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Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

  • Built-in 5W Driver & Bass Radiator

  • Rechargeable 100mAh Battery

  • Up to 10 Hrs Working Time

  • Advanced Ingress Protection Tech

  • Shockproof & IPX65 Design

SKU: MBS5 Series

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Product Questions

How good is the bluetooth range? I want to use it to play music from my computer, which is inside, at my pool side. The pool's about 12 feet away
I'm a meat processor for Sam's Club. Is this thing really loud... because I need something that will be louder than a saw that cuts meat and bones.
Does it have buttons to skip songs?
Is this louder than the Monstercube CC? Since this is 5 Watts but more new on the market while CC is 6.
How is this recharged ? Can it be charged by USB or us AC power required ? Looking for a speaker for use on a boat.
Does it float or sink in water?
Product Description


    • Enjoying Music in Showers.
    • This mini portable Mpow speaker enables you to enjoy freely music in showers, no fearing for water splashing.
    • Strong Inner Bass Design.
    • 5W driver and bass radiator provide strong and high-quality audio reproduction.
    • Fashion Rock Solid Design.
    • The well-structured rock solid design can prevent considerable damage and ensure non-stop music playing.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology.
    • You can enjoy high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech within 10 meters.
    • Long Music Playing Time -Up to 10 hours of wireless play on a single charge when listening to music with this powerful bluetooth speaker.


    • Bluetooth Version: V4.0
    • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
    • Operation: Class2
    • Bluetooth Mode: A2DP/AVRCP
    • Bluetooth Range: up to 33feet
    • Charge time: 2-3 hours
    • Working time: up to 10 hours
    • Battery Capacity: 1000mah
    • USB Output: 5V/1A
    • Waterproof level: IPX65

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Armor Bluetooth Speaker.
    • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable.
    • 1 x Charging Cable.
    • 1 x Instruction Manual.
    • 1 x Package Box.
    Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
    Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
    Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
    Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Customer Reviews

  1. Great speaker but.. there are some cons Review by Mark

    This Bluetooth Speaker is called The "Mpow Amour" its a very nice Bluetooth Speaker

    The Pros:

    Great Sounding Audio With decent high and alright lows
    Fully Waterproof and Shockproof
    Nice tactical buttons
    ability to charge phone with the inbuilt 1000 mAh battery
    Lightweight and portable with wrist strap

    The Cons:
    Ok so this bad part could be fixed but inst too bad when the speaker is in the shower playing music if water gets into the grills it really deadens the sound and the water is hard to get out as i said its a minor problem i simply solve this problem by putting the speaker on its side

    Now for the full review

    This Speaker is fully waterproofed so you can take it in the shower, swimming etc. as i said before it has a 1000 mah battery to charge your phone

    it has one 5w driver with a small sub woofer built in, so it gives it off nice crisp sound with punchy bass and decent treble....
    i wish it better mesh over the grill so not as much water got in or a drainage hole inside so water ran back out not destroying the sound unless you blow it out otherwise its a great speaker for $60-70 AUD depending when you buy it (its on sale as of 23/02/2016)

    (i was given this speaker for return of unbiased feedback which i have done if i was lying about this review i would had given it a higher rating

  2. Great power for a tiny device Review by Wighty

    I love this little unit. I have been using it in my office at work for the last 2 weeks and its powerful enough to play clear audio with very little distortion playing metal, no matter what end of the office I'm on which is an entire floor of a high rise office. The unit is also super durable it was dropped off a bench straight on to concrete and there wasn't a scratch.

  3. Awesome speaker... Five star Review by Levi

    Mpow® Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Never have I used a bluetooth speaker that is as rugged and versatile as the MPOW’s Armor bluetooth speaker.

    With superb sound quality that is comparable to other more expensive brands, this little renegade is sure to deliver music worth pumping up the amp.

