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Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones

Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones

  • With bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X tech, the Swift headphones ensure high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech via Noise reduction.

  • Strong Wireless Signal: you can enjoy skip-free music in a 10-meter working distance, even if use your music devices left/right side, above/below waist.

  • Exercise-proof & Sweatproof design guarantee 100% Stable and Comfortable when exercising, running, climbing, driving, skating,camping, fishing and other outdoor sports. Small,medium and big size earhooks included.

  • Universally compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones.And built-in extra-long battery allows up to 5-hour talking/playing time and 185-hour standby.

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Product Questions

I've somehow managed to turn off the voice prompts (power on etc). How do I turn them back on?
how long does the battery last?
Can they do Fast Forward and Rewind (within the same song)?
I got to ask, don't they fall out when you're running?, thanks in advance.
I am having trouble pairing these to my Galaxy S4 phone can someone HELP!?!? The headphones are not even recognized...!!?
will these work with my sony walkman?
I am having trouble pairing these to my Galaxy S4 phone can someone HELP!?!? The headphones are not even recognized...!!?
Product Description



    • gadgeteer thinks highly of Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones and highly recommends it.
    • The Mpow Swift uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology with the aptX codec compression algorithm.
    • Mpow Swift has “Signal Enhance Technology” which prevents skipping when the earbuds are blocked from the audio source by barriers such as your body. In practice, it seems to work as there are few complaints of skipping or losing signal. Mpow also advertises the Swift has CVC6.0 Digital noise reduction technology which filters outside noise increasing the clarity of calls and music. In practice, it works. Users are very impressed with call quality on both ends, and are amazed at the music playback quality for this price range. The microphone does not have any noise cancellation features.

    Primium Bluetoot Accessories For Smartphone

    With bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X tech, the Swift headphones ensure high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech via Noise reduction

    MBH5 Wearing enhance


    • Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth V4.0
    • Chips CSR8645 high-end chip from CSR Plc
    • Frequency Range 2.4GHz
    • Bluetooth Mode Headset/hands free/A2DP/AVRCP
    • Operation Range Up to 30 feet
    • Talk/Playing Time Up to 5 hours
    • Standby Time Up to 185 hours
    • Charging Time 2 hours
    • 18-month warranty

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Mpow Swift Bluetooth Sport Headphones
    • 3 x eartips (small, medium, large)
    • 1 x micro USB charge cable
    • 2 x indoor leisure fit stabilizer
    • 3 x outdoor sport fit stabilizer
    • 1 x User Manual

    How to use

    • Charging the headset
    1.  You must charge the headset fully(more than 6 hours) before using the headset for the first time.
    2. Connect the USB charging cable to the USB chargeport of the headphone.
    3. The indicator light will turn into red when charging.
    4. The full charge takes about 2 hours.
    5. The red indicator light goes out and turn into bluewhen charging completed.
    • Low-Voltage alert:
    1. When the indicator turns into red and alert tone "battery low" sounds indicate that the battery has run out, need to charge as soon as possible.
    • Power on/off the headset
    1. Power on: Press the “MPOW” button about 3 seconds until the blue indicator flash. You will also hear the indication voice "Power On".
    2. Power off: Press the “MPOW” button for about 3 seconds until the red indicator light flash and then goes off. You will also hear the indication voice "Power Off".
    • Pair to your Smartphone
    1. Press the “MPOW” button for about 5 seconds until the red and blue lights start flashing alternately. 
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone. Search for the Bluetooth devices and select "MPOW SWIFT” 
    3. Enter the code "0000" if needed.
    4.  If paring is successful, the blue light indicator starts flashing. You will also hear the indication voice "connected."
    • Remark
    1. Please make sure the headphone is off before pair.
    2. It will connect to the pre-set phone automaticallywhen turns on. (Please make sure the Bluetooth function of your phone is on.)
    • Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
    1. Pair the Bluetooth headphone to the first phone.
    2. After pair successfully, turn off the headset, and also disable the Bluetooth function of the first phone.
    3. Pair the Bluetooth headphone to the second phone.
    4. After pair successfully, turn on the Bluetooth function of the first phone. Select the "MPOW SWIFT" and click "connect".
    5. Two phones will both connect the headphone at the same time.
    • Answering a call
    1. For iPhone users:
      1. Selection 1. Press the “MPOW” button.
      2. Selection 2. Press the “Answer” button of your iPhone and check your iPhone call menu. Look for the audio source and select the headphone "MPOW SWIFT".
    2. For Android User (such as Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. ):
      1. Selection 1. Press the “MPOW” button.
      2. Selection 2. Press the “Answer” button of your phone.
    • Ending a call
    1. Press the “MPOW” button.
    • Rejecting a call
    1. Double press the “MPOW” button to reject call when the call is ringing.
    • Redialing the last called number
    1. Double press the “MPOW” button
    • Muting the call
    1. Double press the “MPOW” button to activate mute function when talking.
    2. Double press the “MPOW” button to cancel the mute function when muting.
    • Playing music
    1. When you are listening to the music, you can press the buttons “Play, Pause, Previous Song, Next song” to select your optimal performance and control the volume.
    2.  Play/Pause: Short press the MPOW button.
    3. Next Song: Long press the button “ - ”.
    4. Previous Song: Long press the button “ + ”.
    5. Volume Up: Short press the button “ + ”.
    6. Volume Down: Short press the button “ - ”.
Product's Review
    1. Bang for the Buck! That's for Sure! Review by Paul

