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Rescue you and your friends from annoying sounds in the city. Clear the city noise to recover the original city color with MPOW H10 Recoloring headphone. Both you and your friends have the chance to get free MPOW H10 Recoloring headphone or 50% off.


Top 50 winners will get a pair of Mpow special-edition 

H10 Recoloring ANC headphone.

50% OFF

Each participant and his/her friends who register our website can enjoy 50% off on this H10 special-edition ANC headphone. We will email you a discount code within 7 working days after event closed.



Event Period: 

9-23, July, 2019



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Rescue your friends by sharing to achieve Rescue Ranking Goal

Win 100 Scores

100 scores per registration of your friends by sending them a MPOW H10 link to match their city colors.

Win 50 Scores

50 scores per sharing of event page on your social media or sending a MPOW H10 Recoloring headphone link to your friends.



There will be Overall Rescue Ranking and Daily Rescue Ranking.

Noise Off for Colorful City

Block out noises and ‘listen to’ the original color of your city

This month, 

we’ve dropped a 

MPOW H10 Recoloring 

noise cancelling headphone.

Please kindly Note.

MPOW H10 Recoloring noise cancelling headphone 

will be launched in August.

Rescue you and your friends from Annoying Sound in the city.