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Mpow® Cheetah Gen-2 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Gym Headphone

Mpow® Cheetah Gen-2 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Gym Headphone

  • Nano-coating Sweatproof Technology

  • ehind-ear Ergonomics Design

  • LIGHT AS FEATHER Light As Feather

  • APTX Sterero Sound, Extra-long Playing Time

SKU: MBH6 Series

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Product Questions

Is it good for running
Can this be used during swimming?
Will this work with a galaxy 3?
Will it work for the ipod nano?
Is this work I phone 6?
Is this compatible with windows 7 phone ?
I already have a MPOW Cheetah Sport Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Headset Headphones which is performing very well - so well that I would like to buy my wife one. We would often like to use both headphones to listen to the same bluetooth audio output from a Google Andriod Tablet. As I am quite ancient and not up to date with the capabilities of Bluetooth could you confirm that this would be possible?
I read the reviews and is there a way to turn down the computer voice?
Does this product support PTT (Push to talk)?
How well do they stay in while running??
Hi cable came with "cheetah bluetooth 4.1 headphone apt x csr", but what is the proper power size of charging plug required? (amps, volts,etc.)
Product Description



    Run as Cheetah, Free Your Music

    • Features behind-ear streamline outlook, Mpow Cheetah can fit firmly into your ear and minimize the outside noise which offers runner an amazing workout experience. Also, Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides much lower power consumption, more stable signal transmission and precise sound production. So users do not need to worry that the battery dies too quickly or suffer from continuously on and off music because of the poor signal in body movement. 

    What is APTX Technology?

    • AptX technology powers the pure, wireless sound behind many of the world’s finest headphones and tablets. Music lovers can enjoy the rich listening experience that only aptX can deliver. Hence, you can enjoy your live music show anytime anywhere when you are wearing Mpow Cheetah headphone.

    Mpow Original Design

    • Mpow products uphold "excellent products, continued innovation, faithful integrity" business ideas and keep manufacturing high quality and affordable headphones which offers more chances for most people to enjoy the CD-quality sound when sporting. If you enjoy our headphones,please support the original by purchasing legal Mpow products, we will supply the excellent service for you.

    Wireless Convenience

    • Be tired of carrying all of these wire knots and entanglement? Now Mpow Cheetah offers a solution. You will be delighted by how good it feels when you can move freely while you are listening to your favorite album or TV show. Enjoy CD-quality sound and stereo music without the wires and cables!

    Hands-Free Calling

    • With built-in microphone, you can answer mobile phone call wirelessly by pressing the button on the ear piece.


    • Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V4.1
    • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
    • Operation: Class2
    • Bluetooth Mode: Headset/handfree/A2DP/AVRCP
    • Operation Range: Up to 30 feet
    • Talk/Playing Time: Up to 8 hours
    • Standby Time: Up to 180 hours
    • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
    • Color:Cheetah-Black

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Mpow Cheetah Sport Bluetooth Headphone
    • 1 x micro USB charge cable
    • 1 x Stereo Bluetooth Headphone Quck Guide
    • 4 x eartips

    Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

    Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

    Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

    Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

    Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Running Headphones

Customer Reviews

  1. Very Good Review by Emilio

    Loved these MPOWs, comfortable, great sound and connectivity. Never got disconnected. Cord didn't bother me. Great Price !
    Easy to use and put on & off.
    Need another pair, wore these out : (
    I do recommend these !

  2. Great! Review by michael

    Bought the headphones because of the great reviews online and couldnt be happier with it. Great for running holds on when running.
    seems they are sweatproof but only time will tell.

  3. Great budget bluetooth headphones Review by Darren

    When these headphones arrived, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. The box it came in makes it look like it should cost a lot more than it does. The headphones are also nicely displayed in the box, coiled up in a compact packaging. It is worth noting that they also spring back into this position when they are not being used. The headphones need to be charged before use, however using the supplied cord, this took a lot less time than the manual said.
    Once charged, pairing the headphones to my phone was a relatively pain free exercise. The only issue that I had in doing so was that the time holding the button was longer than specified in the included owners manual. Once connected, they were ready to use.

    I found the headphones fit very well with the default ear tips, however due to the way the headphones coiled up it took a little bit of playing around to work out the correct way to put them in. The benefit of this is that they stay in, and they really do. While jogging, not once did I have to put them back in. The buttons on the right earpiece allow for volume control and skipping tracks without looking at the phone, and although they require a bit of getting used to not looking at them, they worked very well.

    Sound wise, when compared to the price you pay, they output a surprisingly good sound quality. It doesn’t compare to the highend audiophile headphone quality, but it is more than enough for use while exercising and general daytime use.

