Mpow® Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones

Mpow® Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones

  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Technology : Easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices; Offer you impressive dynamic sound.

  • CVC 6.0 Technology : Noise Cancellation 6.0 reduces outside noises and enables clearer sound from microphone. You can get high quality, hands-free phone conversation even on the street or inside shopping mall.

  • Excellent Battery Performance : Up to 8 hours of continuous talking / music time and up to 175 hours of standby with a single charge, so you have less time charging and more time doing.

  • Aluminum Shell : With the ingot silvered case and CD-striped reflect, the earbuds of Mpow look more than a bluetooth headset !

  • Light Weight : Ultra light weight does not cause any burden to the ears, thus providing lasting wearing comfort.




    • Bluetooth 4.1 features stable signal, lower consumption, security encryption, faster transmission and pair speed while producing impressive dynamic sound as well.
    • The CVC6.0 digital noise reduction technology intelligently filters ambient noises and makes your headset more clear in calling and music.
    • With the ingot silvered case and CD-striped reflect, Mpow Wolverine looks dashing in ears, and the robust sound produced from it allows you immerse yourself in sports!
    • Innovated patent ear fins help lock your ear snugly and the ultra-light weight of Mpow Wolverine does not cause any burden to your ears, thus providing lasting wearing comfort.


    • Bluetooth Standard:V4.1
    • Bluetooth Operation:Class 2
    • Biuetooth Mode:Headset/Handfree/A2DP/AVRCP
    • Bluetooth Range:>10m
    • Talking Time:Up to 8 hours
    • Playing Time:Up to 8 hours
    • Stand By Time:300 hours
    • Charging Time:2 hours

    Mpow® Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones


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    1. Best for the price
      stacy perrault

      Love this product

      First off the price is amazing, I was worried that they were going to be really flimsy and cheap looking. I was wrong, they look and feel like a pair that are a 100 dollar pair.

      Arrival- ordered them on a Saturday and they were at my house by Tuesday.

      Packaging- nice and simple

      What's in the b Read more ctions- They were easy to read

      Pairing- paring the headphones was really easy. If you are like me I have two phones that I use a personal and a work phone, and you can pair them both at the same time. When you use them with two phones paired they work seamlessly between the two. Today I used my gps on one and listen to music on the other and took a call as well.nothing cut out or stopped working.

      Battery life- it is what they say it is.

      Range- I got about 20 feet away and I could still hear it but it started to cut out.

      Comfort- they feel weird at first but I got used to them quick. I wore them all day today and they didn't hurt my ears.
      Running with them in make sure you have the right size once you get that figured out they don't move much.

      The only negative thing that I have to say about them is that the bass is weak, not a problem for me because I listen to slot of podcasts. I would buy them again worth the money and in my mind worth a lot more, actual looking at buying a pair for my wife.
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    2. Excellent Sound for the Price!
      Angelito Pangilinan

      The sound quality of this pair of bluetooth headphones was totally unexpected. Once you figure out the right pieces to use the bass is almost equal to some of my $250+ IEMs I own, like Ultimate Ears and Shures. For me I usually used the small to medium ear cushions and the wires I would loop over my ears so the IEM usually stays in the ear. These can't loop over me ears Read more al and the stabilizers positioned towards the back to support the headphones in the ear. This created the perfect seal and kept the headphones in my ear. I can wear these for hours without fatigue. Wish they came with better stabilizers or different styles like the ones i see are included on the Mpow Swift. Would love to test the other Mpow stuff like the Swift and Magneto to compare but these will do for now.

      Feature Summary
      Great sound quality
      Light weight
      8 hours of battery life
      2 hour charge time
      Pairs with 2 devices at the same time a definite plus! (i carry 2 phones, 1 personal and 1 business and both work at the same time flawless!)

      Needs more selections for stabilizers and proper instructions on how to use them
      When you turn you head sometimes they will get yanked out, not sure if it needs an inch or two longer on the cord (wear them behind the neck probably the rubber material its made from catching on my clothes)
      No carrying case (not a biggie, I use one of my silver UE carrying boxes)
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    3. Achat vérifié
      Client d'

      L’ergonomie de l’appareil est vraiment sympathique, on apprécie le côté léger de l’ensemble du casque qui nous ferait oublié qu’on le porte !

      L’appairage Bluetooth se fait très rapidement, il n’y a aucun problème de coupure ou de qualité du son,
      Je l’ai testé à partir de mon Samsung S6 et de l’Iphone 6S de ma femme, aucun problème, l’appareil est r Read more mes premières coupures au bout de 12 mètres soit plus que ce que la notice donne (10 mètres).

