MPOW Launches Official Community and MPOW Flame Pro!

par Somos Digital Collaborator sur December 20, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, MPOW Fans! We’re celebrating the holidays on our newly launched MPOW Community Forum, where we’re giving away tons of Christmas and New Year's gifts this season!

Many MPOW fans know and love the MPOW Flame, say hello to the new MPOW Flame Pro! You’ll be able to get one to try out for yourself by participating in our community giveaway!

Let’s review some of the major benefits of the Flame Pro:

Qualcomm aptX Sound

The immersive, synchronized sound of Qualcomm aptX creates an optimized listening experience, so you can detect even the slightest audio nuances. Freely listen to your music and jam out like never before with the Flame Pro’s modern technology.

Wireless Charging Case

This intelligent wireless charging station is specially designed as a sleek, compact fit for your Flame Pro. Liberate yourself from the wires that used to tie you down. This convenient little case slips neatly right in your pocket or bag, providing tons of hours of on-the-go use.

Auto-Play Bluetooth Connection

Auto-play your favorite music from the onset – no more fumbling with setup. Flame Pros are designed to automatically sync up with your device and the built-in proximity sensors detect when you’re wearing it.


4 Noise-cancelling Mics

With Flame Pro equipped, your voice won’t be drowned out by surrounding commotion. Four noise-cancelling mics transmit your voice crystal-clearly for high quality calls and recordings.


Supercharged Battery

32 hours of battery life for days and days of auditory splendor.


IPX7 Waterproof

Flame Pro is equipped with IPX7 water resistance, completely rejecting water contact. Worried about a spill or a bit of sweat while working out? The MPOW Flame Pro can handle anything that’s thrown at it.

Want to win yourself a free MPOW Flame Pro?

Win cutting-edge prizes including the enhanced MPOW Flame Pro!

Join our MPOW Community and enter contents for chances to win one of our many giveaway prizes!

Leave a comment to let us know what Your New Year's Resolution is!


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par E.Robles sur November 07, 2021

Known of MPOW for years, used to make reviews for their wired bluetooth ear bud.
But suddenly stopped providing samples. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with certain health condition, I have a work out regimen in plan to better my health and I would LOVE to accomplish with the help of new MPOW Flame Pro. Maybe I’ll considered once again to participate in product reviews. Thank You, in advance !

par Bonnie Hortelano Guk-ong sur April 17, 2020

My new resolution is to have this mpow flame pro in my life.! I don’t want to stop seeking and finding ways to have this mpow flame pro.!

par OBEzTnZJflCL sur March 11, 2020


par kEJMPGTZeit sur March 11, 2020


par KCxZJaNqBfRlbp sur March 10, 2020


par jJDbmyCwnfX sur March 10, 2020


par DmnQjYERMZWHGs sur March 09, 2020


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par qUGZQWOfNwJFKh sur March 07, 2020


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par iodLQckEHO sur March 06, 2020


par VirbYExcC sur March 06, 2020


par fmqEaryoFt sur March 05, 2020


par XYCHUxctJWf sur March 05, 2020


par sWqPpydBJv sur March 05, 2020


par ydTobQJxjRnKkl sur March 05, 2020


par TugEpXSZJaqhFbIU sur March 05, 2020


par VKOxIyanj sur March 05, 2020


par zRhlBSQpANDq sur March 05, 2020


par udygBpaSE sur March 03, 2020


par UhTbOZklnMv sur March 03, 2020


par Paul hicks sur February 12, 2020

I need a good pair of ear buds hint hint

par Paul hicks sur February 12, 2020

I need a good pair of ear buds hint hint

par Paul hicks sur February 12, 2020

I need a good pair of ear buds hint hint

par Alejandro Rodríguez sur February 05, 2020

My New Year Resolution will be to become a better person. Live life,less worry! Help others with an example of the changes in my life so that others follows. Thanks you!

par Sean sur January 30, 2020

I use my MPOW Flame headphones at the gym multiple times a week and I sweat a ton. They have never missed a beat. Best headphones I’ve ever had… I love them. Really like the looks of the new Flame Pro. Might be time for an upgrade!

par Ghenadie Bradescu sur January 23, 2020

Yes I choose \mpow \flame Pro. I think it is the best.

par Guadalupe salinas sur January 20, 2020

I love mpow

par John Rowland sur January 13, 2020

My NYR is to get more sleep before midnight and improve my fitness by doing more walking and maybe rejoining the gym.

