MPOW HP109A Swimming Ear plugs 10 Pairs for Adults
  • SKU: HP109A

MPOW HP109A Swimming Ear plugs 10 Pairs for Adults

    • PERFECT FOR SWIMMER: Made of premium soft silicone, MPOW earplugs are able to seal your ear completely and block out water from getting in the ear canal to prevent ear infection by the water when swimming or doing any aquatic sports.
    • EXCELLENT NOISE BLOCKERS: With ANSI and CE certified 28dB SNR of high noise reduction, MPOW earplugs can reduce the surrounding noise such as snoring, constructing or any loud events. Use them to avoid loud noises and get a sound sleep in peace.
    • SKIN-FRIENDLY&NON-TOXIC: MPOW soft silicone earplugs provide non-toxic water protection and noise reduction. NOTE: MPOW swimming ear plugs should be replaced when become dirty or lose stickiness. You are advised to replace regularly for hygiene.
    • INCREDIBLE COMFORT: Due to the moldable and reusable feature, these earplugs fit any ear comfortably and make sure your ear is well sealed to prevent water or noise getting in your ear canal. Perfect for side sleepers.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE&WARRANTY: These earplugs can be used for swimming, showering, sleeping, snoring, studying, traveling, loud events, concerts, flying discomfort, etc.