Mpow X3 - True Wireless X Active Noise-cancelling


MPOW X3 ANC Wireless Earbuds

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"Excellent product! But it's time to upgrade with wireless charging box and put the led outside to notice the actual charge." — Julio

 “Considered AirPods Pro but this gets the job done I switched over to these from after using my Beats Solo 3 Wireless for prolonged periods began hurting my head and also pulling on my long hair. The MPOW X3 earbuds arrived with very low power and the right earbud did not have a red light indicating that it was even charging, but I plugged the case in and charged it up and it connected to my iPad fine after that. No problems after Phone calls are clear and there is no latency with YouTube videos. A variety of ear tips allows a nice seal and the bass is nice and full. Of course, it's not as bass-heavy or immersive as the Beats Solo 3 since those are on-ear headphones. But the sound is generally comparable to the Apple earbuds that came with my iPhone. I'd considered the AirPods Pro but decided against spending $250 for just casual use around the house and this totally gets the job done. I am able to walk around and do chores and cook while hearing my music. No problems after 10 days of use. Excellent for the price!” — Mike

Mpow X3 ANC Wireless Earbuds-Black