      I really love this headphone. It's so light and fits really well in my ears, providing a surprising high quality deep base. Highly recommend you trying it out before investing is something more expensive. It really took me by surprise how great this headphone is. Great quality, Great Sound, Great Fit and Great Price. (Posted on 3/7/2016)

    2. Good sound quality but a little uncomfortable Review by Tim

      - cheap
      - good sound quality
      - light weight
      - battery lasts around 6 hours on BT 4.0 (less if your device has an older version)
      - many combinations of buds (3) and fins (6) to choose from

      - uncomfortable after 1.5 hours continuous listening
      - rubber cord noise is noticeable when walking (since it's stiffer than regular cable) (Posted on 3/3/2016)

    3. Great Product Review by Ricardo Pereira

      Received my headphones last Thursday and tested them on my run today.
      Best headphones I've had. Ever.
      Decent sound, great exterior sound isolation. After trying the best combinations of earbud's and earwings I've found a combo that maintained the headphones in place. Even with the amout of sweat from my run.
      5* (Posted on 2/29/2016)

    4. 音の良い「Swift」と装着感の良い「Cheetah」 Review by MUSIC FANCIER

      この価格で、省エネ性能の「Bluetooth 4.0」と高音質コーディック「apt-X」に対応です。接続したiPhoneは、apt-Xに対応していませんが音は良いです。低音よりのMpow Cheetahに比べると、中高音よりで音もクリアに聴こえます。音場も左右に広いです。Bluetooth4なので、古い規格のBluetooth特有の音のズレもなく、動画やゲームでも全く気にならないです。待機時間がかなり長い(約185時間)のも魅力ですね。あと接続が強い!イヤホンの電源をオンにすると「Power On!」と女性のナビが入り、直後にはiPhoneに接続されています。接続の弱いイヤホンだと、iPhone側から接続する必要があり手間がかかり面倒ですが、これは楽ちんでいいです。



      ちょっと残念な点は、自動オフ機能がない点です。ただ最長スタンバイ時間が約1週間とかなり長いのであまり気になりませんが… (Posted on 2/3/2016)

    5. 高機能で長期保証、安心して使える Review by Lucy22

      この価格ではとても高機能でお得感のある製品だと思います。 (Posted on 2/3/2016)

    6. スポーツ用途なら文句のない音質。付属品も多く、タッチノイズも気にならないレベル Review by joe




      音質は、イヤーピースがしっかりフィットして、耳の奥で固定できれば十分な低音も楽しめます。高音がやや軽すぎるきらいはあるものの、「ながら」聴き程度であれば、十分な音質です。 (Posted on 2/3/2016)

    7. 安心して使える Review by vivoid






      (Posted on 1/29/2016)

    8. 音質は、イヤーピースがしっかりフィットして、耳の奥で固定できれば十分な低音も楽しめます。高音がやや軽すぎるきらいはあるものの、「ながら」聴き程度であれば、十分な音質です。 Review by あまつかぜ

      色名: オレンジ




      (Posted on 1/29/2016)

    9. as good as any BT buds I've tried Review by Schwitz

      I purchased the Mpow Swift earbuds. Just some thoughts.

      Sound quality: 4/5, as good as any BT buds I've tried. I'm no audiophile, but these have crisp highs and decent lows.
      Comfort: 5/5, barely noticeable and I have small ears.
      Build quality: 4/5, they are all plastic and the LED is very dull, which makes them look cheap...because they are cheap!
      Battery life: 3.5/5, Not the LG tone, that's for sure. Slightly less than the Bluebuds. About 5 hours on average.
      Price: 5/5. Under $30?! These sound better than some wired buds double their price. I paid $130 for jaybird bluebuds and $65 for LG tone. These are on the same playing field, and outshine both of them in some aspects.

      1. Performs just as well as the Jaybird bluebuds, minus about an hour or so of battery life.
      2. Outperforms the sound of LG tone, lacking battery life in comparison though. 9 hrs vs 6 hrs.
      3. I was worried that they were bulky and heavy looking compared to the bluebuds, but they feel lighter and I barely notice them with the loop. I don't use the wings. They do look rather large compared to the bluebuds though.
      4. When paired with an HTC one M8, I can walk about 45 feet away from my phone before any sort of cutting out occurs. At home, I can keep the phone in the office in the basement and walk around upstairs with no cutting out.
      5. Battery lasts about 5-6 hours. Depending on volume, you could drain it in 4 hours or make it last over 6. For comparison, my bluebuds would last me about 7 hours, and my tones would last around 9 hours.

      I haven't used the microphone, so I can't comment on that.

