Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

  • Honeywell Switch Sensor

  • Aluminum Shell Design

  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1

  • CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation

  • Excellent Battery Performance




    • The first thing we noticed was how well packaged the item was. It box opens via a magnetic clasp and the whole package fills you with confidence that you are in possession of a quality item.
    • Magnetic Control: Using Honeywell Switch Sensor, it allows you to play/pause the music on your device or answer/end phone calls by attaching and separating the earbuds. No bother of pressing any button.
    • Bluetooth 4.1 Technology: Easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices; Apt-X codec provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible devices.
    • Noise Cancellation 6.0 reduces outside noises and enables clearer sound from microphone. You can get high quality, hands-free phone conversation even on the street or inside shopping mall.
    • Up to 8 hours of continuous talking / music time and up to 175 hours of standby with a single charge, so you have less time charging and more time doing.
    • The headphones look smart and feel like a quality product in the hand. Once you have sorted out the correct ear stabilizer for the earpieces the item sits nicely in your ear. Due to the magnetic housing they protrude a bit from the ear but in a quirky way we like this. The magnetic housing keeps the headphones nice and tidy when not in use.


    • Bluetooth Standard: V4.1
    • Bluetooth Operation: Class 2
    • Bluetooth Mode: Headset / Handfree /
    • A2DP / AVRCP
    • Bluetooth Range:>10m
    • Talking Time: Up to 8 hours
    • Playing Time: Up to 8 hours
    • Stand By Time: 300 hours
    • Charging Time: 2 hours

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Mpow Magneto Bluetooth Sport Headphones
    • 3 x eartips (small, medium, large)
    • 1 x micro USB charge cable
    • 2 x indoor leisure fit stabilizer
    • 3 x outdoor sport fit stabilizer
    • 1 x User Manual

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones

    Mpow® Magneto Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphones


    Customer Reviews

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    1. Wonderful headset

      Hello, was provided a pair of these headphone for an honest review. Well I must say they are pretty awesome. Sound is great and so is the fit, except after a few hours my ears hurt. Maybe my ears are a bit too small for this style. Other wise they are a wonderful pair of headphone for those with med. to large ears, I do recommend. Read less

    2. My new Favourite headphones - Wireless or Not

      First Impressions and Out of the Box Experience:
      I was really excited to get my pair of headphones to try, as they were my first pair of wireless headphones.
      My first impression was with the packaging. Great simple design, reminded me of another tech company. So my excitement was building, as I know from their products you tend to get style and quality. T Read more rt. This was great for me as they didn’t fit properly with my first try.
      The headphones themselves have been designed extremely well. They are a tad clunky but the design has made up for it. They are not over the top and as they say; simple is the ultimate sophistication.
      I charged the headphones using the port on the right earpiece, its very subtle so I did search a little at first but 2hours later and they were ready to go.

      Control Bar:
      I have not made many calls with the headphones on but when I have used the control bar, I have found it to be in a slightly awkward position. As I have used my Apple Watch with them I have not really needed to use the control bar but when I have it has been easy to use. In addition it houses the indicator light, which proves useful when pairing and charging.

      I love the voice feature on the headphones. First it comes with power on and off and then with the pairing. It really helps and makes life easier.
      By pressing and holding the on button for about 5 seconds, the headset will go into pairing mode. At this point, enable Bluetooth on your device and look for, “MPOW Magneto”, and connect. Once paired it easily connects again to that device. I have been able to easily pair this to all my apple products. I love it.
      I haven’t tested it yet but the device is claimed to reach 30 feet. I have managed 10 but haven’t gone further than that.

      The Magnets:
      This has really come in handy.
      First this is an awesome feature. If you busy listening and need to stop, take the headphones out the ears and connect them back-to-back and they pause. I love it as I can then leave them hanging around my neck and I know they are secure. Then to re-start the playing simply separate them again. This also works for phone calls; separate to answer and connect them to end a call. Great feature!

