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Mpow® 360 Degree Rotatable Sticky Magnetic Mini Mount Holder

Mpow® 360 Degree Rotatable Sticky Magnetic Mini Mount Holder

  • 250g Weight-Bearing: Features with a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center, it can bear most smartphones.

  • Arbitrary Swivel: No matter how you rotate your phone, this Mpow mount holder guarantees that your phones will remain in your preferred position.

  • Widely Use: With the adhesive base, the holder can be stuck on the desk, on the car, on the wall, or anywhere you find convenient. No worries of falling.

  • Security: No wobbling, no slippage-this phone mount can firmly hold your phones in place while driving.

  • Two Magnetic Plates: Provides a choice of a large and small magnetic plate which takes very little space and holds your device very firmly with high magnetic intensity.


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    • Effortless Installation:Just put the Mpow mount holder on the car or the place you want, it will get stuck firmly. Then the powerful magnetic plate can hold your smartphone safely.
    • More Than A Holder:Mpow Magnetic Mini Mount Holder can also be used as a kickstand to hold the device in place on a flat surface.
    • Sleek:The high quality 360 degree ball mount allows you to adjust to any angle, so you can always keep your phone fully in view.
    • Please Note:The 3M adhesive stuck on the holder is disposable, which means it can only be used once. The product comes with two more 3M adhesive tapes, so please find a right position before fitting it.

    Customer Reviews

    10 Review(s)

    1. The Best Designed and Easiest to Use Car Mount I have Used!

      The Mpow Grip Magic Mobile Phone Air Vent is the smallest car mount I have yet to come across. The air vent holder is a nicely designed product and really different then typical car mounts. It doesn't use clips to grip the phone but instead uses magnetism. Included is the vent clip which has a magnetic circular face and a thin metal plate that you can put inside of your Read more houldn't need to use the metal plate at all. The mount has a smooth rubber surface that will protect your phones back from getting scratched up if attaching your phone to the mount bare without a case. Attaching the device to the mount is easy, just put them close together. Removal is just as easy, I have found that sliding the phone makes removal easier without affecting the mounts attachment to the vent. The mount is designed to work with both thin and thick car air vents. I used this mount with an iPhone 4s and didn't have any issues with the phone sliding even when going over bumps. Although, I would be careful if the phone was super heavy as it may slide from the mount due to weight.

      Overall, I love this mount. It's a simplistic clean design that allows for the easiest removal of a phone from a mount. Super great item.
      Read less

    2. Holds phone well, but there are other flaws.
      Patricia Galle

      It definitely does a great job securing my phone to it. However, it easily pulls off of the vent. As such, when I grab my phone when I'm getting out of my car, the mount comes with it. It's not a deal breaker, but it's annoying, nonetheless.


      After more thoroughly reviewing the information that came with the phone, it is clear tha Read more t slot, the holder stayed on without issue. Awesome product. I highly recommend.
      Read less

    3. A Great Minimal Mount
      R S.

      I bought this mount to replace a windshield mount that I would no longer use due to the inconvenience of mounting and removing the phone. At first glance I was a little skeptical about the strength of the magnet but it is perfect. It holds the phone in place and requires no steps in "mounting" the phone, unlike my old mount. I have tried it on an iPhone 6 (wit Read more both. I appreciate that they provided two mounting plates, as I can use two products without having to switch the plate or buy additional plates. Both the plates can be hidden inside of your phone case which makes it very non-obstructive and clean in design. The only con to the mount was that I have to give up a vent. I would highly recommend this mount, but would advise you to first check the location of your vents as some cars would have them too far away or angled away. Read less

    4. Great product!

      I started using this product in my car recently for my GPS/phone and I love it. I’ve never been a fan of these types of gadgets, but this one totally changed my mind. It looks really nice and sleek in my car and it’s a great addition to my dashboard.

      Here are some of the key benefits:

      - First of all, the design is superb! The balls have a s Read more has never wobbled or fallen off my dashboard once.
      - The magnets are also very strong – they don’t detach easily which gives you added security if you’re worried about dropping your phone or GPS unit (you can obviously remove the magnets with your hand if you apply enough pressure).
      - The swivel feature is great! It allows you to rotate your device in any direction you want. This is super handy if you’re using a GPS unit and want to adjust it.
      - The unit comes with to different sized magnetic plates (large and small depending on the size of your device).
      - The overall size of this unit is perfect! It’s not a big clunker which takes up a ton of space. It’s perfectly sized and it looks great!
      - The 3M tapes that come with the unit are also very durable! Once you stick them on, they have a strong hold.

      This product definitely surprised me! I use it on a daily basis now in my car! I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a sleek looking, durable and functional mount for your devices! Read less

    5. 5.0 out of 5 starsA great option
      A. Nassif

      I've been wanting one of these for a while because it doesn't need to be mounted on the windshield. Its weight bearing base is great to just sit on a desk, and can be easily mounted on the dashboard. It is small and there are no ugly clamps to hold your phone.