      So far, all pros on this one people. As long as you have a BT 4.0 device, you will get the most out of these buds. I went from bluebuds to the LG tone because of the extra battery life, but these are going to be my new go to buds. I'll take the sound quality and lack of "necklace" to ditch the LG tone. I'll take comfort in ear and identical sound performance while compromising on battery life to ditch the bluebuds.
      (Posted on 1/28/2016)

    10. Great wireless sound with lossless apt-X codec and cool integrated controls! Review by Twister

      When you look under the Amazon listing of this latest MPow wireless product, you will read a lot of great reviews. Indeed, this product deserves a lot of praises because of its unique design, easy to use controls, and the company behind it. So I wanted to start my review by pointing out something a lot of people miss when they search Amazon. We see an identical looking pair of headphones and assume it’s the same product, but it’s NOT. A lot of these products are re-branded, meaning various companies add the same product to their catalog with their printed brand name on it. Also, some have the same colors, shapes, controls but vary with a different set of features. I have seen an identical looking set of headphones from another company at a cheaper price, but it didn’t have apt-X codec support which means sound quality going to be poor. Also, when you look closer at other companies selling exactly the same headset (even at the same price), they don’t reveal their warranty policy. MPow has a rather impressive 18-month warranty and free Lifetime tech support. When you buy a set of sports headphones that suppose to take an abuse, you will really appreciate an extended warranty. My point is when you search Amazon, don’t just look at the colors and the price – do your homework comparing a spec and a company who is selling the product.

      Swift arrived in a nice easy to open packaging, a plus since I recently got another pair of wireless where I almost cut the wire cord trying to get them out of the box. Swift was easy to remove and I was quite impressed with a number of included accessories. With wireless headphones you have to deal with a rather large size of earpieces hosting the controls, battery, micro-usb connector, and drivers. One unique feature that make Swift stand out is the inline remote which is integrated into the right earpiece. You no longer have to reach out for your cable to find the remote and the control buttons. Instead, cable could be hidden out of the way and you just need to reach out to your earpiece for controls. This definitely has its advantages as well as disadvantages when on some occasions I pulled the earpiece out of my ear or moved it slightly which affected a seal with my ear. But for anybody familiar with this type of wireless headsets, it’s a common problem with any of them where you pull on the in-line remote and earpiece comes out of your ears. In case of Swift, you already have earpiece in your hand and can push it back in ;)

      Design itself appears to be a bit on a larger side but as soon as you start going through all the included stabilizers and put these in your ears – you hardly even feel it. Amazingly, Swift comes with 3 pairs of large wing stabilizers (similar to Jaybird type), and 3 pairs of loop stabilizers for a more subtle support, and you also get 3 pairs of S/M/L eartips for an improved seal and also keeping these earpieces tight in your ears. I know a lot of people prefer smaller eartips, but in this case try one size larger for a more secure fitment. Also, you can always try Comply foam eartips, but have to be aware they do alternate sound quality, making it a bit duller. I was also very pleased there is a flat area which is designed specifically to slip on the stabilizer where it stays steady without shifting around. So many other similar headphones I tested had a slippery shell body where stabilizer slides off as you move around. Here – it’s not an issue. It does takes a bit of time to go through different eartips and stabilizer combinations, but once you pick the right pair – you are all set in a long run!

      Another great thing about the design is the bright neon green coloring, important when you run so people can see you – gives you an extra visibility. Also, design itself supposed to be waterproof, but I wouldn’t temp to drop them in the water. It’s more appropriate to be sweat-proof as well as taking a jog in a drizzling rain, maybe. Even micro-usb connector port has a nice tight sealed cover so the moisture wouldn’t get inside. I was actually very happy to see a standard micro-usb connector and included a quality usb to micro-usb cable. A few of my other similar type of sports headsets had a proprietary charging clip that was driving me crazy. Here, you can use any of your smartphone chargers with a universal micro-usb connector. And speaking of charging, Swift has a pretty good standby time of 185 hours and play time of about 5 hours (which I confirmed playing at a medium volume level). So overall, I found the fitment and the design to be quite good, even so I was worried at first it will be too big for me. The light weight and combination of different stabilizers really works well to keep these in your ears during various activities.

      So how does it sound? Well, before I get to the sound, let me first mention about the connection. It’s just like any other wireless headset. You push and hold power button (on the right earpiece, very easy to locate) until red/blue lights are blinking and scan BT on your phone to connect to Swift. It worked instantaneously, and afterwards pair up was hassle free. As a matter of fact, you can pair up Swift with 2 different sources, very useful to have both your phone and your laptop connected to the same pair of Bluetooth wireless headsets. The wireless distance worked up to 40ft without a problem. Once paired up, you can control Play/Pause/Call with a multifunction button (also the power/pair up button), and use Volume control up/down to change a volume with a single click or skip track forward and back with a long press of these up/down buttons.

