Mpow® Armor Plus Bluetooth 4.0 Portable IPX5 Wireless Speaker

Mpow® Armor Plus Bluetooth 4.0 Portable IPX5 Wireless Speaker

  • HD Acoustic Sound Experience

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

  • IPX5 & Rugged Iron Shell Design

  • 5200mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • 22 Hrs Playing Time




    • 5200 mAh Power Bank:With 5200mAh built-in battery, this speaker can be used as your emergency power bank when you’re on outdoor activities.
    • Handy and Portable:Portable and suitable features guarantee better user experience when playing music in outdoor hiking/biking. Additionally, comes with a pouch and hand strap, it’s very convenient to carry this speaker everywhere.
    • Powerful Performance:Two 8W total acoustic drivers produce high definition audio and clarity while he newly designed passive radiator could provide strong bass without distortion even at highest volume.
    • Hands-Free Calling:Built-in microphone, its hands-free calling function provides you worry free about picking up your phone when sporting.










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    1. Love it!
      Jason Murphy

      This is by far the best blue tooth speaker that I have ever used. It is in the mid to low price range and out performs others at double what it costs. I was amazed at how this speaker well this speaker sounded. If I had any complaints at all it would be about the weight but that is to be expected when you consider the build quality and durability of this product. Th Read more but it did get splashed and it kept on kicking. I was glad that my phone was kept safely tucked away. I rarely leave reviews but felt that I had to this time. IPOW has really out done themselves. Read less

    2. Great, nice and durable but only worth it with a discount.

      Alright I'll make this simple... This speaker is pretty great. Comes with Bluetooth, Several control buttons (Call/Hangup/Equalizer, Next, Previous, Volume up/down, Pause/Play, and Power/battery indicator), Aux port and cable.
      I will initially offer this discount code for an amazon purchase... N2ZP9IWL.
      Now as for its Pros and defining features...
      - Read more his speaker and the speaker would come without any damage.
      -Water resistant - with tough flap on the right side of the speaker. Note there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant.
      -Nice and heavy, feels authentic and not cheap
      -Battery indicator inside the flap when you push button
      -Doubles as a portable battery pack with additional USB port for charging. Have not used this enough to be able to talk about it. But considering the specs it can charge my phone (Nexus 6p) about 1.5 times without any use of the speaker.
      portable with long lasting battery
      -Could be a con but it is heavy weighing at 2.2 pounds
      -Smaller than expected in my own Point of view.
      -Offers and aux port for some people that dislikes Bluetooth connections

      For the cons..
      -Sound starts to distort after at maximum volume
      -The flap on the side may be a bit tough to open for the first time (Might a petty complaint) To be honest this is a pro for its water resistance.
      -Noticeable Bluetooth latency. Whenever I get a notification with speaker connected. I get noticeable about a sec delay and hear only part of the notification alert. Which usually happens with most cheap Bluetooth speakers I've used. You could avoid this by using the aux port and avoid all the latency but deal with wired connections.
      -As previously mention.. The weight could be a turn off for some people. Especially if your looking for a small and light weight speaker.

      I would give this a 8.2/10 Read less

    3. Amazing Prince, perfect construction and sound!

      Being in the wireless industry for over eight years I have seen and heard so many speakers that few stand above the rest. In comes the Mpow Armor Plus speaker to set the bar for others in its class.

      Starting with the physical construction the Armor Plus speaker is built super durable, as the name reflects. It is rated IPX5 which is rated for dust protect Read more on it. Just clean it up, dust it off and no harm should be done, it is not submersible. The front of the speaker has a metal mesh and an iron shell to add a more industrial look and protection. On the top of the Armor Plus is your standard Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Call/Equ, Volume control and power. And along the side is a hidden panel covering the Micro USB, AUX In and USB out for a 5,200 mah battery. Finally, the housing is a TPU design creating a layer of durable rubber all around the sides, giving the speaker more grip and keeps it from sliding around.

      For audio testing I played pop, metal, country, podcasts, and made a few phone calls.
      Internally, the Armor Plus has 2, 8 watt speakers and a passive radiator giving the speaker an amazing sound at all volumes. Most of the tests I used connecting with Bluetooth to test out the battery life at the same time. Turing the volume up on the Armor Plus causes no distortion, and gives you rich loud audio. The “call” button on the top gives you two different equalizer modes…indoor and outdoor. Indoor gives you a stronger bass and richer sound, while outdoor drops the bass a little and increases the volume. While there is an audio tone telling you the differences you should also be able to tell by the sound of our audio. Phone calls and using Siri work great, no real issues with quality on either end.