      Sound Quality:
      This is where they win it for me and why I use them over my other headphones. I am not an audiophile but I do appreciate decent quality headphones. I have a relatively expensive pair of the $100+ mark and this sound compares very well. I can’t use my others for exercise and I do have other wired exercise headphones but they are both uncomfortable and the sound doesn’t come close to these.
      Once paired up, I started to listen to some tunes. I listened to a broad range of genres and each of them sounded great. In addition I altered the equalizer and the volume levels and the sound manages the changes very well and still remains clear.
      I am confident in saying that the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset has great sound and I could distinguish the instruments, which is especially great for a little air guitar play.
      I also used them while watching TV; once again these were easy to connect and had great sound.

      I have now used the headphones on and off for about a week. I love their simplicity, the sound and design. They are definitely becoming my favorite pair of headphones.

      Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and this is my honest evaluation.
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    3. Awesome

      These are probably the best pair I have used for the price. They look and sound just as good if not better than some of your more expensive pairs that I have used. Solid product. Read less

    4. My daily driver

      I must say this is the perfect choice for those who hit the gym or to exercise..... The build quality is is sweat proof....and it has controls for volume and a mic to recieve calls..And for the people who still have a doubt on the magnet feature..Let me tell u those come really handy...when u separate the music plays and when u attach the music pauses..The Read more ...The Bass of the earbuds is absolutely the best...its just that deep and perfect..compared to any other Bluetooth Read less

    5. Can You Hear Me Now?

      I ran into this gem through Amazon searching for a "in-ear BT headset" that is able to not only sound good with music and phone calls, but able to last many hours while traveling. When I read the specs, I was amazed at the 8 hour rating and had to purchase them.

      When the package arrived, I was impressed that they came in a package that protects Read more hone. I made several calls, a few by voice commands, and not a single problem. The sound is fantastic and the persons I called enjoyed the calls compared with previous made calls with my old headset.

      I had to, at this point, test them with music.....fantastic!....then I loaded a movie up on my laptop and the sound again, was fantastic! The ear pieces are great as you can mix and match the ear and stabilizer pieces to fit your ears perfectly. I saw this as a great plus compared with other ear pieces that are only one piece and have only 3 sizes to choose from.

      At work, I was able to go all the way to the kitchen, about 54 feet, without loosing any signal. Once I was through the doorway, I still received my signal but had several interruptions as well. This is above excellent BT operation and about 8 meters in distance better then the rating.

      Receiving calls is much better with the magnetic ear pieces since all you do is separate them on a call and it will answer the call as you put them in your ear. The same goes for hanging up, just attach them back together with the magnetic backs and it ends the call. This has been a huge improvement for me while driving. When not on a call, separate the ear pieces and it will start your music player automatically and just the same stop it when the ear pieces are together. The magnets help keep the ear pieces around your neck as well, where I have had other headsets slide off my neck and into my shirt.

      I have had mine for about a month or so and I use them everyday. They are so comfortable that there have been times I almost showered with them. Charging the headset is easy as you can use any USB mini connection from a laptop, portable battery packs and other low voltage sources. Charging is very quick for a full charge and access to the charging port is on the ear piece with the controls.

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    6. Awesome bluetooth headphones

      I bought these for working out and they worked amazingly! They stay in your ear and are lightweight. They also have a small footprint so don't look too bulky. The battery is as advertised and the sound is good! Only complaint was the battery completely died on me after about a month, would not charge and would not light up. Read less

    7. They are amazing
      Magneto man

      This are really Nice looking they have good range of wireless so just in case you have to walk some where in your house to get something with out your phone you will still hear your music and the new magnet power hang up or answer calls is ever cool I think any one will love these Read less

    8. Review for Mpow Magneto

      Verified Purchase
      Outstanding sound!
      Like other reviewers have stated, great sound in all types of music. Blocks out all sound. Plenty of bass, can be overwhelming sometimes if the quality of the music is less than 64kbps. I have no complaints for comfort. My primary use is for the gym.
      I use these more with the Samsung Note 3 running Tune-in Player. Read more n the Amazon Fire TV, works great with "Kodi".
      Overall, I love these ear buds. I'm actually considering buying another set for work. Only thing I'm hoping for, see if they make these in colors. My wife would like a pair. Read less

