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Product Description

  • 💎Unique Curved Surface Design: The modern clean-cut digital clock design and big blue digital numbers go well with the bedside table, office desk, living room, and even kitchen. The digital alarm clock is curved which is plainly visible from anywhere in the room, and the color of the numbers is conspicuous blue which allows you to see the time more clearly.
  • 💡Large Digital Display with 6 Brightness: You can adjust different brightness according to your personal preference. No matter you wake up from anywhere near the bed or table, the eye-catching blue digital alarm clocks for bedrooms always provide you with a clearly visible time on the 5.75-inch large LED screen.The digital clock find your “JUST RIGHT” Brightness.
  • ⏰3 Alarm Tones Switch Freely: The digital alarm clocks for bedrooms offers 3 optional natural melodies: Birdsongs, Beep and Chording, wake up your vitality in the morning; and 2 adjustable volumes (75dB&85dB), which is definitely loud enough to wake you up, but not so loud as to jolt you awake in fear. The alarm clocks bedside is your good wake-up partner.
  • 💤9-Minute Snooze Function: The SNOOZE button is designed to be large enough and easy to operate. Press "Zzz" at the top of the digital clock when the alarm sounds, you can get an extra 9 minutes of snooze time. In addition, you can switch 12-Hour/24-Hour according to your own habits. The LED Clock makes you have a comfortable wake up experience.
  • 🔋Built-in Memory Backup Battery: The package contains an AC adapter to power the digital clock. When the power is off unexpectedly, the button cell battery built into the bedside clock can automatically save time & alarm settings (the time is not displayed), no need to reset again when power is on.The non ticking alarm clock be a good steward of your life schedule.
alarm clock

A Bedside Partner Worth You to Start with!

The compact digital alarm clock is a well-built digital clock with a basic function which definitely can wake you up at the set time and the settings are simple and easy to make. With its 5.75-inch ultra clear blue LED display, the digital alarm clock always allows you to read the time and alarm settings at a glance, even from a distance, whether you are awake or half asleep during the day or night.

alarm setting

Operation Guide


Toggle the switch to“TIME", and short press ”+"/”-“ to adjust the time. Long press to quickly adjust, the hour changes with the minute. After the setting is finished, toggle the switch to "LOCK” to save the setting.


In time display mode, short press "-" to switch 12/24-hour time display format.


In time display mode, press “Zzz” to adjust the display brightness.


√STEP 1 : Alarm Time Setting

Toggle the switch to“ALARM", and short press ”+"/”-“ to adjust the time. Long press to quickly adjust, the hour changes with the minute. After the setting is finished, toggle the switch to "LOCK” to save the setting.

√STEP 2 : Alarm Ringtones Setting

In time display mode, short press "+" to choose the ringtone, and press again to the next ringtone. Each ringtone will automatically turn off after 5 seconds, and the last playing sound will be automatically saved as the alarm ringtone.

√STEP 3 : Alarm Off

When the alarm goes off, short press “+"/“-" to turn off the alarm. The alarm will ring for 30 minutes if it is no operation.


If you want to turn off the alarm completely, just toggle the switch to LN, the alarm will no longer ring. Note: The alarm icon will disappear after the alarm is turned off completely.


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