      One last feature the Armor Plus offers a 5,200 mAh battery pack. This gives you the ability to charge a phone in emergency situations or top off your phone while having it plugged into the AUX port. Normal battery live got me around 20+ hours, giving me plenty of time to use throughout the day and night. Comparing the Armor plus to other similar featured products this is an amazing deal, I would have no issue recommending this to friends, family, or even you! Read less

    4. The Armor Plus is one awesome speaker with incredible sound!

      Oh wow! MPOW Armor Plus is the absolute best Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard!

      This thing is awesome! Looks, sound, quality and customer service…all hands down the best.

      The first thing you will notice when you open the cardboard shipping box is that this is a hefty speaker. The size is massive for a portable Bluetooth speaker. At ab Read more ing is wrapped in rubber that provides drop protection. On the front and back there are iron trimmed speaker grills that are also made of metal. You wouldn’t want to, but you could throw this thing from a moving vehicle, off a bridge and then run over it with another truck and it would probably still work. (* I didn’t try this, I like it too much!) I probably am exaggerating a bit on that last idea, but you get the picture. It is one tough speaker!

      Let’s take a look at what’s inside…

      Two 8W speakers blast the sound out the front with a passive radiator bass port on the back that thumps the bass out the backside. The sound is crystal clear at any volume level. I didn’t notice any distortion when playing my music. I play a variety of styles from Rap to rock to country it all sounds great!

      Strong Bluetooth Connection once you pair this speaker with your phone it remembers the connection and will connect automatically. The range is outstanding! I can sit this on my kitchen counter and walk all over my house, even through some walls and rarely lose the connection.

      5200mAh Battery 22 hours of music play without skipping music due to low battery. You can even use the built-in USB port to charge your phone from the speaker battery!

      IPX5 Splashproof/shockproof performance

      Charge indicator lights You can quickly see the charge of the battery from teh blue LED lights near the charging port.

      Play Music and take calls with the built-in microphone

      3.5 mm audio cable and Micro USB cable You can use the included audio cable to play music from non-Bluetooth devices. Charge your speaker with the included micro USB cable.

      Wrist rope and carrying bag These can be used to carry your speaker and protect it when it is not in use.

      Two EQ Modes Switch between EQ modes for indoor and outdoor listening ( I haven’t been able to tell much of a difference in the sound from these two modes, but it has been snowing and very cold here, so I haven’t used it outside yet. I look forward to testing this feature out in three weeks on the beaches of Florida.

      What about the controls? Well, what about them?

      7 buttons are displayed on the top of the speaker…Power, Track back, Volume Down, Play/Pause, Volume up, Track up and the call/EQ mode button.

      One thing I really like about this speaker is the control buttons. Most of these Bluetooth speakers have four buttons. The plus and minus button serve to change volume and advance tracks. The Armor Plus has 7 buttons! I love the dedicated volume buttons and track advance buttons. You no longer have to worry about accidentally passing up a favorite song because you were trying to turn up the volume.

      This thing is flat out awesome. I doubt anyone who is serious about their music would be disappointed by this speaker. I highly recommend it and would say it is the best large format speaker I have ever seen.

      I received this speaker at a discount for my honest review and I am so very glad I did.

      FYI…customer service is amazing with this company as well. They truly want their customers to be happy and will go to great lengths to ensure that the customer is satisfied! Read less

    5. Great product for the price!

      Review for Mpow® Armor Plus Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Waterproof Shockproof Wireless Speaker