    9. Stylish, Classy, and Great Sounding. Another Wonderful Headset from MPOW


      I absolute love, LOVE, the design. I am a huge fan of the black and red color scheme and the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset pulls it off wonderfully. Black dominates the color scheme but there is a very, very, very slight tint of red on the metallic part of the earpiece. The rubber ear piece is composed of a clear rubber with the inner ri Read more not strong enough where it takes away from the elegant look of the Magneto headset. Now, I mentioned the metallic outer earpiece. The whole thing is not made of metal, just the out face of the headset. The Magneto logo sits elegantly in the corner of the earpiece. This design is top notch. You rarely see any metallic style headsets. Most are made of plastic and even though the plastic is extremely durable, it doesn’t give off a sleek, elegant vibe. This MPOW Magneto headset definitely does. For this reason alone, I wouldn’t recommend using this headset for any exercising or physical activity. If you want to, you can. Don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t. Why risk damaging or scratching them up during some vigorous exercise? Lastly, the controls are located on the wire as opposed to the one of the earpieces. I don’t know how I feel about that just yet. I think I’ve gotten used to having the controls on the piece that seeing that bar on the wire is a bit weird to me. BUT… I do notice that this could be a play for a better design. Again, I think the headset looks extremely sleek and if there were buttons on the earpieces, it may take away from that elegance.


      Once I was done admiring the design, I got to setting up this bad boy for usage. I plucked out the headset from the cool box it comes in, I grabbed my MicroUSB cable, and grabbed the small plastic bag containing the rubber ear pieces and stabilizers. I set aside the ear stabilizers. You have 3 sets of the round and curved ones. I’m not the biggest of fans of them so I don’t think I’ll be using them much. They do come in different sizes, but the difference is sizes is barely noticeable. I placed them back in the box and started looking for the MicroUSB port. The port is hidden under a subtle rubber flap right on top of the right ear piece. Again, love the design. The port cover is not a different color, it doesn’t stand out, and it’s easily accessible. One of the problems that I’ve had in the past is that the port would be covered by rubber flap that would be difficult to remove unless your fingers came equipped with claws. This is sooooooo not the case with the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset and I am extremely grateful to MPOW for it. Anyways, I plugged it in and started to charge it up. There is a small indicator light on the control bar that switches from orange to white. When it’s charging, it’ll be orange. When fully charged, it’ll turn white. Once done, I grabbed them and gave them a go. Here is how that went.


      The control bar is a small that is no more than an inch and a half long and is situated on the wire connecting the earpieces. It has a soft, rubbery feel, it composes of 3 buttons (on button, + button, and – button), and has a small microphone built in for calls and what not. Turning on the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset is simple enough. You just press and hold the on button for a second or two and you’ll hear the familiar, “Power on”, female voice that MPOW uses for their devices. Turning the volume of the music up and down is as simple as pressing the + and – buttons. Long pressing the - button skips forward while the + skips backwards. The on button also works to start and pause music, as well as answer and hang up calls. If on a call and you feel the need to mute your mic, you can press the + and - buttons simultaneously and a low tone will alert you that you are now muted. Hmmm… what else. I guess that’s pretty much it for the sound bar. Not a bother at all, easily accessible, and simple enough to use.


      By pressing and holding the on button for about 5 seconds, the headset will go into pairing mode. At this point, enable Bluetooth on your device and look for, “MPOW Magneto”, and connect. Once again, I have to give props to MPOW for having their devices display their actual names when pairing. You won’t get a weird device name like, “B9000”, or “MX-10”, or anything like that. Once paired up, your device will now automatically connect to that same device the next time you turn on the headset. This makes it effortless to connect. Just turn on, turn on Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. I had a 100% success rate automatically connecting. Also, the device claims a connectivity range of approx. 30 feet. I tested this outside and found that it’s closer to 35 feet or so. Not too bad at all. I was able to connect with my Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and Windows 7 laptop without a problem. Easy connectivity! I love it!


