Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights

Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights

Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights

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      • Quiet and Restful Sleep: Looking to soothe your dry skin while you're sound asleep? Plug in our BPA-Free humidifiers for bedroom before you jump in bed, and it'll help humidify your bedroom without interrupting your sweet dream. Our plant humidifiers for large room run only at 23dB, as quiet as a mom's light whispering, without emitting any unpleasant sounds or bright lights as you can select the sleep mode with indicator lights off, perfect for light sleepers, mothers, little kids, etc.
      • Escape the Dryness, Embrace the Hydrates: Does the air in your home feel particularly dry during the winter months? Dry air can lead to a host of annoying issues, and your skin/nose/throat often takes a hit too. Our cool mist humidifiers for bedroom will help you get relief from the dry air in minutes to give you better breathing and healthier life. Once you’ve got our surprisingly powerful humidifiers for bedroom, you’ll never go back to other flimsy and leaky ones!
      • Color Your Boring Dark Night with 7 Changing LED lights: Feel dim and boring in the long dark? Need a night light to light up the dark night atmosphere? Now you don’t need to buy an extra night light. Our air humidifiers for home integrate LED light functions that can help create a relaxing effect for better sleep. It has 7 color options that make you able to personalize and enjoy your night. You can fix one desired color or let them cycle through. To make your night splendid from tonight!
      • 2-in-1 Cool Mist Humidifiers & Aroma Diffuser: What if you want moisture and fragrance? Difficult to find reliable cool mist humidifiers for bedroom with both these two functions on the market? With premium PP material, our top-fill humidifiers for large room allow you to add essential oils directly to the water tank. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the tank and let the fragrant aroma and fresh air fill your room. Aromatic moisture is the supreme enjoyment you deserve!
      • 28H Round-the-Clock Run Time: Extra Large 2.5L tank means you never have to worry about refilling the cool mist humidifiers in the middle of the day. Filled with water, the cool mist humidifiers for home can spray for 28 hours in low mist mode, then automatically shuts off. We try our best to provide the best product for every customer and care about your user experience. If you meet any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a satisfactory answer.Cool Mist Humidifier


        YOU KNOW, COLD AIR CANNOT ABSORB AS MUCH HUMIDITY AS WARM AIR. So, when the outdoor temperature drops and you try to turn the central heating up to get warm, the indoors dry air will easily develop. When indoor air becomes too dry, your throat, nose, mouth, and skin begin to become dry, you start to cough, have nasal congestion, and your skin starts to itch, which can negatively impact your mood and health.

        BEAR IN MIND THAT RELATIVE HUMIDITY IS ONE OF THE MOST DECISIVE FACTORS FOR OUR WELL-BEING. Experts recommend a relative humidity level of 40% to 60%, as values within this range feel comfortable and help us to stay healthy. The air humidifiers for bedroom can prove useful in improving the quality of life by effectively increasing the humidity indoors.

        BY USING OUR COOL MIST HUMIDIFIERS FOR BEDROOM, IT TRANSFORMS DRY ROOMS INTO COMFORTABLY PERFECT ONES. This helps support better sleep quality and your overall well-being. The 2-in-1 top-filling humidifiers for bedroom & aroma diffuser has a large capacity water tank (2.5L/0.7Gal) covering rooms up to 290 sq ft and lasting for up to 28 hours a whole day and night.humidifiers for bedroomCool Mist Humidifier

        <30% Too Dry

        When the humidity is too low, it could cause or worsen nasal discomfort, making breathing difficult. Also, when our skin is exposed to a dry environment for a long time, it will easily chap and start to itch.

        40%-60% Comfort Level

        Researches find that the optimum humidity level is between 40% to 60%, where human feels most comfortable. Breathing is easier and better, while skin condition will be the best.

        >60% Too Humid

        If the RH exceeds 70%, especially In winter, when the humidity of the air is too high and the temperature is very low, the water vapor in the atmosphere will absorb the heat of the human body, making people feel cold and unfit.Cool Mist Humidifier



        1. Distilled or demineralized water is highly recommended, as tap water/hard water with high levels of minerals can cause mineral buildup in the base.
        2. When adding water, please be careful not to exceed the maximum water level line. (indicated on the outer of the cool mist humidifiers).
        3. When the air humidity is high, it is recommended to select the small mist mode in order to better balance the indoor humidity.
        4. It is recommended to keep the room ventilated when the air humidifier for bedroom is running under high mist mode.
        5. When the air humidifiers for home stop working due to lack of water, there is still a small amount of water at the bottom of the water tank, which is a normal phenomenon, in order to prevent dry burning.
        6. Please clean the unit at least once a week.
        7. It is recommended to wipe off the remaining water and keep the water tank dry and clean when the cool mist humidifier is not powered and left unused for a long time.

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      Humidifiers for Bedroom with 7 Color Lights
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