    I am pretty impressed with how this brute performs, first time I tried it, I thought it was perfect, then I took it with me to the beach, I became a head turner (beat that Hasselhoff) and I never worried about sand and water or even dropping it on the rocks, all the ports are perfectly sealed from the elements and with its rugged design, it will just shake off any fall.

    On top of that, if your mobile phone’s running out of juice, just plug your phone on the USB port of this renegade and that will give you some extra needed battery life in case you forgot to charge it.

    With sound power, versatility, sound quality, this is definitely the portable speaker you’re looking for.

  4. Fantastic portable Bluetooth Speaker anyone would love to own Review by Ben W

    First thing you notice when you unbox your MPOW ARMOR Bluetooth speaker is how light and compact it is. Your first thought is that there is no way you can get a great, clear, loud sound out of this device but i have to say that i was very surprised when i turned it on and paired my iPhone to it and turned it up.
    The speaker goes very loud and gives a good clear sound quality.
    The pairing function is very easy to do, which is sometimes a problem with other products.
    The speaker allows you to use the USB output port to charge your phone when you need to and also comes with a AUX and USB port if needed.

    If you are looking for a tough, light, splash proof speaker (for under $50) that you can take anywhere with the cool option of using it to charge your phone the MPOW Armour speaker is the speaker for you.

  5. Cool Rugged design, good sound, Bang for your buck Review by dan

    Excellent little speaker, with bang for your buck sound. Compared against an older Bluetooth speaker I purchased for $100 the bass was not as good however the battery life was almost double, lasting around 9 hours straight out of the box and the crisp clear sound more than made up for the bass. I brought it to a construction site and the rugged design held up to being tossed around, and with a bit of a wipe after came up good as new,

    As far as little speakers go for the price I was very impressed with the battery life and the sound quality, the fact it doubled as a power bank was convenient, and the ease with with the Bluetooth connection worked, Very satisfied customer !!

  6. Great value product with excellent performance! Review by ManOnTheGround

    The day arrived and my MPOW Armor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker was here. I was instantly impressed by the quality of packaging to protect the speaker as well as to contain everything you need. I decided to see how much juice it contained without charging and so while on annual leave I took it everywhere with me working around the house; from the shed, to the garden and into the kitchen I used it at various moments everyday for a whole week before it needed recharging.
    The quality of sound from such a small affordable speaker blew me away. Hanging from the fence, resting on the work bench, perched on the patio; it didn't matter where it was as it still delivered a good balance of treble and bass while the volume held up even in the noisiest locations with no vibration or distortion.
    In short its fair to say I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone. Its small, affordable and feature packed. Even the little things have been thought of; the carry strap is a blessing.
    If I could add one item from my wishlist to its features; waterproof. That way it could be used absolutely everywhere.
    Do yourself a favour, order one today

  7. Loud and Crisp Review by Rhyscallum

    I got this as a gift on my birthday.
    Fell in love immediately. What a great gift..!

    3 multi-function button operation is quite simple and very helpful for power and volume function of the speaker and also control playback on your phone.
    It's loud, I mean loud, you won't believe this little thing can wake up the whole mansion.
    Battery life is quite impressive, and it acts as a portable charger. This is soo going to help me while travelling and camping
    Comes with audio cable 3.5mm male-male and a USB to micro USB charge cable for droid phones that charges the speaker and also charge the phone - smart design

  8. Great Speakers That Pack Way More Sound Than The Speaker Size Suggests Review by HamBone

    MPOW Armour Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker.