      Once paired up, I started to listen to some tunes. First, I started off with my usual line up of hard rock. I like to start off here because this genre really gives me a great sense of the mid and high sound while it incorporates a tad of the lows. After a slew of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer songs, I am confident in saying that the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset has great sound. I was able to distinguish the guitars from the bass and I didn’t get a muddy sound in between. And the drumming really popped when it came to the bass drum. Now, I say great, not excellent, but that’s because you can’t deem them excellent on just one genre alone. After several classical tunes, rap music, techno, ska, R&B, and some smooth jazz, I can definitely say that this headset has excellent sound! The HD stereo sound shines the most while listening to classical music. This is so since classical pieces has the most instruments and a wide range of sounds. Everything was crystal clear, the highs are crisp, the mids are warm, and the bass is booming. Regardless of the genre, the sound quality will be too notch when listening with this headset.

      I also wanted to test them out while watching a TV show or movie. I already knew that the MPOW Magneto would have great sound but I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t at least test it out. I loaded up Little Shop of Horrors (HEY! Don’t judge me! Lol) and gave it a listen. As expected, excellent sound quality. Voices were loud and clear and the music came through well. Absolutely no complaints in the sound department at all.


      Now, call functions on headphones/headsets are nice feature to have but to be honest, I just don’t see myself using it much. Maybe because I’m part of that generation where everything is text or Email. BUT, in case you are one of those that prefers a chat over a text, I tested out the call features over Skype and through my phone. As for using the headset for Skype, while connected to my Windows 7 laptop, I found it quick and easy to dial up the wife to test the microphone that is hidden in the control bar. There was no complaints about the sound quality of the microphone. I didn’t sound distant and there wasn’t any static at all. Also, during a phone call, not once did I hear a, “Dude, I can’t hear you.” Lol This was a common problem with headsets that have the microphone hidden in the earpiece as opposed to a control bar that sits closer to your mouth. Makes absolute sense, now that I think of it, that my voice would be picked up clearer on the MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset than on other headsets.


      Lastly, they are not called Magneto for nothing, folks! The two earpieces are magnets that you can connect to each other. This is a pretty cool way to keep them together and not have the wire get all tied up. But, the magnetic touch is not just for awesomeness… there is a practical use for the magnetic properties. If on a call, attaching the two earpieces will hang up the call. If a call comes in and your earpieces are attached, detaching them will answer the call. If listening to music, attaching the earpieces will pause the music and detaching them will start it up again. It’s a neat feature that may be useful to those of us that likes to have our headset on at all times. Usually, I turn them off when not in use to conserve battery life so I don’t think I’ll be using this feature much. Talking about battery life…


      The MPOW Magneto Bluetooth Headset has an awesome 8 hour battery life. 8 HOURS!!! Most Bluetooth headsets that I have tried out and tested maxed out at about 5 hours so I super happy with this long lasting headset. I travel a lot and it’s common for me to forget to charge my headset. Considering that I commute daily for about 5 hours, not charging my headset means on long trip with no music. That’s no fun at all, friends. But with this headset, if I were to forget to charge them, the chances that I would have enough juice to get me through my trip are greater. And the awesome part is that it charges up from dead to 100% in about 2 hours. That’s just about the same amount of time that other headsets need and they will only give you a max of 5 hours. Longer battery life is always a HUGE plus for me!
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    10. Magnetic Magic! Instantly My Favourite Wireless In-Ear Headphones!
      Zaeem Siddiqui

      *** HD YouTube Review: ***

      Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation.

      Build Quality (5/5)
      The Magneto Bluetooth headphones have a very stylish and professional build quality.Everything about the headphones feels solid. The cable do Read more lso, the orange/white LED is very bright. The flap covering the microUSB port is tight and feels quite secure.

