Top 5 Characteristics of Exceptional Lifestyle Earbuds

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The way we listen to audio can be an awesome form of self-expression, as it tells a lot about how we value art, design, function, and appearance. What essential qualities should be considered when shopping for headphones or earbuds?
Audio technology has recently been skyrocketing. Long gone are the days of basic design and functions – now more than ever, you can find devices that go beyond your wildest expectations! 
Read on to discover our top 5.

1. HiFi Audio 

High Fidelity, or HiFi, refers to a high-quality reproduction of audio. HiFi Audio creates a rich and clear sound – like that of a CD (compact disk). Some devices have less-than-optimal sound quality and should be avoided, therefore HiFi is a key term to keep an eye out for.
MPOW T5s come equipped with the newly upgraded Aptx Hi-Fi Sound, which delivers a pristine, crystal-clear listening experience.
It’s the ultimate phone companion – Enjoy music of all genres, videos and cinema, podcasts, and phone calls with outstanding HiFi Audio.



2. Ergonomic Design  

The ideal wireless earbuds are lightweight, with a comfy fit  a truly masterful audio device both feels comfortable and looks stylishSomething that looks cool in casual settings while also being durable and comfortable when on the move, working out, and traveling.
T5 earbuds are made with fine leather, aluminum and stainless steel. Both the earbuds and accompanying carrying case are designed for comfort, durability, and style.
Radiate style and composure on every occasion.


3. Water-Resistance 

If you plan to work up a sweat while wearing your audio devicewant to be able to wear them through rain and snow, or are concerned about liquid spills, you may want to investigate waterproofing.
MPOW T5s are equipped with IPX7 Nano-coating technology which protects internal components from liquids and ensures its durability and longevity. IPX7 allows for temporary immersion in shallow water, leaving a bit of room for error in case you accidentally spill your drink or drop them in a puddle.
Built for the gym – T5s are impervious to sweat.



 4. Long-lasting Battery 

An extensive battery life can make everything feel like a breeze. You just slip your audio device on and off without needing to consider the next time you won’t have access because it needs to be charged. Many wireless devices require you to plug them into a USB cable and have it sit near a power outlet for hours, which can be hugely inconveniencing.
Some devices, such as T5scome with a neat little carrying case that passively charges your earbuds while you aren’t using them. The dual-functional carrying case charges the earbuds while conveniently stored inside and easily fits in a bag or pocket.
A fully charged set of T5s last for 35 hours, and fully charging your carrying case in just 2 hours provides you with up to 7 convenient charges for your T5 earbuds!


 5. Noise-Cancelling Microphone 

Wireless earbuds are so dang convenient, that you can wear them all day long and almost forget that they’re there. Slip them in, and you’ll be lost in mesmerizing audio for hours on end.
Of course, you’ll also want to use your buds for hands-free calls with your friends. What kind of feature brings the best conversational experience? We recommend getting a built-in microphone.
T5s are equipped with a CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling Microphones which filters out external noise & enhances the sound of your voice. This is especially useful in louder environments, as it greatly improves the clarity of your calls.


That’s it for our top 5 characteristics of exceptional lifestyle earbuds~

Let us know in the comments which characteristic You value most and tell us why! 

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