    These MPOW Armour speakers are the real deal. From when you unbox them you will be impressed by the look and feel. I have bought small portable speakers in the past and the sound has always had a tinny hollow feel. These Armour speaker really do pack some serious volume, with a powerful bass that can have them hopping on the table. They are not heavy at just 215 grams, but they do feel like they have some serious fun packed within. The rubber trim is so important for portable speakers and this Armour grip trim fits right in with the design. To sync the speaker with my smart phone was as simple as pushing just 1 button on the speaker and 3 buttons on my phone and when synced the phone will remember the speaker pairing from up to 33 feet and then you can control everything from your phone. My favourite feature has to be the USB charger. We all get caught short with a flat phone or MP3 player and the Armour speaker has a 1000mah Li-polymer battery which is great for an great emergency charge. A fully charged speaker can deliver up to an incredible 10 hours of playing time from a 2-3 hour charge using the USB cable. I’m very impressed with not only the look of these speakers but more so the performance of them. They can easily replace portable speakers 3 times their size and in my house will do just that. The only thing I can find wrong with these speakers is that the Cap for the USB port is sometimes difficult to put back. After 2 or 3 tries it will pop back in. Besides that I love them. Thumbs Up MPOW!

  9. Great product Review by Heather

    This is a very nice speaker it is loud the bass sounds really good... Easy to push buttons and connect with Bluetooth... Come with a charger and a head phone jack.... Nice color... It is waterproof... Easy to carry around... I was very amazed with this I love it....has volume up and down button I highly recommend this to everyone you will like it...

  10. Crystal Clear Sound With Elegant Looks Took My Heart Away Review by Faizan

    Best of the Best Speaker i have Ever knew . Water Proof , Cool Design , Crystal Clear Sound , I would Love to review it :D

  11. Small speaker BIG sound Review by DarrenGator

    When I bought this speaker I really did not know what to expect. A single speaker in a splash proof(not waterproof) case. Well I topped off the charge, paired it up and was quite surprised at the sound quality. Crisp and clear highs, punchy mids and the bass is what you would expect, solid not muddy at all. I tested this speaker with three different devices, a Nokia Lumia 520, Apple iPod touch 5 gen, and a Nexus 7(2013). Remember with any Bluetooth speaker the audio is different between devices, for example my Nokia was louder and had more bass in the audio than the iPod. All three devices paired easily with the speaker, Bluetooth range was about 28 feet, and the actual volume was pretty impressive.
    By far my Nokia was the loudest followed by the Nexus 7 and lastly the iPod touch. This speaker is not something you would use for a tailgate party, house party or for something that you would need a high volume for. This speaker excels in small rooms or the garage. Even if you are taking a shower this speaker is plenty loud. It does have your normal buttons (skip, pause, play, etc.)and they give a nice firm click when pressing them. Now I counted 29 clicks from no sound to full volume and for me 16 - 20 is plenty loud for me. While at full volume on the speaker and each device I did not hear any distortion at all. This speaker held up to classical, swing, jazz, blues and heavy metal and it kept asking for more. As with all speakers battery life does depend on how loud you have the speaker turned up, when set at half volume(15-18 clicks from no volume) I got about 8 1/2 to 9 hours play time. The build quality is fantastic, I did drop it a few times from about 15 feet and it still works, yes there is some scuffs and scrapes. I did splash it by accident and nothing is wrong it still plays like it should. Honestly I love this little speaker, the only improvement I would suggest is a way to daisy chain another one to it.

  12. Best product I've reviewed this year! Review by blackph0enix

    The Good

    There is a lot to like about the Mpow Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It all starts with the seam-less setup, this speaker connects in no time. I think that without a doubt the most impressive feature is the sound quality. The bluetooth speaker sounds great, and packs tremendous punch for its size. This bluetooth speaker also has an emergency power bank feature, this could come in very handy when you find yourself in a bind where no outlets are near. Also this speaker is definitely splash-resistant. I was grilling out the first day I tested it, and it started to pour down, but the speaker was still doing great. This is because each area that has a port is covered by black tabs that feel like they are made to keep water out.”Armor” definitely lived up to its name, it can take a beating, and keep right on pumping out tunes. Armor was also built to provide more than ten hours of playback, which means you can use it pretty much all day. The speaker also includes an AUX input to satisfy even more of your audio needs.

