MPOW HP106A Small-Sized Earplugs with Aluminum Carry Case
  • SKU: HP106A

MPOW HP106A Small-Sized Earplugs with Aluminum Carry Case

    • Designed for small ear canals: Mpow 106 foam earplug, with smaller tapered body, is shaped to fit small or sensitive ear canals. It is made of breathable and Low-Pressure PU foam to provide comfort all the night as reduce Ambient Noise.
    • Abundant 60 pairs with aluminum case: plentiful 60 pairs of earplugs to cope with any noisy conditions in daily life like sleeping, studying, working, shooting, hunting, decorating, constructing, snoring, traveling. With an aluminum case to keep 1 or 2 pairs of earplugs on the go, and the rest sealed in the can.
    • Slowly rebound in 45S: earplugs that expand too quickly may not only hurt your ear but also reduce effectiveness. While Mpow 106 expands gently and slowly without irritation in 45S, enough for earplugs to expand and seal in the ear.
    • Bye-bye noise: with a noise reduction rating of NRR 32dB/SNR 34dB, Mpow 106 is qualified for blocking out snoring that affect your sleep and harmful harsh sound that cause hearing loss. Please follow our tips when using it to maximize effects.
    • Simple and economical option: Mpow 106 earplug is simple, soft and cost-effective for blocking out surrounding noise, protecting ears from hearing damages. You are advised to change a new pair regularly.