Captivating Console Gaming with the Dynamic MPOW EG Series

par Somos Digital Collaborator sur November 29, 2019

There are many console games and beloved franchises that are an absolute delight to play. But consider the enhanced experience that’s possible when you become fully engrossed in the worlds you explore and the battles you wage.  


With games like the Zelda series, the design of the world and the fine attention to story-telling and minute details are often taken for granted. When approached from the right angle, these aspects become lifelike and appreciated to their fullest extent.  


To take your console gaming to the next level, consider your audio setup. The importance of a solid audio setup is often overlooked. Take a game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where having immersive surround sound can make all the difference – indulge in the gloriousness of the symphonic soundtrack and notice even the faintest sound effect details in its rich world.

Keep reading and discover the magical experience that appreciating high quality audio provides.  


Immersed in Wondrous Surround Sound 


So many great games share a few things in common - The impassioned sounds of the swelling music. The deliberate, fantastical appeal of each sound effect. Experiencing these enriching elements of gaming grows immensely when playing on surround sound audio.  


One of our favorite examples of this gaming phenomenon is Dragon Quest 11 on the Nintendo Switch, which features an amazing symphonic soundtrack that immeasurably enhances the experience of exploring and battling through the Dragon Quest universe. 


It’s impossible to completely capture the magic in words – try it out for yourself and give this game a listen with surround sound! 


Supreme Tactical Advantage 


Players often run into snags with hardcore games that test your awareness, reflexes, and game knowledge. There’s certainly something to be said about the advantages high-quality audio provides you when playing a challenging title like Dark Souls


Sound quality is key in Soulslikes, Roguelikes, and similar genres in which audio cues play a huge role in determining awareness of your surroundings. The slightest misstep can spell doom and being unaware of the hollow creeping up behind you… 


…is often the difference between life and death 


7.1 Surround Sound creates all the difference for your acute hearing. With it, you can pinpoint the exact direction and location that sound cues are coming from and react like an absolute pro


Precisely hearing the sound cues produced by your characters’ actions and the actions of other characters can significantly improve the player’s game knowledge and reinforce positive muscle memory.



If you value quality audio that enables your absolute in-game immersion, then MPOW’s EG Series Headsets are built for you. Pick up a pair on – Learn more about MPOW EG Series here

Please leave a comment on this article letting us know what your favorite console games are! 


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par Ivelin Iliev sur December 18, 2019

My games are: NFS , Fifa , Tomb Raider,Sniper Elite, UFC, War 3 , Call of duty,Overwatch,

par Chase sur December 17, 2019

My favorite games are split second, call of duty, tomb raider, resident evil, the walking dead and Devi may cry for Xbox 360

par Brandon Ealy sur December 15, 2019

That’s fantastic!

par Mark Arthur sur December 15, 2019

Love playing RPG, bet this would definitely up the experience! Would love to get more zoned in!

par Mirko sur December 08, 2019

I already have a couple of mpow and I was surprised by the quality of the clean sound components .. excellent

par Nathan R sur December 02, 2019

Just bought CoD:MW, and i’d totally love an awesome new headset to play it with, could be the best CoD yet.

par David sur November 29, 2019

PC all the way, but love games no matter the platform

par Anna Johnson sur November 29, 2019

Zelda, My boys play and they love these games and need a nice headset!

par Santa beaver sur November 29, 2019

My husband love like that this is my I did this so I can try to win them for him ty

par JD sur November 29, 2019

Always have been a COD fan. One of my favourite games. Now starting to like the Worrld of Planes and Tanks. Sound makes the came!!!

par Thomas Melville sur November 29, 2019

When I was a console gamer, I’d have to say that Final Fantasy VII gripped me so tight that I almost dropped outta school, lol. What an adventure…

par Paul Dennis sur November 29, 2019

Looks awesome

par Ben lander sur November 29, 2019

These look awesome would be great for COD.

par Iain bell sur November 29, 2019

This would make play as some of my Xbox games super awesome

par Leon Ettey sur November 29, 2019

Im saving up for a pair I desperately need them for call of duty as my tv speakers are broke.

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