    The Bad

    While this bluetooth speaker is awesome there are some downsides as well. The black tabs included in all the port access areas can be a real pain to uncover quickly. I will take this inconvenience all day though – as it allows for more protection from water. This speaker looks smaller than it appears, I don’t mind it so much though because this speaker booms! Another problem that tends to plague most bluetooth devices is that the audio feedback when you turn it on is obnoxiously loud, and this speaker is no exception. I also didn’t care for the short USB cable. A short USB would be fine for a pair of bluetooth earbuds, but it sucks for a bluetooth speaker.

    The Ugly

    The only thing that truly irked me about this product is that the pricing can be all over the place. This can be troublesome, but I had no problems when ordering from Amazon.


    Weight: 12.5oz
    Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.1 x 3 inches
    Battery Type: Lithium Ion

    What’s in the Box:

    Armor Bluetooth Speaker
    USB Charging Cable
    3.5mm Audio Cable
    Instruction Manual

    Final Thoughts

    This speaker is a beast in many ways, and surprisingly compares nicely to my Mini Jambox by Jawbone. This speaker is very versatile which makes it perfect for any home. For me it will be used outdoors while I am grilling. I know Armor can weather the elements, so I’m comfortable using it there. It sounds great, and can take a beating. What more would you want from a bluetooth speaker?

  13. Rugged Lil' Fella Review by Deity

    This rugged little speaker is made to take a little abuse. With hard rubber moldings it can take a bounce, drop or tumble. Has securely sealed tabs for the micro USB, 3.55mm jack and USB output port. It is a class 5 waterproof speaker which means it can takes depths up to 19 feet for up to 60 minutes. Take on your boat, kayak or listen to it out in the rain while washing your car...it can take it.

    Charges via micro USB cable which is included and comes with a flat 3.5mm audio jack cable. You will need to supply your own USB charging cable when using the USB output to charge your devices. When using it as an emergency power supply you can charge devices capable of up to 1Amp. This is perfect for cellphones, GPS units and digital cameras. However it is not powerful for tablets or iPads since they require a minimum of at least 2.1Amps.

    In regards to sound, I was actually impressed how great it sounds. At 5W it gives rich tones and deep bass with no annoying vibrations or off balance quality.

    This speaker does not have a mic, you can receive calls but you must take them on your cellphone. The music will stop and once you hang up the music will continue.

  14. Rugged with Great Sound! Review by Bobby B

    Despite having numerous bluetooth speakers because of their affordability and sound quality in a compact package, this one shines above many others!

    This particular speaker is made for its durability unlike many other speakers. Although it may look heavy, it is built from plastic which makes it unusually light. The sides are lined with a rubber material that would prevent the speakers from breaking upon impact of the ground if you were to drop it. It also has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding off and vibrating on the surface if the sound is too loud.

    Along with build quality, the sound quality is exactly the same! The speaker's volume can go extremely loud without it distorting or vibrating on the surface. Connecting to my phone only took around 10 seconds and stayed connected until I turned off the speaker. A 3.5mm auxiliary cord was also provided so you can save battery life by not using bluetooth. Also included us the USB charging cable so you can charge it up.

    An add feature that makes this really great is that you can use the 1000 mAH battery to charge your phone in the event your phone is dead and needs the added juice. Granted, it's not going to FULLY charge it, but it may give just enough juice to help you get home.

    Along with a port for a 3.5mm, the speaker also has a power button along with an answer/hang up, play/pause, volume up/next track, volume down, previous track. This is extremely convenient because I can just leave my phone in my pocket and just change anything I need on the device which saves me a lot of time. There is also a small LED that flashes to tell you if your device is powered on and connected to a device.

    The device lasted around 10 hours on bluetooth on an almost full charge. I am sure once the battery settles, it will last even longer if you don't leave it on max volume.

    For such a low price and comparable quality to sub ~$100 bluetooth speakers, this device is something you have to get!

    Please note that this review was done using the product supplied by MPOW for review. Please know that these reviews are unbiased and are my own personal accounts while using this product.

