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Product Description

  • 【ALL IN ONE】Not just a digital alarm clock, but also an FM Radio and USB Charging Station; The radio alarm clock can store up to 30 FM radio stations (FM: 86.0MHz to 108.0MHz). Use the sleep timer (5-90 minutes) of the clock radio, it will shut down automatically after you fall asleep. This digital alarm clock for bedrooms is equipped with 5V/1.2A USB output, which can charge your mobile phone and tablet.
  • 【FULLY DIMMABLE SCREEN】This digital alarm clocks for bedrooms allow you to set the brightness between 0-100% according to your comfort. Just push the dimming slider to adjust the brightness you like. The curved display is sleek and compact, fitting well next to a lamp on our small nightstand. The standard soft blue digital readout is easy on the eyes.
  • 【FLEXIBLE PROJECTION ALARM CLOCK】 Press the "Project" button to project ultra-clear blue time on the ceiling or wall in the range of 1.6-9.8ft, and 3 adjustable projections brightness for you to choose. Long press the "Project" button to rotate the projection display 180° for optimal viewing. You can easily read the time while lying in bed.
  • 【DUAL ALARM CLOCK WITH BACKUP BATTERY】 With double alarms, two separate alarm times can be set respectively, ringing at different times, making your life easy and convenient. The snooze function allows an additional sleep time of 9 minutes. The digital alarm clock for bedrooms has a built-in cell button battery that can save time/alarm/radio settings in the event of a power failure or temporary unplugging.
  • 【5 SOOTHING SOUNDS FREELY SWITCH】Our digital clock offers 5 kinds of pleasant alarm sounds, including chord music, wave, bird’s singing, beep, and FM radio, you can choose your favorite good morning ringtone. In addition, there are 3 levels of volume of the alarm sound to choose from 75dB to 90dB, the loud alarm clock is suitable for heavy sleepers.

You Need to Know About Projection Clocks

>A projection clock is a modern home gadget that projects the time onto the walls. In general, a projection clock is a clock-like the ones you know from your bedside table, but with the additional function of projecting the time onto a surface. In principle, it works like slide projectors. This useful additional function may make your life easier in the early hours of the morning. Maybe your bedside table is lower than your bed, so you have to lean down every morning to read the time. With a projection clock, the time is projected visibly in one place without you having to move around a lot when you wake up.

>Projection clocks have a small integrated projector that projects the time onto a surface. Similar to a slide projector or a beamer, the projection can be adjusted according to your needs. The integrated mini projector can be adjusted/rotated so that the time can be projected onto any surface, be it the wall or the ceiling.

digital clock

Trouble Shooting

Q: How to set projection?

A: Step 1: In time display mode, short press the "Projector" button to turn on the projection.

Step 2: Short press again to adjust projection brightness (Low-Medium-High-OFF).

Step 3: Long press the "Projector" button can flip the time projection 180 degrees.

Note: The optimum projection distance is 1.6-9.8ft (0.5-3m).

Q: How do I set my favorite radio station as a wake-up alarm?

A: If you set a radio station as an alarm, it will play the last radio station you listened to when the alarm goes off, so if you want to be woken up by your favorite radio station, please make sure it is the last radio station you listened to.

Q: Does a projection clock have a power supply?

A: Our projection clocks are powered by the main adapter. With a continuous power supply, you don't have to worry about the clock switching itself off when the batteries run out.

Q: The clock screen does not light up?

A: Please check if the clock radio is properly connected to the power supply, and then slide the dimming wheel to see if it works normally.

Q: Can I tune in AM station?

A: NO, there is ONLY FM station.

radio clock


How to make a warranty claim?

For purchases made through this website or Amazon store, please sign in to your MPOW account, locate your order and click the Warranty Claim button to process. For purchases made through MPOW’s authorized resellers, please contact them directly.

Product trouble-shooting?

View our knowledge base of FAQs, or contact our product support team by email. You may get fast response in 24 business hours.


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