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In early 2011, Darwin, the founder of MPOW, started his overseas study in US. With a positive life attitude, he took part in the campus music and marathon club.

Meanwhile, he made a new friend with Victor - a music lover and also overseas student from China.

One day, the joy of music and sport hit them with a beautiful dream: Let's have fun with music and exercise!

Thus, MPOW began to explore. In early 2013, the first sport Bluetooth headphone came out.

With the perfect designs by Red Dot Award winners, MPOW's products are followed by more and more young people all over the world.

In 2015, MPOW expanded very quickly in Bluetooth products with 40M USD investment by global Top Listed Company.

Nowadays, MPOW has been the top brand in 3C filed in US, Canada, Europe and Asia market, with more than 1000 employees, 7000m2 working area and over 400M USD turnover.

Join us! Making your dreams come true.