      It works by having a magnet that attracts a metal plate (included in the package) which goes bet Read more e on to your phone (it comes stickers).

      This magnetic car mount can be stuck on to the dash. It is easy and quick to assemble. You can then just snap your phone onto the car mount. You can slide your phone off rather than pulling it to ease the removal process.

      And it does look nice! This is the biggest pro of this product: as opposed to old fashioned, ugly mounts, this one looks great, as it is a very reflective, resistant steel ball which is quite beautiful.

      The best part is that now you don't need a gooey circular suction cup going on to your windshield.Say goodbye to the mess forever. And your phone will always be within your vision, at a short distance to your fingertips.

      Due to being a ball, your phone can be tilted in any direction. This way your passenger (or co-pilot) can tilt and see the screen if needed. Very practical.

      The packaging was great, coming in a box that comes open very easily. I would like to mention as well that shipping was very fast and the product arrived quickly. Read less

    6. AWESOME!!!
      Steven Van

      MPOW 360 Degree Rotatable Car Mount is a must have for anyone's car or truck. This car mount is very easy to install on your dash. You clean a place on your dash with the alcohol pad, stick the base of the mount to dry cleaned chosen position. The glue will be firmly attatched after 3 hours.

      You attach the magnetic plate to the ball. You can attach your s Read more eat mount, it holds your phone by a magnetic connection. Your able to answer your calls, and be hands free while your driving.

      What came with the car mount:
      • car bracket x1
      • large metal plate X1
      • stand glue for base x2
      • stand glue for metal plate x2
      • magnetic pad X1
      • small metal plate X1
      • alcohol cotton X1

      You will need all of this in order to have a perfect car mount. Make sure all of your things are there in the box, when you get ready to use it. This is my favorite car mount, it's got a 360 degree angle to adjust the mount. Read less

    7. Nice and strong magnetic car holder

      Mpow 360 Degree Rotatable Sticky Magnetic Mini Mount Holder

      ✔Nice and small. It won’t take up a lot of space with this minimal design
      ✔Magnet is very strong
      ✔It feels solid, sturdy and stable.
      ✔This arbitrary swivel design allows plenty of viewing angles. You can rotate your device in any direction you want
      ✔Comes with two 3M d Read more This product was received either at no or low cost for review, inspection and testing purposes. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review. Read less

    8. Does what it's supposed to do, and does it quite well!

      I have the mount as shown in the image above. Mine is the magnet style with the vent clip, not the CD slot variety. I was provided with this product for test and evaluation purposes. With that said, If I don't like a product, I'm going to give it a bad review, even if that means my relationship with the vendor might be terminated! Morally I'm obligated to the Amazon publ Read more nd I've used it daily in two different vehicles... a Honda CR-V, and a Nissan Rogue. It works better than anticipated in both. I say that as to look at the product, there's not much to it. It's simplicity itself.
      Mine came with the magnetic, vent mount, and 2 metal plates. The magnetic part is rubber covered on both the front and back. There are four tapered protrusions that extend back from the magnet that slide in between the louvers on your dash vents. I'll call these "fingers" from here on. These fingers are rubber covered and a cross between being flexible and being rigid. The rubber is flexible in that it will deform to fit between the louvers, but the inner core is more rigid to keep the device from flopping around when mounted. There are two different spacings between the fingers. One quite narrow, and the other a bit wider. I needed to use both spacings as both the louver thickness, and the distance between louvers varied greatly between the Honda and the Nissan. On both cars, the mount held securely with no concern that it might fall out over bumps. I was concerned that the secure fit might deform the cars' louvers, but that did not happen. I placed it, and it stayed put. Just because I can't leave well enough alone..., I opened the mount up to see what was inside, and it appears that MPOW is using 4 circular neodymium magnets inside. Neodymium magnets are probably the strongest commercially available magnets out there!
      The mount was supplied with 2 metal plates. One was 1.5" circle with peel and stick tape affixed to one side, and the other was a rectangular plate slightly larger than the circle, and without any tape on either side. Both plates were quite thin, maybe 1/64" thick, but surprisingly quite rigid, and not likely to bend.
      The phone I tried this on is a relatively large heavy device, an LG Optimus G Pro, 5.5" screen, basically the same size as a Samsung Galaxy Note, or what would be referred to as a "phablet", The phone resides in a 2 layer TPU rubber and hard plastic case, and it has a tempered glass screen protector affixed. So, this makes a large heavy phone even larger and heavier!
      At first I tried the magnet against the back of my phone (without using a metal plate) to see if it would have enough pull to stick onto the phone's battery, through the phone's plastic backing It grabbed, but not sufficiently for use. I placed the metal plate directly against the battery and tried again, but not too much different in results. As it was, the magnet would have to go through 3 layers of plastic and rubber to reach the battery. I tried the metal plate inside the phone, and outside the phone, but still inside the case, and it worked, but I was still a bit nervous about the grip. It would have worked, but I wanted 110% surety. I ended up using the round metal plate with its sticky tape, affixed to the outside of my TPU/plastic protective case. Stuck on the back of my case, the plate protrudes just a bit more than 1/64". We're talking maybe the thickness of 4 or 5 "post-it Notes. It's quite flat and unobtrusive! When placed against the magnetic mount it sticks unbelievably well!!! It's not coming apart until you PULL it apart.