      J’ai pu atteindre 7 d’autonomie en écoute de musique.
      Pour l’autonomie en appel, on est aux alentours des 8 heures.

      Pour en revenir au son, il est vraiment très bon, un bon équilibre entre les aigus et les graves.

      J’ai pu tester ce casque en situation de sport et notamment la course à pied, l’ensemble tient vraiment bien.
      Effectivement il faut avoir de l’habitude de la mise en place d’oreillette intra auriculaire mais quand on prend le coup, c’est vraiment efficace.

      Je suis vraiment très content du rapport qualité / prix de ces écouteurs qui me donnent entière satisfaction !

      J’espère que mon commentaire vous a été utile.
      Si vous avez des questions, je suis disponible pour vous y répondre. Read less

    4. 値段以上の高音質です



      ・ケーブルが絡ま Read more Read less

    5. 価格、機能の充実さで、かなり満足できるイヤホンです

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    6. とても便利です

      Bluetoothなど、コードなどのわずらわしさが無くなり ジョギング中でも邪魔にならず 音楽を聴きながら楽しくジョギングできます。

      CVC 6.0 ノイズキャンセルの仕組みで、高品質な音楽、クリアなハンズフリー通話もできいたれりつくせりです。

      音楽再生/連続通話:最大8時間 スタンバイ:最大175時間と長時間で時間もきにせず使えます。

      デザインも黒 Read more Read less

    7. Very capable 'phones for a good price!
      Mr Ducki McDuck

      I received my Mpow Wolverines in just a few days just before Christmas and waited till now because i wanted to make sure i got in several charge cycles before making any assumptions as to their use and longevity as so many rechargeable items work well at first and then battery life diminishes rapidly after.

      They come with 3 sets of different sized earbuds Read more rs playback, but after 2nd charge i got almost 7 hours and since then fully charged they last around 7 and a half hours (in bouts of 90 mins to 2 hours use at a time) I am using them on a Nexus 5 Phone.

      I thought the clips were weird at first and found them very strange which after wearing my ears felt sort of numb where the clips were pushing in but i no longer got that feeling after an extended 'wearing'.

      They look great, controls are easy to use and within reach without having to reach behind your head like some wireless 'phones.

      The sound is more than above acceptable and bass is sufficient to give quite a a good listening experience. The max volume isnt the highest ever and a bit lower than i personally prefer but its more than enough to override a noisy street and is loud enough so that the music is still audible over loud noises.
      I have only used them for music, i have not tried to use them in calls of attempt any 'speech' activation stuff such as OK Google etc.

      Ive seen some mentions on Amazon reviews that they fall out of your ears easily, but i have not had them fall out once when running, cycling off road and even trying to fling my head all over the place to dislodge them (i went light headed, wont be trying that again :/ )
      Perhaps some used the wrong size clips? I went with the biggest first and they wouldn't stay in place for more than a couple of seconds (I have BIG ears so assumed BIG clips were the way to go but i ended up with the smallest clips and smallest buds which made them way more comfortable and sturdy.
      Perhaps some people just don't have weird bumpy sexy ears like i do??

      Also seen mentioned is the cutting out of sound. Now THAT i have experienced sometimes when my phone was in my hoodie front pocket, but also sometimes it didnt and was fine and Ive not had any cutting out when phone is a few more inches lower in my jeans back pocket or in various jacket pockets.
      Perhaps my hoodie is lead lined? :D

      Overall though i do like these and have used them a lot more than my over the ear 'cans' recently and will continue to do so.

      Oh i was also caught in a very heavy downpour for a couple of hours the other week and they survived (Yayyy)
      I must state that this ISN'T an endorsement to wear them in the shower, pool or while sticking your head in a bucket... (It takes all kinds of people :/ )

      For people who hate reading lots of words:

      1. Charged them. (Power = Good)
      2. They worked good. (Sha...Tinggg...)
      3. They quite loud and comfortable. (But dont expect a front row ear shattering experience at the Opera)
      4. They look 'Cool' (Dude)
      5. Test all sizes of clips before extended use :)
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    8. 音質よし

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    9. 正直このクオリティーに驚いています

      値段、デザイン、音質 。特に音質は値段相応だろうと思っていましたが逆に有線ダイプより優れており全域に渡って音の広がりを感じます。
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    10. 初Bluetoothイヤホンです。



      パッケージは Read more う印象です。
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