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Product Description

  • ✨Once you buy this Electric Spin Scrubber you will regret all the times you had those backaches. Entering the world of electrics means making life easier and sparing yourself the trouble. This is exactly what this product was designed for; to make the job done for you effortlessly. It will be worth every penny you pay for it.✨
  • 【Mighty Cleaning Capacity】Supported by the powerful spin system, this electric spin scrubber rotates inwardly with spins up to 300 or 350r/min, removing the stubborn stains easily and quickly. Designed with the latest LED display and a telescoping neck, the scrubber is suitable for different housing structures. Moreover, it can continually work for 90min, after only 2.5 hours of fast charging.
  • 【Easy Operation Even for Kids and Elders】One-hand control and one-button interface make this household item extremely operational, making it a perfect gift for people in your life. It's easy to use even for kids and elderly people, as well as for people suffering from backache.
  • 【Adjustable Height and Angle】Adjustable height from 15.7" to 41.3" and adjustable angle from 0° to 90°make this cordless scrubber even more convenient to use, time-saving and labor-efficient. The ergonomic aluminum alloy handle is very comfortable to use. Moreover, the IPX 7 specific waterproof design will let you clean freely under wet conditions.
  • 【All-in-one Multifunctional Design】Your electric spin scrubber comes with a whole host of goodies, perfect for thoroughly cleaning your house. Along with the mainframe head is the adjustable telescopic handle, four brush heads, two mops heads, one connection dish, adapter and user manual.
electric spin scrubber

Do you want to get rid of your house’s hardest stains with the minimum effort and time?

Yes, I know! It sounds like a good bargain. My advice to you is not to miss reading this article about the product description of our Electric Spin Scrubber.

Imagine having a product that will do all the work for you no matter how hard or stubborn are these stains, in what corner they are stuck, or how unreachable they are. We provide you with this incredible tile and grout cleaning machine the Electric Spin Scrubber, which is guaranteed to give a stain-free shining house and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.

The LED Display Electric spin scrubber multi-functions as tile and grout cleaning machine, tile floor scrubber, wall tile cleaner machine, electric tile cleaner machine and a tile washer. You will save yourself buying all these products by having only ONE that does all that work and more.

floor scrubber


floor scrubber

1/When you receive the product for the first time, please fully charge it before using it

2/When cleaning stubborn stains, please soak the area in water and detergent for more than 10 minutes, and then clean it with the electric spin scrubber

3/During use, excessive pressing will shorten the work

  • Large-flat Brush is perfect for cleaning floor, tile, wall, ceiling, door, window, glass, pool
  • Dome Brush is ideal for cleaning curved surfaces such as bathtub, baseboard, or toilet
  • Corner Brush is suitable for cleaning narrow places, such as window crevices, shutter
  • Pointed Brush is great for cleaning shower, grout, sink, faucet, and kitchen stove
  • Chenille Mop Head is great for cleaning and maintaining the car body, wiping all kinds of flat glass
  • Regular Mop Head is great for cleaning all kinds of stubborn stains that couldn't be solved by the above brushes

300/350RPM High Spinning Speed, Deep Cleaning

  • SuperPower 2*2500mAh Battery
  • Spinning Speed: 300 RPM /350RPM
  • Brush Head Angle:0°/30°/60°/90°
  • Adjustable handle length
  • 30°/60°/90° brush angle adjustable
  • 31inch~41inch (with the adjustable extension handle)
  • 4 Multi-purpose Cleaning Brush Heads and 2 Mop Heads
  • 2.5Hours Quick Charging for 90 Minutes Working Time


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Product trouble-shooting?

View our knowledge base of FAQs, or contact our product support team by email. You may get fast response in 24 business hours.


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