    I haven’t used a full charge on them yet, but so far have lasted me a couple hours no problem. I also haven’t taken any calls, so I am unable to comment on that. However, I would highly recommend these headphones as a budget model, for exercising.

  4. Great sound for on the go and for training. Review by Anthony M

    I have been using this product at the gym and for bike riding and running. It is great for sports and exercise and you can train or ride without wires and with you phone in your bag. It has quite excellent sound and I always use these instead of my bose noise cancelling headphones whenever movement is concerned. They also have sound quality on par minus no noise cancelling feature. It is easy to use and the battery lasts at least for a few days without the need to recharge.
    Best companion for me and to train, I would rate it a 4.75 stars

  5. フィット感最高なおかつ安定性もよし Review by princess









  6. コストパフォーマンスよい Review by やすりんくん


  7. 今まで使用したモノの中で一番のフィット感!多くの人がそう思うはず! Review by Monica

    APTXコーデックとBluetooth 4.1で、音楽を聞くのには最高の組み合わせで



  8. 小型で装着感の良い高音質なBluetoothヘッドフォン Review by 名も無き軍師





  9. Perfect for me who likes to run, be outside, and play sports. Review by Benny Denn

    ╠═════════════════Favorite Features═══════════════════╣
    ►Included Charging Cable
    ►Durable material which is good for sports
    ►Easy to pair with your device
    ►Volume and Media controls on the right ear
    ►Folds up for portability
    ►Bluetooth allows for no wires
    ►Built in Mic (Average Quality)
    ►MOST IMPORTANTLY--The audio itself is almost the best
    I have heard in terms of bluetooth. The only better
    Bluetooth quality audio is from a pair that cost more
    than double the price.
    ►Different size ear cups/inserts
    ╠═══════════════My Experience With It═════════════════╣
    ╠Overall the Audio is great, the Design is great, and
    the product for it's current price is great. I would
    recommend this to a friend.

  10. Perfect for working out along with excellent noise isolation Review by swaneon

    This is a great pair of headphones for working out. I'm using it with my iPhone 6+ (which still does not have aptX just to let you know). This means this feature would work a lot better with a newer android phone (though I think a majority of the models have aptX support).

    The blue material you see is perfect for active use (such as exercise) because there's enough friction that it doesn't easily slide off your skin. Though I should mention I weight + powerlift so it's not much of a problem for me. At least a majority of the time. For runners, I haven't used it enough in that situation but I would suspect it would work very well. In any case, i'm assuming at least one of the earbuds is in the ear.

    For me, the battery life is great. The pairing easily shows up on my iPhone. One thing I should mention is that it does NOT come fully charged. There's some charge though which is nice.

    The design is great though I'd prefer a white/grey or black color scheme (just my preference).

    One other thing that I should mention is that the earbuds do provide excellent noise isolation. In other words, they block out sound very well. I don't recommend using them in an environment where you do need to be disturbed or be actively listening.

  11. New and improved. Love the fit and sound quality. Review by Courtney

    I go for runs quite often and usually use a pair of Bluetooth headphones that have the flimsy plastic cord that falls across the back of my neck. The problem with those is that the cord hits the back of my neck as I run which can become a bit irritating. These headphones are a tad different and fix that problem. The cord that goes behind your head actually stays put. It is a thicker cord than what I am use to which makes it less flimsy and is the perfect length in order to mold to the back of my head and stay still. The ear buds wrap around the ear nicely so they stay put when I jog. I haven't had them fall out once. The right earbud features volume buttons, a call button, and a power plug spot.

    The quality has definitely improved. Bass comes through great with no static sound no matter how high the volume is when playing music. The noise isolation is true to its word. Because it works so well I find that I have to keep my music a little lower than I would like if I'm out for a run so I can still hear cars. The voice calling isn't the greatest though. I really don't have a need for this feature but I did test it out. The sound is a little muffled at times when speaking to someone but isn't too bad. It could be a little better though.

    The headphones come with little to no charge when taken from the box. It doesn't take long to charge at all though. It does come with a charging cable which I plugged straight to my laptop. The power cord is short but hasn't been a huge problem to me. When plugged in a blue LED light comes on to indicate it is charging. I haven't used this for more than 4 hours at a time but even then it didn't indicate that it was close to dying.

    Overall, I like these headphones and actually use them more than my old ones. I love the length of the cord and how it fits around my head.

  12. Brilliant Review by Todun

    I bought these earphones for cycling, and they are perfect. They fit around my helmet and clear in windy conditions.