      Hi all,
      I was recently commissioned to test and review the Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth speaker and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. This speaker boasts a 5200 mAh built-in rechargeable battery that also doubles as an emergency power bank with a 5 Read more s, an indoor/outdoor EQ mode, and controls for play/pause, seek, volume, call answer (doubles as EQ button) and power. The USB charging dock has a 4-led charge indicator and is covered by a thick rubber door to prevent moisture.
      Now the thing that really caught my eye with this is the ridiculously loud sound that comes from it. The EQ function basically removes the bass to make the treble project more in an outdoor environment. Its surprisingly heavy for its size weighing in somewhere around 2 lbs but when you hear it you understand why. The first time I connected to this device I cranked the volume and put on some heavy bass "trap music" and was so surprised by the output that I literally said an expletive aloud and couldn't even hear myself. In my opinion it takes high bass frequencies quite well but even the lows and mids come through quite evidently. Overall I would give the sound for the size and price a 9/10.
      Next we go to the weatherizing. This was a point of confusion for me mainly because there is a conflict with information provided. The website says waterproof while the box states splashproof and after putting in my shower briefly, I'm going to go with splashproof. The outer rubber most definitely stops any water from reaching the components but the sound still has to come out somewhere. The mesh on both the front and back somewhat prevents water from entering but submersion would most likely be the end of the device. After swinging it in my shower head a few times replicating heavy rainfall water was clearly getting into the mesh and distorting the sound when it reached the cones of the drivers. Not sure if the previous reviewers were trying water from the top but in North Dakota rain goes in all directions in relation the heavy wind gusts. In this state it's likely the rain will fall at a 45° or less angle which would expose the mesh to direct water. After draining, it was fine but a far stretch from the waterproofing the website claims. Once again though, the sound has to come out somewhere. With the iron frame it can definitely take a hit though. Dropped it on its corner from 6 ft and it didn't even scuff. Overall design and ruggedization gets a paltry 7/10 due to the misleading specs.
      The power bank doesnt really need much review. If you've ever used a portable battery then a 5200 mAh @ 2a says it all. Brought an iphone 5 up 40% in about 20 minutes. If you aren't charging a peripheral the speaker lasts 22 hours on a full charge allowing you to rave in the forest all night. 10/10 :D
      The price is something that kind of excited me. I have run the tiniest Bluetooth speakers (ifrogz coda pop) to the loudest mobile stereo (Kicker Boombox w/ 6" L7 solo baric and passive reflex) and have paid the price for all of those items. This has the audio quality and dB output of a ue Mega Boom at 1/3 the price and is completely ruggedized to boot. Like I said, water is a bit sketchy but it would fare better than a mega boom in the shower. 10/10 for price.
      Lastly is the interface and Bluetooth system. I have no real qualms with the interface or the Bluetooth connection; only aesthetic issues. For instance, it's clear that the voice was once in a different language because when it pairs it cuts off all but "Ted" in the word "connected". Now I know this doesn't affect the device's performance but i'm kind of a stickler for grammar and the user manual/box had a couple statements that didn't translate to well. Be that as it may, this does not affect how I connect to it or how I interact with it so 10/10.
      So.....let's do some averages here....and the total is in!
      With all things considered I would most definitely suggest this speaker to anyone that wants some serious portable sound for an awesome price. It could easily replace a work radio on a job site and everyone would hear it. Attached you will find links to the product and an Amazon coupon code for $10 off that expires 2/27/16. Hope you enjoy the product guys.
      Manufacturer product website: [url][/url]
      Amazon Link: [url][/url]
      Amazon Coupon Code: N2ZP9IWL (Expires 2/27/2016) Read less

      steven pink

      Excellent product! At first I was wary of the Mpow brand that I hadn't heard of before, but this speaker has blown away my expectations! It is VERY well built and while I haven't thoroughly tested its waterproof-ness, it has fared very well sustaining multiple 4ft drops and traveling with me. The built in power bank works great and it's 5V 2A so my phone charges quickly Read more ll adapter part to charge on a wall outlet, so plan to use one you have or pick up a cheap one on Amazon. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable to listen to audio without bluetooth, so it's compatible with non-bluetooth devices too.

      Now for the most important part: AUDIO QUALITY
      I consider myself a bit of an audiophile (I listen to all most of my music through amped Beyerdynamic DT990s), and I was very impressed by the audio quality! The speaker has a very good balance of lows and highs with very clean bluetooth transmission as long as you aren't too far away. Bluetooth devices in general don't have great range, so don't expect to sit far away and have crystal clear sound. Overall, I would definitely buy one again/recommend it to a friend.
      Read less