      Now about sound quality. All I have to say – BT4.0 with apt-X codec support!!! Without a doubt, if you don’t have a good set of drivers, apt-X codec (which provides lossless quality wireless audio) will not help you. So definitely, Swift has a decent set of drivers in their headphones. But still, you will be very surprised how clear their sound. Don’t expect too much bass, but these worked great with any type of music. Typical budget Bluetooth headset focus on details of midrange of the sound, while apt-X codec helps to expand these details to low end of bass and top end of treble. Either way, it’s quite impressive to have headset with BT4.0 and apt-X support for under $30.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend these. They are not perfect since having all controls inside of an earpiece can work against it when you pull this earpiece out by accident, but if that happens – it’s easier to “fix” it since earpiece is already in your hand. With other headsets, you pull on inline remote and need to fish for that dangling headphone wire lol!!! Other than that, it has a great design and solid build quality, easy pair up and logical controls, great sound quality with a decent 5hr battery (common for this type of headsets), and a great price for under $30 with 18-month warranty. Can’t beat that!
      (Posted on 1/28/2016)

    11. Great little headphones for the right price Review by G.H.

      These are the first "wireless" headphones that I've ever purchased, and I'm pretty happy with them.
      -- After reading reviews about the headphones not functioning properly if they aren't charged for a full 6 hours on the initial charge, I made sure to charge it for the whole 6 hours (and then some). After that initial charge, it is only supposed to take 2 hours for a full charge. It is a little disappointing that they don't have a wall socket attachment for charging - it's only USB, and I'm not a fan of having to turn my workstation on just to charge an accessory, but I might try using the cable with one of my other wall chargers.
      -- Pairing took absolutely no time at all with my Android HTC One M8. I was surprised since it gave me less trouble than pairing my phone with my car's MS Sync system.
      -- The wire that attaches the two ear pieces is a bit long, but I wear tank tops at the gym and didn't have any issues with the cable snagging on clothing. If it did bother me, I could probably wrap up the excess into my ponytail, but I didn't notice it enough to try.
      -- The set comes with a TON of adjustment pieces. I have tiny ears, so I picked out the smallest bud and ventilated "wing", which seem to be a perfect fit for my ear. The wing tucks into one of the folds of your ear, so it might work better for people with sharp creases (myself) than others that might have more open folds.
      -- My first workout involved kettle bell exercises (which I've never been able to do with wired headphones), and some treadmill jogging - and there was no slippage at all (~ 1 hour). Much better than my normal ear bud headphones! I can also put my phone in a safe place without having to worry about kicking it, or accidentally yanking it by a connected wire. These headphones are going to prevent a LOT of drops.
      -- They are definitely loud. It would be nice if there was a volume control on the earpieces themselves (right now it's just next/back functionality) so I could adjust for the different volumes of the tracks, but it either doesn't exist, or I haven't found a way to set that up.
      -- They work well with listening to Pandora, or Android's stock music app.
      -- They were a bargain at 60% off. I'm not sure that I would have paid full price for them without knowing how well they were going to fit, but the sale price was totally worth the impulse buy.

      All said and done, the only things I miss are the option to charge it straight from a wall outlet, and volume controls. But the sale price making them the same cost as standard ear bud wired headphones, but with the benefit of being wireless (and being able to do so much more while listening to music), more than makes up for those two issues.
      (Posted on 1/28/2016)

    12. Great customer service!!! Review by Maria

      Received these wireless headphones for Christmas 2015. It had a manufactures defect and I emailed the company for support. Great customer service. The staff "lissa" was great. The company immediately send a new pair of headphones. And I am very happy with the product. I use these daily for running and sound is good, stays in my ears .
      Thanks once again to the customer service dept for amazing customer service. (Posted on 1/23/2016)

    13. Deep, rich bass, lightweight and they work perfectly. Review by Old_Bull

      The Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo was sent to me (free of charge) so that I could provide an unbiased and an honest review.

      They charged in a very short order.
      They paired quickly and flawlessly with my LG G2.
      They sound incredible. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how rich and full the bass was.
      They come with several sizing options on the ear cups (the default cups fit me fine), so that any user should be able to get a good, comfortable fit.

      The only complaint I have is that the manual is in very small print and not "old eye friendly".

      At this price, these are an utter steal. (Posted on 1/22/2016)

    14. great value, great product. Review by Kiran Kumar

      Really liking them more and more as I use them. Have run a total of over 20 miles in the last week using these for music, not only do they stay in my ears (never happens with buds for me) but they sound great too. Use them for work and personal calls, nobody complaining about my crumbs connecting anymore, even in the car with the windows open. Also like that I can hang them around my neck when not in use. The black batwing ear stays look odd but boy do they work. These stay comfortably put until you remove them. Charge port slightly annoying to access but it is for a good reason, they put a moisture/dust plug in to keep it dry and clean. I'm tough on my tech and own a LOT of it. These are a good buy for me. (Posted on 1/22/2016)

    15. I am VERY picky about my headphones when running and these are very comfortable & stayed in place perfectly Review by Auggie11

      I am a runner. They stayed in my (sweaty) ears with out any problems at all! I am VERY picky about my headphones when running and these are very comfortable & stayed in place perfectly. Normally I only run with the over-the-ear kind & I thought these may be bulky or fall out because they are bigger than "traditional" wired headphones, but they worked great! They come with a few different sized attachments that you can adjust to fit your ear. The sound was great too. No problem pairing with my iphone. (Posted on 1/22/2016)

    16. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!! Review by Ginger&girls

      I love these. For the price I am very happy.
      1. Stay in my ear very well
      2. They give you an assortment of ear pieces to find your fit (see photo)
      3. Block out all the sound around me
      4. Has the option to lower/higher/mute sound and switch songs
      5. Has the option to answer/ignore phone calls (works great and hands free!!!)
      6. Pairs with bluetooth devices very easily (I use a samsung Galaxy..pretty much anything that has bluetooth can connect these I have found)
      7. Long battery life (I used it for four days, about 1 1/2hr of work-out each day and still not dead)
      8. The voice command is great. Says when the power is on/off and the battery is about to die.
      9. So far has held up great to sweat. I have not used it in rain/water so can't say how well it would do if it got wet

