M10 In-Ear Detection TWS Earbuds
M10 In-Ear Detection TWS Earbuds
  • SKU: BH358A

M10 In-Ear Detection TWS Earbuds

    • 4 MICROPHONES WITH NOISE CANCELLATION: MPOW M10 wireless earbuds are built with 4 microphones which adopt advanced ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology. You can enjoy crystal clear calling with MPOW M10 Bluetooth earbuds even when walking in a noisy street or commute on the bus.
    • IN-EAR DETECTION: The proximity sensors on both earbuds detect when you are wearing. Take out one earbud from your ear and the music will automatically pause on both sides. Put the earbud back in and double-tap right earbud, music will resume playing. Simply tap the earbud to access more function: active Siri, answer a call or hang up, all at your finger tips, just double-tap it.
    • UP TO 6 HOURS + 20 HOURS PLAYTIME: MPOW M10 sport wireless earbuds provide you with 6 of hours music playtime or talk time. The portable charging case which can hold multiple charges will give you extra 20 hours of battery life to enjoy music or take calls.
    • STAY ON EARS ALWAY:  The package comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds which accommodate most ear shapes and sizes, choose one pair that suits you to lock the rhyme. MPOW M10 wireless mini headset with lightweight design will always stay on your ears comfortably and stably.
    • TWIN MODE AND MONO MODE: Use the twin mode in a quiet environment to enjoy stereo music. You can also use the mono mode, so you can leave one ear to stay alert without both earbuds off when you need to talk or drive. Both earbuds can be used separately and independently.
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