    7. Very good powerful speaker.

      My speaker arrived in an attractive package containing plenty of protection for the contents inside. Inside the box is the speaker, USB cable for charging, an audio line for wired connection, carry strap, and a very nice travel bag. The unit feels rugged and somewhat heavy in the hand, neither of which is a negative for me. It physically feels tougher and sturdier than Read more ash proof. So far these claims are true. I let it sit outside in the rain/snow for a bit and it played right on. I also intentionally tossed it several times to the floor of my office, which has carpet glued directly to concrete. All that did was send it bouncing across the room as it played my music.
      Bluetooth pairing was quick and simple. The speaker also connects to the last paired device as soon as it is turned on. The controls on top are easy to use as well. Another very nice feature is the ability to answer calls and have hands free calling through the speaker (which my $300 Bose wireless speaker will not do).
      I was pleasantly surprised by the sound that this speaker produced. It has the ability to be quite loud and remain clear. I used it connected to my Samsung Note 3 along with using the Viper for Android app. The speaker had a very nice sound to it. It is much better than some similarly priced speakers. Compared to my Bose Sound Link, it lacks some of the tone that I am use to but the sound quality is quite good. Overall, it is a very nice device at a very reasonable price. It will be great for outdoor events as well as just some listening at home.
      The price of the unit on the MPOW website is $97.99 but you can find it on Amazon for $79.99. I also have a coupon code for Amazon that is good until February 27th 2016 that will knock another $10.00 off the price. That’s a pretty good deal. The coupon code is N2ZP9IWL. Just use the code at checkout to save the $10.00.
      Hope that this review is helpful to some of you that are looking for a new Bluetooth speaker. I am sure you will be satisfied.
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      5.0 out of 5 stars~Convenient To Carry Everywhere~
      ByANDREA1969on February 9, 2016
      This "Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Waterproof, Shockproof, Wireless Speaker" is the BOMB!! The speaker is well constructed and has a nice design and a high quality look to it as well. It has an extra large capacity battery and built-in 5200 mAh battery that allows up to 22 hours of playing time and charge your cell phone when in urgent need in the outdoors. It is an HD Acustic sound and allows you the ultimate listening experience indoor and outdoor. **Has 2 modes exchangeable, so you can easily change the sound quality for indoors and then outdoors if necessary** I love that this is a bluetooth accessible device and can easily pick up anything that is bluetooth connectivity. Allows you to enjoy the sound without wires. The range is up to 33 feet so extremely possible to take wherever you want without hesitation. This also comes with a pouch and and hand strap to easily carry everywhere. Extremely lightweight *2.8 pounds* & Dimensions are: 9in (L) X 3in (W) X 3 1/2 (H). Overall this is a GREAT product and highly recommend ANY/ALL "Mpow" product!!
      Read less

    8. I have had bad luck with speakers in the past with them being

      . I will be honest in that I was not expecting much from the speaker. I have had bad luck with speakers in the past with them being too cheap, not loud enough, or hindered by always needing to be plugged in, or a small battery that dies quickly. I was very surprised with the MPOW Armor Plus speaker the moment I took it out of the box. The first thing you will notice is Read more contains a mesh carrying bag and short length of cord to attach to the speaker. Under that box is a micro USB cable for charging, and an auxiliary cord to connect to non-bluetooth audio sources.

      I was immediately surprised by the weight of the speaker. This is not some dinky bluetooth speaker. The unit has a good weight to it, which can be partly attributed to its built in 5200 mAh battery that can power the unit for up to 22 hours of music or be used to charge any USB device. I plugged in my Nexus 6P and it was charging at 1A and registered as A/C charging. I streamed audio to the device for 3 hours straight and never had a single audio or connection issue with the speaker. Also, after 48 hours of heavy use the built in battery indicator still showed 75% battery left. Speaking of the unit itself, the outside of the speaker is durable rubber around the outside including the buttons at the top which has all the typical controls. On the left side of the unit is a spot for attaching a cord or handle, and the right side of the unit has a small rubber door. Behind the door is a micro USB input for charging, auxiliary input, a full size usb port for charging a phone or tablet, a reset button, and 4 led light indicators displaying the current battery level. The unit also has a built in microphone for answering calls.

      As I said, I was very happy with the use of the device. I was pleasantly surprised with how loud the speaker got. I was able to carry the unit around the entire house and easily fill up any room I was in with sound, including the bathroom with the shower running. This device will also give audio cues about connection status and max volume. I personally like the audio cues because you know for sure when the device is powered on/off, and also know when you hit max volume instead of always guessing what volume you are at. The unit will give a quick tone when you hit max volume. Pairing is also easy and the unit will automatically connect to the last device if it is within range.

      The only small negatives I can say about the device are minor things. There is a blinking blue LED on the front speaker grill that constantly blinks when a device is connected. Some people may not mind this, but I personally can find this a little annoying, but it is not that bright. Also, while this device is water resistant, don’t plan on getting it too wet as the speaker grill has no waterproof layer and water could get into the inside of the device.