  15. Excellent sound and durable product! Review by natosha miller

    The Mpow Bluetooth Portable Indoor or Outdoor Speaker is great for any time of the day, even in the rain. What makes it different is that you can listen to the music and not fear the down pour of rain ruining the speaker. Unfortunately, most Bluetooth speakers will provide you with
    great sound and claim to be water proof, but than you read the manual and it's like to a certain point. Mainly they are waterproof if you splash a little or it gets maybe drizzled on, but what about real amount of soaking. I mean if it down pours or it falls in the water is the product totally destroyed?

    Well than that is why I like Mpow's Water-resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It is made to last through horrible weather, keep you charged up when the power in the entire house is down and provide you with crystal clear sound. However, I never really super soaked my speaker intentionally, but when I accidentally got caught in the rain, the water just dripped off and not even the sound or speaker short circuit!

    I think this is my only real speaker that didn't claim water proof and end up being still unable to get soaked in water. Plus, my first one to have an extra special external battery of 1000mAh to charge your phone up. So in the entire product, you've got a back up battery, a well designed product for outdoors and indoor use, and a battery which will last close to a half day without requiring recharging.

    Really great product, a true entertainment and emergency product to own!

  16. Incorrect advertising (only a 3W speaker), great for the money anyway! Review by 86463342r2

    The speaker inside of this device is labeled as 4 Ohm, 3 Watt, despite the product being advertised as having a 5 Watt speaker. See my photos.

    I love this thing. It has good sound, weight, and battery life for the money.

    I worked at a computer manufacturer's retail store for many years, where we sold all sorts of name-brand Bluetooth speakers. This sounds about what like we sold for $100, though I would never buy this (or any similar-sounding Bluetooth speaker) for $100. It's no SoundLink III, but it's pretty great for $40. This thing seems to have impressive low-end sound for a 2-inch, 3 Watt speaker. That said, it's still a 2-inch, 3 Watt speaker. Don't forget that. If not speaking in relative terms, the bass is terrible. You've got a 2-inch speaker trying to produce full frequency range, which is basically a joke. It's small and light for its sound and volume. Its bright, easy-to-find color and its water-resistence lends nicely to using this for outdoor activities. Other color choices would have been nice though. The battery life seems great so far. The device is sealed internally with O-rings around the "passive subwoofer" and screws. One of the screws in mine was missing an O-ring though, so don't go dunk-testing this. I think the only reason this is rated water-resistant instead of water-proof is because a cheap, more-plastic-than-rubber material was used for the USB port cover. As a computer tech, I like that this unit can actually be disassembled at least partially and reassembled with a screwdriver (instead of glue that's impossible or snaps that break). It has rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from rattling when placed on a table. I've grown fond of this device's shape, too.

  17. What You Should Know Before You Buy! Review by Dre

    What You Should Know Before You Buy:
    ♦ Small sized speaker with a really nice, rugged waterproof and dustproof design. Ports have tight caps.
    ♦ This is a very loud speaker for how small it is. I mean crazy loud. I really couldn't stand the volume when it was almost maxed.
    ♦ While it has very high volume, the sound remains nice and clear and really sounds pretty impressive for a variety of music types.
    ♦ Good Bluetooth range and an Aux input for wired use.
    ♦ Has a rechargeable battery that charges with an included USB cable.
    ♦ Frequency and bass response is good for this size speaker with an audible range of about 45Hz to 15000Hz. But low end was a little lacking.
    ♦ Can also be used as an emergency power bank for your other devices.

    Overall, I was a really nice little speaker. This speaker sounded great while achieving an extremely high volume with little to no distortion. I tried out a variety of music from some Disney kids songs to Michael Bublé to various Bass Heavy Dubstep tracks and it sounded great with all types of music. Due to the small size, the very low end bass was a little lacking, but it had quite a bit of punch. It is built to be rugged and can be used outdoors. All of the ports have tight caps to keep out dust and water. It also has a USB output so it can be used as an emergency power bank to charge up another device. If you are in the market for a rugged little speaker that sounds great and can reach pretty high volumes, this one is worth consideration.

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