      1. Can't be that far away from your device. I have noticed when I walk more than 10ft away it starts to cut out. This isn't that big of a deal to me because I can put my phone on the machine I am on or leave it in my gym bag near me. During my boxing class I put my phone in an arm sleeve just because we move around the whole room. I was unable to box without wireless headphones because of the cords getting in my way so having to still put my phone on my arm but have no cords in my way is still great!!
      Lifting weights I can accomplish with these in so that also makes me excited!! Cords always got in my way and annoyed me.
      2. The cord can get stuck to your back when you sweat (my husband experienced this), I haven't because my shirts keep it off my skin. My husband moved the cord to the front and has no problems now.
      I think the amount of money they want for the device the Cons are no big deal to me. I just find a way to make it work for me. I didnt want to drop a few hundred on Beats by Dre so paying this little and getting this much satisfaction makes me very happy!! I hope this review helped anyone considering these! (Posted on 1/22/2016)

    17. The Best Value You'll Get in BT Buds Review by Jerry

      COMFORT: The Avantree's were semi comfortable once in your ear, but never really felt secure. When running, I did have to often jam them back into my ears - Not pleasant. With the Sacools, it seems that comfort was more of an afterthought, if it was a thought at all. The Mpow Swift is 100% better, and not only the best bluetooth earbuds I've tried on, but are the most comfortable earbuds I have owned (wired or bluetooth). They come with many different tip sizes, which are great, but the real value is in the extra ear attachment pieces included. I have no doubt that there is an attachment & earpiece setup for everyone. I personally love the smallest buds, with the medium 'wings' that are soft silicone and lightly slide into a groove in your ear. This helps hold them in securely VERY well.

      CONTROLS: The controls of the Sacool are what ultimately turned me off of it. The buttons were on the left bud (I strongly prefer right), and were extremely soft & squishy. You had to press very hard to get the buttons to press, and when they were pressed, you hardly had any idea that they were. Not to mention, this vigorous button pressing always drove the buds into your ear canals. The Mpow Swift is done MUCH better. There are 3 buttons, really. The 'Multiuse' button (which turns them off/on, takes calls, etc.), and volume up and down. Songs can be skipped via holding vol+ or vol-, and it works pretty reliably. The best feature of these controls is that they're on the right bud, and they're CLICKY and easy to press vs mushy and unresponsive. Furthermore, the Mpow Swift adds in voiceover controls. When they turn on/off, the buds play out 'Power On, or Power Off', when in pairing mode, the headphones say 'Pairing', and when connected, say, 'connected', they even say 'out of range'! This is an amazing feature and is a vast improvement on most bluetooth earbuds that play a different tone ding as each of the above events happen (if you're lucky). Big thumbs up to the Swift.

      CABLE: The Avantree Sacool required that the cable wraps around your ear. This was not comfortable when you first put the earbuds on, but admittedly, you did forget about it over time. However, the Swift's stay securely enough in your ear that no cable wrapping around the ear is required. In fact, the cable on the Swift plays no role in the fit - You can put the cable down the front of your shirt or the back of your shirt, or just let it hang in either position!! I LOVE that I can have the cable going down the front of my shirt rather than flopping around in the back like the sacool's. My only complaint about the Swift's cable is that it is rather long, so it can get in the way more if you don't tuck it. However, the longer cable comes in handy when you only want to keep one bud in, and let the other hang or put on the back of your neck (when at work, or having a conversation).

      COMPATIBILITY: I was impressed with the ease of pairing to all of my devices with the Swift. I was able to pair to my Android Galaxy S5, Lenovo PC, iPad Mini, and desktop with a bluetooth dongle. The quality was impressive in all scenarios, and did not require any third-party drivers or software. I was able to connect to each device within 1 minute. Not much more to say here - I believe that these will work with any device you throw at them.

      SOUND QUALITY: For budget bluetooth headphones, this is where the Swift REALLY shines. These buds have incredible sound. They're comparable to the wired buds that came with my Galaxy S5 in all levels of volume & pitch. The volume is plenty loud - I've never had to hit max volume even when sprinting on the treadmill (noisy). With many of the over-the-ear bluetooth headphones I've tried, max volume was barely enough to keep me motivated while walking. When I use the smallest buds, and get the Swift deep into my ears, they do isolate probably 50% of ambient noise. Take that as you will - I love it myself, and if you wanted to hear more ambient noise for awareness, you could always keep them from sealing your ear canal as deeply with bigger buds. Lastly, I'd like to point out that when I use these for an hour or so, and switch to the Sacool by Avantree, the Avantree's are such lower quality that there is a (previously unnoticed) white noise sound in the background. When I put the Swift's back on, it goes away, and the sound quality is superb once again.

