Bluetooth Earbuds Cleaning Pen Kit, Multifunction Electronics Cleaner with Soft Brush for Wireless Earphones Bluetooth Headphones Charging Box Accessories, Computer, Camera and Mobile Phone



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Product Description

【 Are you still using dirty headphones? 】- Mpow cleaning pen kits can clean small parts and holes on the earbuds to achieve preliminary cleaning.

 Double-head Hidden Design 】: Mpow bluetooth earbuds cleaning pen with metal pen nib, flocking sponge, high-density brush, 3-in-1 earphone cleaner kit meet a variety of cleaning needs.

 Efficient Cleaning 】: Using the pen to clean the whole set of Bluetooth earbuds, from the small holes of earbuds to the charging bin, 360 degrees cleaning without dead corner. Making your earbuds last longer.

 Ease to Use and to Carry 】: Push the switch upward to expose the pen nib. The Metal Men Nib is used to clean the stubborn dirt in the gap of the machine, and The Brush is used to clean the granular dirt of the machine. the switch is pushed down, and The Flocking Sponge leaks out, the flocking sponge is used to clean dust and stains. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

 Rejuvenate your earphones 】: After a period of use, the earphones will become a little dirty, our pen can help you clean up, it will be very convenient to use.



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