019

The most important aspect of Headphones is the comfort and the audio sound

di Chris Perry sopra October 10, 2019

The most important features to me are (in THIS order :) Sound quality, comfortability, innovation, battery life, and color!

di Joshua Macute Macute sopra October 10, 2019

The sound quality of the H10 is amazing, it looks so stylish and no discomfort wearing it for long period of time.

di Edith Boswell sopra October 10, 2019

This looks good I would love to have a pair of them

di Georgian sopra October 10, 2019

Good guide

di John Parkes sopra October 10, 2019

A great balance between portability and great audio is important! I want an all round headphone and I think it’s all in the balance of features. “Balanced, as all things should be”

di Gregg sopra October 10, 2019

Comfort & Sound Quality are everything I look for when choosing headphones.

di Saeed Ansari sopra October 10, 2019

Honestly, the main things I look for are audio quality and comfort. I don’t really use wireless so that’s not a priority for me. But comfort is what i struggle to find in most headphones especially since my ears kinda stick out so over ears are a bit tricky

di Josh Thomas sopra October 10, 2019

Audio and comfort is key! If they sound great and feel comfortable then you have the best headphones around. Mpow have been providing this and at such a great price aswell!

di Benjamin Kiu sopra October 10, 2019

Informative and to the point. However, I’d prioritize 1. Audio Quality; 2. Comfort; 3. Battery life (and quick charge function); and 4. Design.

For Audio Quality, it would be great to have ANC with a switch to allow for ambient sound, and throw in 7.1 so that the headphone can be the go-to for movies too, not just music. A lot of people also use their headphones for calls so a great mic that highlights mid-frequency to capture the human voice is important to me.

It’s great to read all the considerations that go into MPOW headphones/earbuds. It simply shows that MPOW is very much aligned to end-user needs and wants!

di Vasunan sopra October 10, 2019

I really want the H10 recolors

di Ray Small Reverbnation.Com sopra October 10, 2019

Creating songs, writing new songs, performing cover songs and listening to music is my passion!
Having a pair of headphones with at least 7-8 hours of stron battery life is essential for me as an artist
I am seeking brands for music gear. .

di Gus Hamilton sopra October 10, 2019

Comfort on the headphones and I like the size of your ear buds

di Lee Anne Fryer sopra October 10, 2019

Wireless headphones are best for me

di Eleanor Dorst sopra October 10, 2019

I bought some Bose noise-cancelling headphones about two years ago. I paid $325 which to me was a King’s ransom at the time. I am 69 yr. old so I remember when stuff was quality for a few bucks. They worked well for the first year and then the padded ear thing, fell off. I wrote a three page letter to Bose about this and they didn’t even address my concerns. I was really pissed off. You people who can’t take the time to talk to a consumer on the phone of send a real " letter’ don’t get my business anymore. I still have them but, they are " trash". I feel unappreciated and devalued by this company. I will never buy quality again.

di Gordon W Munro sopra October 10, 2019

I find comfort along with audio my main priority as I could be listening for a good few hours at a time and I want to make sure that my ears are comfortable as well.

di Simon Windsor sopra October 10, 2019

I really like the look of the gaming headset and the earbuds.

di charles kuyper sopra October 10, 2019

I love wireless headphones with the audio to be crystal clear.

di afsha amar sopra October 10, 2019

An amazing product, excellent quality and performance

di afsha amar sopra October 10, 2019

An amazing product, excellent quality and performance

di afsha amar sopra October 10, 2019

An amazing product, excellent quality and performance

di afsha amar sopra October 10, 2019

An amazing product, excellent quality and performance

di Bryan sopra October 10, 2019

When I shop for headphones, I am looking for something lightweight and fits my ear. Being active, I need something that won’t fall out of my ear if wireless, and comfortable at the same time. If I am wearing something that is plugged in.. definitely looking for that set to be lightweight !

di Anuar Hussien sopra October 10, 2019

Lovely article. The first thing I look at before purchasing headphones is the comfort, I have them on for long periods so comfort is a must. So it’s important they don’t ache after usage and on hot days it doesn’t make your ears sweat!

di Pat Price sopra October 10, 2019

Would love to try the Bluetooth ear buds for audio quality but find it impossible without buying a pair.

di Edith Boswell sopra October 10, 2019

This looks good I would love to get them as all mine are broken beyond repair now so have to keep using my phone

di Derek Smith sopra October 10, 2019

In my house, we use these for late nights to avoid disturbing others, so comfort and wearability for a few hours or more is important!

di Haroon Latif sopra October 10, 2019

I would say audio quality and comfort. One without the other is quite useless.

di Debbie Kaiser sopra October 10, 2019

I would sure like to try these. I am disabled and could really use them because both of my hands are busy with a walker.

di Sherelle sopra October 10, 2019

I would like to have Bluetooth headphones

di Alexandre Brousseau sopra October 10, 2019

Audiophile grade headphone please

di Robbie Billups sopra October 10, 2019

bluetooth wireless :) headset 10min charge 2hr playback..would love to review them with my home recording studio. i know my frequencies

di Mike sopra October 10, 2019

Audio headphone for great clarity and deep bass response I’m a dj also listen to various types of music..I’m also a producer of music need environmental noise reduction headset

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