      VALUE: While these might not be the absolute best build or sound quality in the market (see: Jay Bird), I do believe that they are the best value. They're extremely cheap given what they are, and are MUCH better than devices in the same price range. Do not hesitate to buy these simply based on the fact that 'you get what you pay for'. (Posted on 1/22/2016)

    18. Swift Bluetooth Headphone - Lime green Review by Dee Dago

      The product its self is great . I would of gave it a 5 star but I had some issues. I ordered a set and they broke in 2 days. I emailed Mpow and I got a replacement right away. I did have a hard time link up the Bluetooth because the instructions in the box were for a different style of headphone. I would buy it again. I have had the replacement for over a month now no issues. I did superglue around the part that broke last time and that seemed to reinforce the weak part that broke last time.

      ** Like I said above the headphone broke. The quality its self is just not made if super great material, but its not super cheap. I think mine broke when I was pushing them in my ear and twisting them. In order for them to stay in your ear you need play with them until you figure out how they go in. The green wire connecting the two headphones is made of flat wire not round. That is a nice feature since I work out with them and train pretty hard. It comes with several shark fin ear holders and 3 different sizes of ear plugs. I have not had nay issues with them since I super glued around the headphones them self.

      **Sound Quality- over all not to bad. You dont get deep bass, but they are not bad at all! They do go loud enogh to block out the world and just push through what ever you do.

      ** Connecting- This was kind of funky! my headphones came with the manual to other headphones. There for I had to figure out on my own how to pair them with my S5. Once i figured it out they connect on there own now with out issue. I am not sure what the distance is for Bluetooth, but I can go a solid 30 feet and have zero issues. A huge pro is the headphones talk to you and tell you your out of range.

      ** Battery - Battery life is great so far no issues. I have tested them and not charged them for 3 days. On the third day towards the end of my work out they start to beep. Batteries dieing, I work out for a an 1.5 to 2 hours when I work out. I usally just charge them every time after I work out.

      ** function- The buttons work good. You can not fast forward or rewind you can skip songs and pause.

      ** incoming calls- I like that it tells you the number that is calling.

      ** Out going calls.- The calling speaker is awesome. I have tried other blue tooth and this so far is the best! (Posted on 12/25/2015)

    19. A couple of small issues don't keep this from being a 5-star product. Review by Joshtalgia

      My pursuit of good headphones for running has been long, arduous, and wrought with annoyances. I'll briefly summarize my experiences to see if they resonate with your personal experience.

      I purchased the LG HBS700. Great sound, great battery life, and great functionality....incredibly annoying to run with. They'd constantly slide one way or the other on my neck. I tried regular earbuds - the cord is so annoying it results with them not being an option for me.

      I then shelled out about $140 for the JayBirds. Something this expensive MUST work amazingly well. But the bounce in the cord around the back of my head made them simply not worth the cost of entry. I returned them.

      Then an MPOW representative reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in test-driving the MPOW swift earbuds which I graciously accepted. Let's get started.

      --The Good--
      The cost. The competition at this price point is severely lacking. MPOW wins in an absolute landslide.

      The build quality. Noting that at this point I haven't completely put the MPOW Swift through its paces - but I'll be updating accordingly as time goes on. So far it appears very well built. The cord itself on the earbuds is high quality and doesn't succumb to much movement. Sound you hear in the earbuds from the cord movement is surprisingly minimal.

      The audio quality, keeping in mind the price point and purpose of these earbuds (exercise, by and large) leaves very little to be desired. Great highs and very acceptable lows.

      Ease of use. Pairing the device is simple - but that brings me to one of my "small issues" the button you have to press to power on and pair is also where the light is emitted from to indicate what "mode" you're in (powered on, pairing, or off). This is remedied simply by using a smaller part of your finger to press the button. Not a big issue, but could have been designed a little better. The volume keys control the volume, and when held will advance songs or go back songs.

      Once you have it paired once, the next time you turn on the headset the quickness with which it reconnects was quite surprising to me. My bluetooth speakers and other headphones take about 15 seconds to reconnect. These headphones are about 1-2 seconds after you've turned them on.

      Battery life is incredible. I worked an 8 hour shift with these and they still weren't completely depleted. Note that the volume wasn't cranked to the max during this time, but it was still moderately loud.

      --The bad--
      "Bad" is a bit of a stretch here. I wouldn't say anything is bad about these. Annoying, perhaps. The aforementioned fact that the lights that indicate the mode are on the button you have to press is a bit of a design flaw, but easily avoided by pressing the button while not completely covering the light.

      The charging cable doesn't come with a wall-outlet adapter. A non-issue for me since I have plenty kicking around the house from smartphones of yore. Something that others should keep in mind.

      For now this product is an easy 5-star item, especially considering what other competition is out there at the price point these are being sold at.

      I hope this review has helped you make a decision on this item.

      (Posted on 12/1/2015)

    20. Way better than Apple Earphones Review by swaneon

      UPDATE:My original Swift has some issue and essentially the right ear piece would not work. I contacted Mpow and was immediately sent a replacement. I'm very glad to say the customer service that I received was excellent. This is the main thing that matters after purchasing anything our current world.

      I received the orange Swift a few days ago and I'm very impressed. The first thing to notice though is that the earbuds themselves are bigger than what you'd expect. They aren't tiny. But this is to be expected since they house a functional bluetooth controller, microusb port and the drivers themselves.