      Design (5/5)
      I LOVE the magnetic controls! It's just so easy and intuitive to play/pause your music without having to fumble around for the controls. You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket to answer calls, you can just separate the headphones to answer the call and put them together again to hang up. Also, the magnets ensure that the headphones don't slip around on your neck when you're wearing them, a small but very important benefit of the design.

      For some tracks, it pauses the music and plays it a second or so before it paused, so you don't miss anything in your music track. For most others, it starts right at the beginning again. I'm not sure why that's the case for some tracks and not others, but it doesn't really matter to me much. The magnet controls are so useful, especially now that winter is coming!

      The headphones look really stylish. The grey metallic finish and embossed 'M' in the earbuds look very professional. Even the box it comes in looks excellent, especially for the price tag (at the time of writing this review, the headphones cost $35).The only minor quibble I had was that the LED isn't red/blue like on traditional headphones. It's not a big deal, but I thought it was an interesting change.

      Comfort (5/5)
      The headphones are super comfortable, and Mpow provides a lot of extra earbuds and stabilisers, ensuring you get the perfect fit. All of this helps you get excellent sound quality and it also blocks out external noise. Plus, the headphones are curved slightly, so that they angle the sound in your ear canal.

      Sound Quality (5/5)
      Sound quality is great. You get a very potent bass and the treble is lovely. Highs and lows are intoned very well and sound doesn't get distorted, even at high volumes. There is no tinny effect as I've experienced with some other headphones.

      Microphone (5/5)
      The microphone is on par with most of the headphones I've reviewed in the past. It cancels out background noise and provides clear vocals, even in busy areas like bus stops and intersections.

      Battery (5/5)
      The battery life on the Mpow Magneto headphones is impressive! You get about 8 hours of playback time (sometimes I get around 9 hours) and it can last for around 300 hours in standby mode. I only have to charge the headphones once a week, which makes life so much easier! Also, the fact that it only takes 2 hours for it to get fully charged is just brilliant!

      Conclusion (5/5)
      All in all, the MPow Magneto headphones are amazing. The magnetic design is super intuitive and they sound great. The 8 hour battery life and 2 hour charging time are excellent. These are currently my favourite wireless in-ear headphones! And at the time of writing this review, you can get them for just $35! For that price, these are an absolute steal!

      5.0 out of 5 starsCoolest headphones I have ever owned. Great sound and great design.
      ByMcKay Con October 1, 2015
      There are two features that I think set these headphones apart from just about any other Bluetooth earbuds you can get.

      1. Sound - The sound is fantastic. They fit well enough in the ear that it blocks out most background noises and lets you focus on your music.
      2. Overall design - I like the way they look and I really like the magnetic feature. It is convenient for me because when someone comes to talk to me, I don't have to fiddle with finding the pause button; I can simply take the earbuds out and stick them together and my music is paused. I also like how I don't have to worry about my headphones falling off because put together it makes a rather stylish necklace (ok.... maybe functional necklace would be a bit more accurate).

      Other things that make these earbuds fantastic:
      - Mpow also did a great job of including enough earbud tips and stabilizers that you can customize the fit for your own ears. This allows optimal comfort along with superb sound.
      - The functionality on the buttons is easy to figure out and convenient to use.
      - The wire is very durable.
      - The battery lasts for several hours.
      - The phone functions are great. When I did phone tests the person on the other line could hear me well.
      - I like how the buttons are on the wire instead of the ear piece. I think it makes it easier to access and use.

      Overall theses earbuds are top quality with fantastic sound. I have tried many Bluetooth headphones and these are my favorite!
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    Product Questions

    Are they sweat proof?
    What comply foam tips will fit for this?
    Can anyone tell me if this model has Voice activate calling or commands to Siri or Google voice through the inline mic?
    Do these support Bluetooth multipoint (where you can connect to two devices simultaneously)?
    what is the point of the rubber black attachments?