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Product Description

Lastest 3 Modes Connectivity¡¿Supporting both wired and wireless connections, this bluetooth gaming keyboard can be connected to your PC, laptop, iPad, phone, and more via a 2.4G USB receiver or BT1/BT2 Bluetooth modes. You can also charge and play simultaneously with the included type-c cable. Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously and switch easily, perfect for home, office, outdoor and casual gaming.
Cool RGB Backlit Keyboard¡¿ With 16 RGB backlight modes, 8 colors selection, 6 brightness levels, and per-key customizable functions, this bluetooth mechanical keyboard can enhance your gameplay atmosphere at its maximum, and the light can also be turned off if you don¡¯t need it for saving power.
Compact Mini 60% Keyboard¡¿By taking away the number pad, F key row, and navigation cluster, this 2.4G foldable bluetooth keyboard for iPad is most practical for gamers and typists, with more spaces left for mouse movements. What's more, the mechanical keyboard is the perfect size for travel and fits easily into most bags and backpacks. Small in size and powerful in function.Perfectly suitable for Windows 10/8/7/XP, Mac OS X, Windows VISTA. (Note: It has no arrow keys, you have to press the FN key and the WASD.)
Stronger Battery Life¡¿With a built-in 1600mAh rechargeable battery, this 60 percent gaming keyboard with 360h standby time can hold a charge for longer than 10 hours of continuous use. It also comes with a power switch and 10 min sleep mode for power saving. You can charge it in a few hours with the attached Type-C cable. £¨Note: lowering the small keyboard¡¯s brightness improves battery life.£©
Comfortable Typing Experience¡¿Adopted with a classic blue switch that responds fast with no lag, this compact wireless keyboard will offer you wonderful tactile feedback on each keypress. The stepped layout and the foldable bracket can also provide you with an ergonomic angle to keep your hands in the most natural state and reduce hand fatigue after long-term use. We also provide 180 DAYS refund or replacement service and free lifetime technical support.
You are our VIP customer¡¿For each of you who purchased Pauroty wireless mechanical keyboard, we have lifetime product care. If your mechanical keyboard has any problem, you will get a refund or a new gaming keyboard replacement. All you need to do is contact our team (click on the store name). We hope you will have a wonderful shopping experience.


Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

2.4G Wireless Mode


  • Toggle power switch to ON and mode switch to 2.4G. The mode indicator light will turn blue. Then plug the receiver into the PC port, and now you can use the product as a wireless keyboard.


Wired Mode


  • Connect the bluetooth keyboard to your PC with the attached data cable and it will work once th^re connected.
  • Note: Under this mode, whether your switch is toggled to ON or OFF, the mechanical keyboard will switch into a wired connection.


BT1 Wireless Mode


  • Toggle power switch to ON and mode switch to BT1. The mode indicator light will turn red. then the wireless mechanical keyboard is in BT1 mode.
  • Long press the FN2+ESC switch button for 3s and its indicator will flash quickly showing that the gaming keyboard enters a pairing state. Turn on the Bluetooth of your laptop, if your computer system is Win 7 or earlier, please select to connect, B13.0 Keyboard". If your computer system is Win 8 or later, please select to connect "BTS.0KB"


BT2 Wireless Mode


  • Toggle power switch to ON and mode switch to BT2. The mode indicator light will turn green, then the small wireless keyboard is in BT2 mode. BT2 Mode can Refer to BT1 connection instructions.


wireless mechanical keyboard
wireless gaming keyboard

Wireless and Wired Dual Modes


  • Connect and easily switch between up to 3 devices via Bluetooth, ideal for home, office use, while connecting smartphones, laptops, and iPads. You can choose USB type-c wired mode for a constant power supply.
  • Support multiple mobile device connections: mobile phones, iPods, computers.
  • Support multiple connection methods: wireless Bluetooth, 2.4G, wired Type-c interface, plug and play


wireless keyboard

Question & Answer


  • Is the keyboard hot-swappable? reprogrammable?


This is not a hot-swappable keyboard, nor is it programmable.


  • How to use the arrow keys of this mini keyboard?


WASD doubles as the arrow keys but requires FN1 to be held down.


  • Can it work on game consoles such as PS4 or Xbox?


Yes. This works with a PS4 and Xbox. But you need to choose a gaming keyboard adapter that can support the corresponding console.


  • How do I reset this keyboard ?


Press and hold "FN+CAPSLK" for three seconds to restore factory settings.


  • Is it quiet?


The blue switches are not quiet. There's a crisp clicking sound when you hit the keyboard, with a sense of paragraph.


  • Can I use my own USB Type-C Cable?


Yes, other similar cables will work just fine.


  • What comes in the box?


The package included the gaming keyboard, type-C cable, and a small manual.


How to make a warranty claim?

For purchases made through this website or Amazon store, please sign in to your MPOW account, locate your order and click the Warranty Claim button to process. For purchases made through MPOW’s authorized resellers, please contact them directly.

Product trouble-shooting?

View our knowledge base of FAQs, or contact our product support team by email. You may get fast response in 24 business hours.


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