  13. Comfortable with Wonderful Sound Review by Brian

    I initially received these as a birthday gift from my kids. I have ran over 300 miles with them since and love not having a cord attached to my phone anymore. The sound quality is superb and they almost seem to be noise cancelling a bit too, as i use them when i ride my motorcycle as well to listen to the radio and they pretty much drowns out the exhaust on my Harley. I love these they are so comfortable to wear and haven't had any issues at all with them slipping out of my ears. They also have the added bonus of a nice female voice to tell you when you are turning them on and off.

  14. Great Review by Anonymous

    They are amazing the sound is great and they fit wonderful I get l got these for Christmas and they were the best gift I got in a long time

  15. You have got to hear this! Review by C.Merritt

    For the money, these are clearly head and shoulders above others. I was a bit skeptical, simply because the price was so low, but after purchasing them I have to say that these headphones are great, in part due to the price and in part due to the sound quality and fit. I am truly impressed. Well worth the money!

  16. Great sound in the Cheetah Review by ShannonOnTheLakes

    At first, these might feel odd, at least they did to me. In a short time they seemed like a custom fit, very comfortable.
    Easy to connect, just depress the button, lights blink, and it syncs. The sound is better than the low price would indicate.
    They aren't as tinny as similarly priced sets.

    Music stops when you get a call, and the call quality is pretty good.

    They only take a couple of hours to fully charge, and the music goes on for 5 to 6 hours.
    Extra ear tips are included, as well as a micro USB cable to charge.

  17. The sound quality is very good, comparable to Beats and Bose products Review by Dominick Clemente

    So far these headphones have lived to up their incredibly cheap price. I use them around 3-4 days a week doing strenuous workouts and they are holding strong. The sound quality is very good, comparable to Beats and Bose products. They fit comfortably in my ears unlike some less expensive pairs of headphones. I would highly recommend buying these over the more expensive name brands.

  18. Amazing Bluetooth, Amazing Price, Full Review from a Techie. Review by Rob P

    Since I could not find a comprehensive review on these headphones before purchasing, I am going to attempt to do so now.

    TECHNOLOGY: These headphones are running a Bluetooth standard whose last addendum was in February of 2013. If you read the Bluetooth standard and compare other headphone models, you will see other brands are selling a standard more than six years old for more than double the price. I don't know about you, but I do not like buying old technology.

    FORM FACTOR: Very lightweight. There is no need to adjust the cable as with other Bluetooth headphones. The medium ear buds that came installed were a perfect fit for me. They do come with small and large buds to swap out as needed.

    FIT: The most important criterion out of the box is how do they feel. This will make or break the entire purchase. The headphones are extremely comfortable with or without glasses. They do not sit flush against the side of your head so there is no squeezing or pinching that occurs on the head or in the ear canal. I additionally tested the fit by running around the house, rolling my neck in circles, and my rendition of 'head-banging'. There was no movement or discomfort that was experienced

    PAIRING: Pairing the device was easy. I paired it to an iPhone 5S (iOS 7.1.1) and an iPod Nano (7th Generation) with no issues. The manual states that it can be paired to two different phones at the same time and have not tested this yet. I know that it would not stay paired to both the iPod and iPhone at the same time. Additionally to change the pairing, I had to reboot the headphones. Some would argue this as an inconvenience but I am not bothered by it. On the iPhone, a little icon is displayed showing a battery meter of the headphones. I have read other reviews stating this is not present, however, it is present on my iPhone 5S.

    CONTROLS: There are three multi function buttons.
    A Play/Pause/On/Off/Pairing/Call/Hang-up/Voice Assist (Siri/Cortana) button.
    Volume +/Track Backward button.
    Volume -/Track Forward button.

    Again, I have read other reviews that state the buttons do not work correctly because they are reversed or there maybe was a hardware/platform issue. This is not the case. The manual states this is how the buttons work. After using and 'feeling' out the buttons briefly, it became second nature. With the volume controls, they DO NOT control the volume of the device they are paired to. The headphones will beep at you when you have reached the maximum volume level of what the paired device is set to. For example, with the iPhone and iPod turned up to the maximum volume, I noticed the headphones were louder with the iPod. If your paired device is set to half volume, this is what the maximum output of the headphones will be.

    MUSIC: If you are looking for DJ booth or surround sound quality, then you are probably looking at the wrong headphones. As the name implies, these are sport headphones. They deliver equal quality across the music spectrum while working out.

    PHONE: There was no issues with the other party hearing me in the phone conversation. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I sounded better than when I usually use my vehicle's built-in Bluetooth.

    CONCLUSION: I would definitely recommend these headphones and already have to others. With an 18-month warranty, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

  19. Great sound for the money Review by william long

    Great sound for the money! Also... I have read people complaining about the connecting and on / off voice being loud... There is a volume button on the side... You turn it down, and keep your phone turned up. Not a problem.

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