      I was concerned as to whether a piece of metal at the back of my phone might interfere with signal strength, but I experienced no loss of signal. I was also concerned as to whether this piece of metal which was now slightly covering my NFC area would have any negative aspects on the phone's ability to transfer music via near field communication (NFC), or charging with a Qi charger, but again no issues. Keep in mind though that this is with my very large phone, and I cannot say with certainty that it might not be different with a smaller phone and with the metal plate covering a greater amount of your NFC coil (if your phone even has that installed...iPhones earlier than the 6 don't have NFC, so it's a non-issue for those).

      My only real concern, and a possible negative, has nothing to do with the product itself...
      The vents on the Nissan are quite short in height! They are actually shorter than the height of the mount. This causes the circumference of the magnet to rest a bit upon the trim that surrounds the vents. After some time, I'm going to make the assumption that the mount will vibrate against the trim, causing the trim to either scratch or lose its finish. So for that vehicle, and for that reason alone,I decided not to use it long term. There was also the issue of the vents' placement putting the phone in a position directly covering my built-in navigation screen. Again, I was concerned about vibration from the road, and any damage to the nav screen that might ensue. I didn't think it would work, but I spun the phone 180º with the phone's bottom facing up, and it held securely without the phone trying to rotate itself back down (the metal plate is mounted 3/4 of the way up towards the top of the phone, just below the camera lens). I figured the off-centered location of the plate, and the phone's weight would cause it to fight gravity, and spin, but it stayed where I put it. So, the nav screen issue turned out to be a non-issue.

      In the Honda, the vent louvers are much thinner, and more tightly spaced. I had to turn the mount 90º to the side, to use the tighter openings between the mount's fingers. I was worried that the tighter spaced louver openings would be spread apart by the fingers, but all is good! The vents are also taller, so there is no issue with the mount hitting any painted trim. The dash also curves differently and there is no touch-screen, so no conflicts. All is good! The phone is suspended from the mount with no contact with the dash anywhere, and it just works as expected!

      To add one last thing, and MPOW might not like to see this...but I have to put it out there...
      I'm going to use this all summer, but maybe not in the winter. I use my dash vents more than my windshield or floor vents. In the summer, I don't mind the cold, air conditioned air hitting the back of the phone while attached to the vent. If anything, it will keep the phone cooler, and consequently allow the screen to be brighter (my phone automatically limits screen brightness when the phone heats up too much). I've pulled everything apart after driving on a 90º day and looked for condensation inside the phone, but nothing, so that's good! In the winter though, I don't know if I want air that's well over 100ºF constantly blasting into the back of my phone. I don't really know if this is an issue or not, or whether it will shorten the lifespan of the phone, but it's not something I'm comfortable doing. Again, maybe a non-issue, but it's something that came to mind.

      I give the product 5 stars, because it does what it's designed to do and it does it quite well!!! Read less

    9. perfect simple solution to hold phone in car
      Bill who loves to give reviews

      Wow, this Mpow Car mount holder is readlly a magic grip. It is so easy to hold my giant Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4 inch humongous phone without a problem.

      There is no need to have a sticky gel pad. All I need, were to put the magnetic pad in between my case and my phone. I then just snapped the phone on the Mpow car mount with ease. The magnetic field just ho Read more ard. All I need is the car's air vent. I tried on Nissan Rogue 2011, Mini Cooper and a Camry. I had no problem mounting this Mpow car mount on their air vent.

      One last cool thing about this Mpow car mount which is that I can also be used as a phone/tablet stand. I can easily use it to stand my giant phone. This is so cool to watch movie/youtube and read manga.

      This Mpow car mount is great, but I think it is good for summer. In the winter, if I run the heat, I am sure it will hot up my phone so much. When I use the air vent to hold the phone, I also feel I sacrifice a slot for the cool A/C flow. Keep these 2 things in mind. Other than those, this is a great car mount. It has good strong perfect grip. It works on my giant phone, should it work on any other phones as well.
      Read less

    10. Amazing phone holder. Holds my Note 4 up on the vent and looks like a small TV!
      Jonathan D. Raper

      Ok, going to be honest. I almost gave this a bad rating because the mount wouldn't stay in the AC vent, BUT then I noticed there is a right and wrong way to install the magnet. If you looking at the back of it the clip makes a cross and one way it is wide, the other it is narrow. The narrow slot is what fit my 2005 Z71 like a glove. After that, it was amazing. It holds m Read more to hold the phone in place, it would just slide down the case. So, I put the small round metal disk on the back of my case and it works like a champ. I have included some pictures of the mount in this review. I would recommend this to a friend. Read less

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