MPOW H10 Recolorings: Vibrant Headphones for Passionate Creators

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Are you a Bold Red, a Party Purple, or perhaps a Luminous Blue? We all have our unique tastes and life paths, but everyone can agree on one thing – we all love to express ourselves through our stylistic choices.

MPOW H10 Recolorings come in seven captivating colors and feature top of the line sound quality and immersive active noise-cancelling.

Read on to discover why H10 Recolorings are the ultimate self-expression accessory!

Sound and Design Features

Amazing sound with hi-fi technology – Every music genre, films, shows, and games all sound perfect with the H10’s 40mm driver units and CSR Bluetooth, which ensures quick connection and less audio interruptions
Immersive Active Noise-Cancelling  ANC headphones allow you to eliminate outside distractions and enjoy the audio you intend to hear. 
Impeccably Clear Microphone – Equipped with a CVC6.0 noise-cancelling mic, calls are always crystal-clear and unhindered by background noise. 
Tailor-made comfort for all day wearing – Plush foam padding, adjustable headband, and collapsible and compact design for on-the-go use makes MPOW headphones ideal in any scenario. 
30 hours of battery life  One charge can last a whole week of sensational listening.


Vibrant Colors

Each H10 color personifies an archetype and represents the wearer as an individual.

Who knew that it would be so cool and simple to express yourself through a fashion accessory choice? 

Simply indulging in your favorite music and media by wearing these distinctively designed headphones is a superb form of self-expression! 


Bold Red – Work hard, play hard. Bold Reds love fun and spontaneity but are also strict and like things done a certain way! They are among the most assertive of the types and are natural born leaders.

Citrine Yellow – Cheerful, peaceful, and generally easy to pleaseCitrine Yellows like to stay chill and keep harmonious vibes among their peers.

Luminous Blue – Luminous Blues are the starry-eyed dreamers who are continuously looking for ways to escape into their thoughts and feelingsand express through artistic and creative pursuits!

Party Purple – You may have already guessed – Party Purples love to party! It’s all good all the time, and life is worth celebrating.

Cloudy Beige – The heart wants what the heart wants. Cloudy Beiges follow their feelings and are primarily concerned with being genuine and true to oneself.

Metallic Grey – Perfectionistic and conscientious. Metallic Grey types go above and beyond and work meticulously to bring their vision to fruition.

Timeless Black Reserved and purposeful. Timeless Blacks can feel difficult to approach, but mostly because they are constantly wrapped up in thought, considering every angle to approach their ideas from.


Which H10 color do you resonate most with? You can get yours here!

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