par John Rowland sur January 13, 2020

My NYR is to get more sleep before midnight and improve my fitness by doing more walking and maybe rejoining the gym.

par eXyZmBPAkxLzdqv sur January 12, 2020


par YRljekdTNW sur January 12, 2020


par Thad sur January 11, 2020

My New Years goal is to listen to more music and workout more consistently

par ZzouEDfiaxnltkFV sur January 10, 2020


par PRAIUytBSG sur January 10, 2020


par Douglas Smith sur January 10, 2020

My new ywar resolution is to read more audio books listen to more podcasts and start my own side business… I use 2 pairs of mpows every day the buds at work and the flame 2 upgraded at the gym… Brilliant headphones… Can’t wait to try these

par KmgsxHpaPuhjd sur January 08, 2020


par Ronald Walker sur January 05, 2020

Bought MPOW Flame 2 earphones this morning. Excellent sound
Nothing on the market compares with these for quality and price.

par bobbywmc sur January 04, 2020

YEAH! MPOW! More chances to win! Thanks!

par Jeffrey Epstein sur January 04, 2020

My new years resolution is to try not to get murdered…

par Lee Lucas sur January 04, 2020

My new year resolution is to test out a good few budget products to find the best value for the buck and the Flame Pro looks like it could be a winner.

par Dewi sur January 03, 2020

My new year resolution it to be with my girlfriend and her little 6year older daughter and maybe get married one day

par dir sur January 03, 2020

My new years resolution is to the new flame pro. So this contest is perfect.

par melissa lovell sur January 03, 2020

My new years resolution for 2020 is to start focusing on me more. My mind, my body and my soul. Im always about everyone else this year i am all about me :)

par Hamza Ahmed sur January 03, 2020

My new year’s resolution is to become a better version of myself by overcoming my weaknesses. I have enlisted some of them to work on.
After using MPOW Flame 2 recently, I have become a happy costumer of MPOW. Looking forward to the upcoming amazing products in future.

par Doug Cochrane sur January 03, 2020

been a pretty loyal mpow cheetah fan for many years. Love the products and have several different bluetooth mpow headphones. will be grabbing a pair of these as soon as they are available.

par mario cisneros sur January 03, 2020

looking forward for the mpow flame pro to be my go to on every run this year

par Vasil Cholakov sur January 03, 2020

I’ve become a fat fucker, so I started gym this January. Goal is simple, don’t be a fuck fucker. I need a good pair of earphones, and I love these the flame pro’s (since my ear canal are crooked I need a pair that can stay on my ears) and am pissed that they don’t sell them here in the UK. I spend a good hour browsing the web since these are absolutely perfect for me, but all I found is a middle finger. Great start of my new years resolution…

par Spyros sur January 03, 2020

I strive to adopt a more active and healthier life style, so that I can cope with stress and anxiety coming from work. Music also plays an important role in my life. What a better way to combine these with a new pair of MPOW earbuds!

par Yasatama sur January 02, 2020

Hmm my new year’s resolution would be to improve my cardio health. I can lift a fair amount of weights, but I have the endurance of a 120 year old >_<"

par Fred Barnes sur January 02, 2020

From all your ads, it seems you’re targeting the young generation only?? I.m considerably older and use the headset/earbuds to be able to communicate adequately!!

par Richard Hedrick sur January 02, 2020

2020 is going to be about steady and consistent. Set goals, work the work and achieve.

par Dev sur January 02, 2020

Save some $$ this year and try these pros out!

par Konstantin sur January 02, 2020

I made more than 100 runs with more than 1000km in 2019.

Every time with my Mpow Flame! Best earphones I had so far.

The Flame Pro look so great and the specs sounds amazing.

For 2020 I plan 1500km. Would bei amazing to do that with the new Flame Pro!!

par Edward sur January 02, 2020

My New Year’s Resolution is that I’m going to get healthier and lose some unneeded weight by eating better and exercising more this year.

par hector sur January 02, 2020

j’ai hâte de tester les nouveaux produits MPOW 2020.

par Chi sur December 28, 2019

These look amazing! Love the sleek design.

par Lakshay sur December 25, 2019

Hi can’t 2ait to get these and how much will they be and will we be able to buy these on amazon

par Greg Santos sur December 22, 2019

Looking forward to getting my hands on the new mpow flame pro!!!!!

par Ethan sur December 22, 2019

My favorite must be this new flame pro!

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