      I use to have some fairly high end IEMs but not anymore (vsonic gr07, phonaks, triple fis, dba-02). Currently I'm just using apple earphones since they work pretty well and they come with the multitude of apple devices I buy. What I can definitely say is that these are much better than the Apple earphones. They do have a slightly leaning towards the bassy side (slight) or it might be that the Apple's barely had any.

      When you first get the item the instructions say that you need to charge it for 2 hours before use but I found out that isn't necessary. Connected to my iPhone 6 + (very simple just by holding doing the main button until it flashes which MIGHT be more than 5 seconds) the battery was 100%.

      The aesthetics are clean while the fit is great. The package comes with a lot of different sizing things. I haven't tested anything other than the standard since they fit my ears very well. One thing to notice is that the isolation (my ears fit the default one) is amazing. If you put both earbuds in, you can barely hear what is happening around you. Mind you I use these for working out would not use these in an environment where I would need to hear people.

      The cable is not slippery, it has a sort of "liquid chalk" type of feel which is perfect when it's on your neck.

      Overalll a GREAT device! Better than the Apple earphones. (Posted on 12/1/2015)

    21. Best BOOM For Your Buck! Review by Billy C

      For starters, I have very small ears. I have never been able to get the in-ear headphones to work, no matter which brand I've tried. My Sony over the ear headphones started cutting out one day when I was jogging in the wind, and I decided to look for another brand. I figured for $30, I'd give these a shot. After all, my Sony's were from a bargain bin for $12, and if these didn't work, I'd send them back and get another pair of those. Now on to the review of these headphones.

      FIT: I played around with these for over 30 minutes one morning, and just couldn't get them to stay in. Every time I thought I found the sweet spot, they would fall out when I got up to jog in place. I got extremely frustrated and planned on shipping them back, figuring I'd stick with my wired over the ear headphones. A couple of days later I received an email from the Amazon Seller asking me how I was enjoying them. I kindly explained I didn't get them to work, but still had planned on leaving a 4 star review since I was impressed with the quality and sound (when I held them in place). Not their fault I have tiny ears... They replied withing a few hours with more involved directions and suggestions. I played around wit them for a few minutes, and BAM!, perfect fit!

      COMFORT: I was obviously super excited that I got these to work, so I went for a jog that morning, and have gone for a few more since. I'm usually walking/jogging/running for less than an hour, but they were perfectly comfortable during this length. I did walk one night in a cold wind, and had to adjust them once or twice. I think my ears were just cold in general, and wouldn't blame the headphones. Overall, I don't think you can expect much more comfort in terms of in-ear headphones, but keep in mind these are placed slightly inside of your earlobe. This didn't bother me, but I could see it being an issue for some.

      SOUND: Compared to my small Sony over the ear headphones, these are very loud! I used to max out my other headphones and they still weren't very loud. These are plenty loud at their 50 - 60% max. My music sounds crisp to me, but I'm not an expert in this department. If you're looking for something that plays clear sounds while you're working out, they definitely do the job. I also have some Skull Candy large headphones that I used on days I lift. The bass from those can't be matched by these, but I wouldn't expect it to be. The sound however is just as good overall, and those were three times the price. One other note is these really cancel out the sounds around you. I used to hear cars coming and noises around me, but with these on, I can't hear any ambient sound. This is a good and bad thing, as now I have to be a bit more observant on the busy roads, but I can focus more on the run and music without the distractions.

      QUALITY: I can't speak in terms of long term quality, but I am impressed with the build quality. The rubber attachments are all very nice and sturdy, and the buttons work well. It can be a bit challenging getting the micro-USB charging port open, but I'll take that over the opportunity for water to get in there. I feel like the headphones have good weight, not to heavy at all, but sturdy feeling.

      VALUE: No question here that these are a great value. Some companies try to sell similar headphones for over five times as much, and the quality can't be that much different. I swear I read that it costs somewhere around $5 to build and distribute a pair of beats headphones. Guess what you're paying for? Tons of marketing, advertising, and sponsorship! Some people think it's cool when they have the same pair of headphones as a celebrity, but I really don't care in the least. With these Mpow's you're paying for the headphones, not all of the other filler. They rely on Amazon, YouTube, and word of mouth to sell their headphones, so you're getting great value since you're basically just paying for the product.

      TECHNOLOGY: I wasn't sure what to call this category, so I'll stick with this. I was jogging one day and the headphones stopped playing music to tell me I had a text from my wife. It read me the text, and I was able to reply to it without skipping a beat. My Skull Candy's have this feature as well, but for the price, they better. I didn't expect it to work so well with these headphones, but it did. This is a cool feature, and allows you to keep moving without digging your phone out. Very cool, and a great added value for this price range.

      In closing, I would like them to include a more detailed set of directions. Had I not been so lazy, I would have already shipped these back before their customer service reached out to me. If nothing else, send over an email by default when they're ordered with more detailed directions. I understand these may work well right out of the box for some, but they risk returns by not putting this information on there. With that said, if you're struggling to get that "sweet spot" reach out to them before you send them back. Their customer service was great to deal with, and I'm happy it worked out for me. (Posted on 12/1/2015)

    22. The MPOW Swift Bluetooth Headphones are sporty looking and a bit larger that your typical earphones. They are made of a strong shiny black plastic that seems rugged enough. Review by Awing

      It takes about two hours to fully charge the MPOW Swift earphones according to the manual. While charging, the MPOW LED status light shines red then finally blue when finished.

