Mpow® Bluetooth Transmitter, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter for TV, Paired with Bluetooth Headphones / Bluetooth Receivers to Listen the Sound from TV (Connected TV with 3.5mm Audio Cable)

Mpow® Bluetooth Transmitter, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter for TV, Paired with Bluetooth Headphones / Bluetooth Receivers to Listen the Sound from TV (Connected TV with 3.5mm Audio Cable)

  • PURE SOUND: Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter gets high quality audio sound with A2DP, allows you to enjoy the stereo music without wire restriction or watch TV quietly.

  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Convert Home systems, headphones, speakers, TV, or any analog audio source from wired to wireless! V3.0

  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: This Mpow equipped with soft LED Indicator light and could transmit your music signal into Bluetooth signal from up to 10 meters away.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT & PROTABLE: This Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter measures 51.5*28.7*9.5mm and weighs 13.5g. You can enjoy Bluetooth music anytime/anywhere for up to 7 hours!

  • AUTO-CONNECT: This transmitter can connect the last connected device automatically, you don't need do anything,just press the on and off button until there is blue and red lights.



    The Best Magician,Mpow Streambot Pro!

    Wireless Freedom:

    No more tangled wires and stretched cables,pair your Mpow Streambot Pro with any wireless bluetooth headset,headphone,speaker or other bluetooth devices to enjoy the unplugged,crystal clear stereo music.

    Enjoy Late Night Shows freely:

    Every people has his favorite late night shows,wanna watch them without disturbing your family members?

    Connect Mpow Streambot Pro Bluetooth transmitter to your TV and enjoy your shows without turning the volume down and prick up your ears to get the sound!

    Play All Day:

    A2DP technology can not only guarantee a crystal clear sound,but also ensure a low battery consumption,thus allowing you to enjoy up to 7 hours non-stop music!What’s more,it also supports using in charging status! 


    Bluetooth Specification: V3.0

    Bluetooth Profile: A2DP

    Frequency Range: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz

    OperatingDistance: Up to 10 Meters

    Charging Input: DC 5V 300mAh

    Working Time: Up to 7 hours

    Charging Time: About 2 hours

    Dimensions: 51.5 x 28.7 x 9.5 MM

    Weight: 13.5g


    1)Don’t expose Mpow to liquid,moisture or humidity to avoid its internal circuit being damaged.

    2)Don’t use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean it.

    3)Don’t dispose of the Mpow in a fire as it may cause explosion.

    4)Don’t use sharp objects to contact with the unit as it may cause scratches or damages.

    5)Please try not to leave the Mpow unused for more than a month,if you don’t have to use it for a long time,please maintain a charge once a month to prevent the battery excessive discharge phenomenon occurring during the storage.

    Packing List:

    1x Streambot Pro Bluetooth transmitter

    1x Micro USB charging cable

    1x 3.5mm to RCA Cable

    1x User Manual

     Warranty:Every Mpow product includes a 45 days money back & 18 month worry-free! Mpow Streambot Pro Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Stereo Music Audio Transmitter for 3.5mm Audio Device : MP3/MP4,iPod,TV,CD,DVD,PC,Tablet and Other Non-media Devices.







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    1. Excellent device, great sound

      Just what I've been looking for. I've needed a way to listen to my TV quietly at night when the family is asleep. This Mpow bluetooth transmitter connects to the RCA audio output jacks on the back of my TV and transmits the sound to my bluetooth earphones, perfect! Now, no one else is disturbed by the TV sound at night. I also connected this to my JBL Charge Portable Spe Read more ut no external speakers for my bedroom so this will serve nicely to provide both better sound as well as closer sound as my portable speaker can be put right next to me, rather than the TV which is 10 feet away.

      What comes in the box are the Mpow bluetooth transmitter itself, red/white RCA audio jacks that convert to 3.5mm audio jack, and a micro usb charge cable (photo attached). The bluetooth transmitter itself is pretty thin and small. I've attached a photo where you see it's just the length of a AA battery but very thin. You put your bluetooth speaker/earphone in broadcast mode, hold the Mpow button for 7 seconds and it will find it in a few seconds, then the light flashes red/blue, then you know you'e paired it. Then connect the RCA red/white cables to the Audio output on the back of your TV, connect the Mpow to the 3.5mm adapter, switch your TV audio output to External Speakers, hold down the Mpow button for 3 seconds to turn it on, that's it, sound comes out of your bluetooth earphone/speaker.

