MPOW online community starts on Dec. 14th.

For the best communication experience for all our Mpow Insiders, we are establishing an Mpow Elite Group. Recruitment for the upcoming community begins now -- you are welcome to apply to become one of the first leaders of the MPOW community!

What Can I Do?

Nov. 24th

Submit your application to join Mpow Elite Group

Dec. 14th

Publish posts & Win gifts

Jan. 14th

Gifts sent out

What Can I do?

The Benefits

Register in the MPOW community. Get a permanent Pioneer Badge.

Join Mpow Elite Facebook group, get a V sign of  Mpow Elite identification.

Get a prize draw by making a post on discussion board. Up to 3 prize draws for each day.

Make two posts with “HOT” tags and win TWS Flame Pro Earphones.

Are you a...

You are welcome to join if you are interested in other topics too! Feel free to share your ideas by creating posts or comments.

Mpow Elite Application


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Note: You are invited to join Mpow Elite group after submission.