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Superior Memory Foam. Cushioned densely with first-rate memory foam, the mouse pad set will revert to their original form after laying your wrists on them without any issue. Super soft and comfortable to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain or any other hand or wrist discomfort.

Nonslip Rubber Base. Do you have issues of pads sliding around when you type or move the mouse constantly? The backside of this wrist support kit is thickened with 3mm textured rubber material, which will make the pads stay in place and keep them from slipping around on your desk.

Properly Designed Size. The keyboard wrist support (445x78x30 mm/17.5x3.1x1.2 in) and the mouse pad with wrist rest (253x230x30 mm/ 10x9.1x1.2 in) can perfectly and nicely fit most keyboard, mouse and palm size. Great to be used with PC, Laptop, Notebook, Mac, etc.

Fatigue-free Typing Design. This wrist pad set is contoured ergonomically to keep the wrist well supported while working and gaming for long periods of time. Perfect handy strain reliever for workers, gamers, writers, editors or anyone who are engaged at long typing work.

Quality Assurance. Adopted with premium Lycra material with delicate craft, this wrist rest set is more durable and breathable without their surface wearing out easily.



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