      It charges via Micro USB cable, and charges really fast. I tested with both a wall AC adapter, as well as my Anker portable battery charger and it charges really fast. The instructions said it takes 2 hours to fully charge at a low input of 300mA. In my test, it fully charged in about an hour, I used a 2A charger but I'm sure it downgraded to just the low Amp input supported by this Mpow. Instruction booklet mentions it runs for 7 hours on a full charge. I wonder if you can constantly plug this Mpow into a wall USB charger all the time, I'll test it when the battery runs out.

      I've only tested with a TV output thus far, but I don't see why this wouldn't work with any other non bluetooth audio devices such as a car stereo, computer, etc. The product description lists all of those. Obviously, no need to use it with iPhone, iPod/iPad, Android phones/tablets as those devices already have bluetooth standard, but for any other non bluetooth devices that have 3.5mm output or RCA red/white output, this is your answer.

      Great device and I will be using this daily. I was contemplating whether to get a long 10 foot audio cable for my bedroom TV, but this bluetooth device is way better without the need for cables.

      The sound is excellent, no complaints at all. I listened to a movie, football, music on my Fire TV, and everything sounded great. Highly recommended.
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    2. Awesome product
      Stefany Baez

      Awesome product, give your old iPod bluetooth capabilities to connect to your bluetooth headset or speakers. I liked that it comes with an RCA adapter, so you can hook it up to your TV and other sound systems to get better sound. It's small, so it won't bother taking up too much space in your pocket or on the back of your TV.

      High quality, recommend it.
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    3. Great little adapter
      L. Smiles

      Verified Purchase
      I got this transmitter so I could listen to TV at night without waking anybody up. It charged up quickly and I paired it with a set of Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones. The devices paired quickly and without issue. There was zero audio latency so far as I could tell. Lots of other adapter reviewers reported too much latency for watching a movie and t Read more l update the review but so far this tiny adapter is a win.
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      5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Bluetooth Conecter
      ByBessie Sartinon September 24, 2015
      This is great . I put this on my TV and blue toothed it to a blue tooth speaker and it's like having a sir round sound hooked up .
      It also works with your head sets so you can listen to the t v with out bother any body else . I really like this . Its really nice to hook to the t v in the bed room . I can watch t v with out bother my husband now . You'll like this . And it's so small you don't even notice it on the t v .
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    4. Great Bluetooth transmitter

      This transmitter is a simple device with a good build quality. At first I couldn’t connect it to any of my headphones but once it is paired then it’s fine. Plug it into the headphone jack of a Bluetooth less device and power it on using the one multi-function button. Once it’s on and paired it is ready to go. It is very helpful for watching TV with your favourite Bluetoo Read more to other ports in case your device doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Battery life is long and although this is missing a few features like being a receiver it still does the job. I recommend this device to anyone with good Bluetooth headphones and a TV in case that you want to use the two together. Read less

    5. 5.0 out of 5 starsNice little Bluetooth receiver.
      Harvey The Reviewist

      This tiny little device allows me to stream music wirelessly from my older, non Bluetooth devices, to my newer updated peripherals such as my Bluetooth headphones and car stereo. Before having this little gadget, I would have to use tangle prone auxiliary wires to connect my audio devices, but that was getting too messy.

      It should be noted though, that thi Read more oth compliant and it cannot make, say, your car stereo bluetooth capable.

      Pairing the transmitter with my bluetooth devices is simple:
      1. Hold down the button on the front of the device until the LED flashes red and blue
      2. On your Device e.g. phone go to the bluetooth menu and search for Bluetooth devices.
      3. Find the transmitter in the "Discovered Devices" list. It should be called "MT-1".
      4. Once selected, the devices should be connected.

      The package includes an RCA cable and a micro USB cable for charging.

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    6. Great for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. Watch TV with your headphones! Listen to music wirelessly. Check out the pics.

      The Mpow Streambot Bluetooth transmitter is exactly what I needed. What I was trying to accomplish was watching TV using my Bluetooth headphones.

      Included in the box:
      Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter
      RCA to 3.5mm connector
      Micro USB charging cord
      User manual

      Here is how to set it up.
      1. Ensure that the device you Read more itter to audio port
      3. Turn on Streambot by pressing and holding button
      4. Turn on Bluetooth speaker / headphones and put into pairing mode
      5. Device will connect to your Bluetooth headphones / speaker.
      6. Enjoy!