      To power up MPOW Swift earphones, you must press the Multifunction button for about three seconds until the earphones say “Power On”, and to turn them off you press it for another three seconds until they say “Power Off”. However, if you are pairing them you must press the button for five seconds until the LED starts flashing red and blue and they say “Pairing” (make sure that Bluetooth is on), after which you go into your Bluetooth settings and select “MPOW Swift”. The earphones then say “Connected” and flash blue once every five seconds while connected. I paired this with my Nexus 6 phone, HTC One X, and iPod Touch 5G without issues. These earphones do not have NFC pairing, but this is not an issue for me.

      I also tested the Bluetooth connectivity. It appeared to maintain connectivity for up to 49 feet unimpeded and was able to maintain this even between two walls, albeit at a shorter distance.

      The MPOW earphones were more comfortable and remained in place better than either my Philips or iClever earphones. With all the different sizes of stabilizers and eartips, it was possible to find the right combination for an optimal fit for my ears. The medium eartips and the smallest stabilizers shown in the photos above were the best in helping to prevent the earphones from falling out while exercising but the stabilizers did start to make my ears a little sore after about one hour. The eartips provide a good seal which tends to block out most ambient noise (I don’t recommend using these when exercising outdoors) and allows you to get the most out of these when listening to music or a caller.

      These earphones do have a very long flat cable (22 inches) but I was able to remedy that by pinning them just under my pony tail when exercising which worked out very well. Tucking them under a baseball cap might do just as well.

      The music controls include the Volume Up button which you short press to increase volume or long press for two seconds to skip to the next track, the Volume Down button which you short press to decrease volume or long press for two seconds to go back to the previous track, and the Multifunction button which you short press to pause or play music. Using the controls worked well on my iPod whenever I listened to locally stored music, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Music. For the most part this was also the case when listening to music on my Nexus 6 except when using Pandora. In this case, just like the iClever earphones, I was not able to use the controls while it was the active screen. If I ran Pandora in the background, I was able to use the controls. This was determined to be an issue with my phone (the functions worked well on an HTC One X phone even when Pandora was the active app).

      When listening to music, the Swift earphones seemed to provide a stronger and lower frequency response than the iClever making bass heavy music sound more complete. They had a frequency response as low as 20 Hz (as determined by using the Audio Test Tone Generator Android app), which is the lowest that the human ear can detect. My Philips pair still seemed to provide even stronger bass than the MPOW but the mid and upper frequencies are not quite as clear as either the iClever or MPOW earphones. The Swift earphones also worked well when watching Netflix from my Nexus phone. There was no discernible lag and the audio was clear.

      The Swift earphones are equipped with aptX (a compression algorithm used over Bluetooth), which is supposed to improve Bluetooth sound but only if both the headphones and phone are equipped (Apple devices are apparently not equipped, the HTC One X is, and the Nexus 6 may or may not be equipped). When listening to music using my iPod and the HTC phone to determine if aptX seemed to affect the sound quality, I could not tell much if any differences in most music which included “Now We are Free” from the Gladiator soundtrack which contain strong vocals, a myriad of percussion and some bass drum or “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow” from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack which contains mostly vocals, banjo, and bass. There might have been a slight difference in the strength of the bass in the Knife’s “Silent Shout” (slightly more bass on the HTC One X equipped with aptX), which is a bass heavy song. Of course it could be that I just don’t have a trained ear.

      There were a couple of pleasant surprises when using the Swift earphones. One of the treats was being able to connect them to two devices at the same time. Another was listening to almost seven hours of music/movies even though the manual states that the Swift earphones are capable of five hours of talk/playing time. In addition, when the battery was completely depleted, they charged in 1.5 hours which is also less time than that reported in the manual.

      The MPOW Swift earphones also provide basic calling functions like answering a call (single pressing the Multifunction button), ending a call (single pressing the Multifunction button), rejecting a call (double pressing the Multifunction button), redialing the last number (double pressing the Multifunction button), and muting and unmuting a call (double pressing the Multifunction button while on the call). These were all tried with success. When speaking to someone using the Swift earphones, they noticed that my voice was clear but quieter than when I was on the phone and did not notice as much background noise as with the iClever earphones when moving around.

      Some people have reported in other reviews that the buttons are too small. I did not feel that way. I liked them and found them easy to find and use when necessary. I actually prefer having the controls on the earphones rather that the in-line style that hangs from the earphone. When the controls are hanging, I find that I fumble around more trying to find the right controls, which is especially frustrating during a workout.

      Final Thoughts

      These are currently my favorite earphones of those that I own (but remember, I’ve never spent more that $40 on earphones). They are inexpensive, remained in my ears without falling out during exercising, connected to two devices at the same time, provided almost seven hours of listening time, charged in less than two hours, and they sounded wonderful and provided strong enough bass for me to eagerly replace my wired Philips pair. The basic calling features also worked well and are all I really need. (Posted on 11/5/2015)

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