Flame 2 Bluetooth Headphones

An upgrade for Flame 1 in all perspectives.

Up to 13 hrs, play on and on

Stream your music for 13 hours to boost up your weekly workout. Quickly recharge the battery in 15 minutes for an hour of playback time.

Thereover, hereunder

bass with clear highs

Fuel up your daily workout goal with clear high notes and dynamic bass sounds. You can much easier distinguish every nuance and subtle characteristics.

Safe in Any Weathers

Flame 2 is suitable for any outdoor exercise under various weather conditions. Thanks to IPX7, we could enjoy music even in the heavy rains.

Walk onto the Wings, Perfect Ergonomic

Flexible loop design perfectly matches your ear shape and provides extreme comfort, 

so you are free to move all the time.

Speeding Connection

The latest bluetooth 5.0 technology delivers faster and more stable connection to your devices. Switching on 2 devices with 2 times faster speed.

Instant Chattings

Start your hands-free clear chattings anytime by simply press the button on your right-side earphone. 

Tech Specs


Driver: 10 mm dynamic diaphragm

Battery Capcity 



3.5 x 3 x 1.5 in


Bluetooth version 5.0




Mic with Qualcomm® cVc™ 6.0 noise-cancellation delivers crystal-clear calls

Package Contents

Package Contents

Package Contents

Want to Get More Exclusive Offers? 

Want to Get More Exclusive Offers?