      **Optional, if your TV has a USB port you can plug in the charging cable directly. It will charge when the TV is on**

      I have used this transmitter a few times now and haven’t had any issues. Other than using it with my TV to stream music to my headphones, I have also used it with an older laptop that did not have Bluetooth to stream audio from Youtube videos.
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    7. I Did Not Know What To Expect From This Product

      The product actually works great. The sound is very clear when using it and I have no issues with it. All you have to do is turn on the bluetooth transmitter, put it into pair mode, turn on your Bluetooth device and it connects in a matter of seconds. I have noticed that the transmitter range is not that great. For example, when as soon as went into a different room, the Read more n. I believe MPOW should try and increase the range to make the product even better. The battery life for this transmitter is good also. MPOW claims that you can get about seven hours of usage from the transmitter. That translates to about a day of usage but even if the transmitter dies, it only takes two hours to charge. To conclude, this is a great product. If you have Bluetooth headphones and you want to use them with a television or any other non Bluetooth device, I would highly recommend this product.

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    8. My favorite new toy that allows me to watch television/movies without disturbing my wife.
      Eric Wentz

      This is the best product for watching television or movies on your television and listening to the audio via Bluetooth headphones.

      There is nothing simpler than this device. You simply plug it into the audio out of your television, turn it on and stream the audio to your headphones. I would recommend fully charging and pairing the unit with your headphones Read more r device.

      The audio and video are synced so movies or television shows don't look like old Godzilla movies. You may have to mute the television to play audio only through the headphones, which I had to do. The lights on the unit are easy to see but also not extremely annoying because they are only visible if looking straight on. The working distance is also very good. I was about 25 feet away from the unit and the sound was still perfect.

      The hours of operation with this unit is between 7-8 hours and only an hour or so charge to get that much run time. I did not see if I could run the unit while charging it at the same time but I don't see why it couldn't be done. This is one of my favorite new devices.

      I highly recommend this product. Read less

    9. When I first got this, I was clueless on how to use it. But basically what this Bluetooth transmitter does is turn a non-Bluetooth device into a Bluetooth device that you can pair to a Bluetooth earphone/headphones.

      When I first got this, I was clueless on how to use it. But basically what this Bluetooth transmitter does is turn a non-Bluetooth device into a Bluetooth device that you can pair to a Bluetooth earphone/headphones.

      Basically what you do is turn on the transmitter by holding it down until it flashes blue. If you hold on it again for a few more seconds then Read more utaneously.

      I decided to use it with my tv & couldn't get it to connect first. It is important to note that Your tv needs to have an audio output in the back. Plug the transmitter into the audio output & hold the transmitter button for 8 second til it flashes red and blue. Once I did that I paired it with my earphones & was amazed ! It worked lol :)

      Just wanted to give you some instructions on how to use and what the transmitter is for because you might be clueless at first like me or be interested in technology too!

      I do like the transmitter it comes handy if you're trying to watch tv without disturbing the people around you.

      What is dislike is having to press the button to turn on or to turn it on to pairing mode. It occasionally took me several times to get it into pairing mode because once I turned it on and let go and held the button for another few seconds, it would turn off. That's why I dinged it.

      I'd recommend to the makers to get that handy side button where you could turn it on and off but leave the middle button to press for pairing. Other than that it works.

      Plus it's nice and soft, I like touching it ☺️
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    10. Tiny little awesome thing. Good sound quality.

      I bought a wireless receiver for my old music system. I have connected the music system to a projector. When I connected my chromecast to the projector it started playing music through the projector and I was not able to get the sound to the music system as there is only one HDMI port (that is used by chromecast). So for this setup I wanted a transmitter and the Mpow Str Read more helps you figure if this product is best for your.

      1. This is an awesome transmitter if you have a sole receiver to work with it.
      2. Tested with loud sound and it works good.
      3. Small unit which comes with all the wires needed for any setup. It can be charged while using it via micro USB.
      4. Tried it on the projector with a distance of 8 feet I could get good clarity of sound. Remember the line of sight. Any blockage will hamper your sound.
      5. Perfectly worked with my Bluetooth headphone and TV.

      1. Some hissing sound when the audio is dead. I couldn't recreate this hiss when the sound was turned ON. So not a major issue. Read less

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    I bought 2 bluetooth speakers and can only pair one at a time to my phone. Will this let me pair to both?
    I want to use this for my car entertainment system. Will this pair with 2 or more headphones and transmit at the same time?
    what distance will this cover between tv and speaker?
    Does it remember a pairing or does it require beeing paired each timer it.s turned on?
    Can it be used while charging?