      Overall, I was left very impressed with the MPOW Armor Speaker. I will be using this item every day around the house and on the go.
      Read less

      Lisa and Steve

      The Mpow armor plus speaker arrived professionally packaged and the instructions were clear cut and concise.

      Inside the nice box was a micro USB cord, auxiliary cord, instructions, nylon carrying cord, nylon bag, and one high quality Bluetooth speaker.
      The speaker is very well made and put together. It has a heavy metal framing with a metal mesh sc Read more is approximately twice the weight. I was very surprised on how heavy it was and how well built that it felt compared to the other seven or eight Bluetooth speakers that I have tested In the same size category. It's so sturdy of a device that I would be comfortable dropping it off of a 10 foot ladder onto concrete! The control panel is well marked and easily identifiable even for someone that has sausage fingers like me. It is approximately 9 inches long and 3 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. It would fit well within any decor because of its stylish lines and low profile.

      On the right-hand side of the speaker is the rubber access door which seals up quite nicely for waterproofing. I didn't have to struggle to get this door back in place like a lot of other water resistant speakers. On the left-hand side of the speaker is an eyelet for putting the enclosed nylon cord on so you have something to carry it with. But I don't see you swinging this on your side because the weight of it would end up leaving a bruise on your knee or thigh. I think you could actually use this for self-defense ladies! Like I said the buttons on the top are really easily identifiable and easy to use. Pushing the power button will tell you how much battery is left on the access panel, also pushing the phone button will change the sound output on the speaker from an inside to an outside sound. What they mean by inside versus outside is less bass and more highs.

      Now onto the good part and the important part… Sound quality! The speaker has a very warm and full sound not unlike the Mpow free bang speaker. The freebang was actually my most enjoyed speaker up until this speaker which has the switchable EQ function. When the bass is turned down on the armor plus it has pretty much the same dynamic sound that the freebang has. But when you turn the bass up on the armor plus you get an even more enriching and engulfing type sound field. It's very warm and very rich without distortion even at the maximum volume setting.

      I even tried the phone feature on this device even though I hate using the phone feature on a Bluetooth speaker because it's quite simply....lazy. It works fine and does what it's supposed to do as long as you're within About 5 feet of the speaker or further if you're yelling. As soon as you're done with the phone call it goes back to your music without you having to push play which is a nice feature.

      It also has an output on the access panel for a USB cord which could be used for charging your phone or pad or anything that's USB powered because there's a 5200 MAH battery inside the speaker that powers the speaker and anything else that you can plug to it. I charged my iPhone 6 Plus approximately 70% and had two bars still left on the indicator light for the speaker.

      I don't usually write reviews this long but this is one of those items that I've tested that really has done an exceptional job in impressing me. The only con that I can find on this device is that it's heavy at 2.2 pounds, which isn't entirely bad because it just means that it's very well-made and durable. It is not waterproof but water resistant so don't throw it into the pool!

      As you can see from the photograph there are four speakers that I put this Armor plus speaker against for sound quality. Both of the Mpow speakers were the top performers when compared to the speakers in the photograph. Not to say that the speakers that I tested against had bad sound but they just didn't have as good of a sound quality.
      Read less

    10. Amazing speakers - superb sound quality..!!

      Wow, these speakers are amazing. great sound quality.

      The Good:
      1. sound quality - high definition sound quality. You will feel the effect of dual speakers straightaway. this is a powerful speaker with clear sound and loud as well. I have recorded a video for sound quality demo as well.
      2. Solid build quality - very sturdy solid build qualit Read more t rains. Also great for taking speaker with you on pool side or breach. It can easily survive water splashes on it.
      4. Bluetooth connectivity - It was easy to pair with and Bluetooth range is also good
      5. portable power bank - You can actually charger your smart devices using these speakers in case of emergency
      6. battery - good battery capacity, 5200mAh. It can play music for over 20 hrs.
      7. LED indicator to show power capacity left
      8. on device controls - easy to use controls and love that change track and volume keys are separate
      9. sound modes - 2 sound modes, indoor and outdoor. easy to switch between these modes using one key
      10. Hands-free - it can also be used as handsfree
      11. Aux port also available if you want to play music via aux cable. Note - speaker port will be open and it won't be waterproof when using Aux cable
      12. Carry bag included with it and also a strap to easily carry it
      13. music is not only clear, it has a strong bass

      Could be better:
      1. weight is slightly on the higher side due to solid build quality. It would be great if weight can be reduced. Read less

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