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Great for the dog park!!

"My two young labs absolutely love this toy. They are rough on toys, so we have to work with them on not trying to destroy a toy the moment it is given to them. 

This "flying squirrel" immediately became and continues to be a high value toy, so it is put up and out of the way when not being played with. Lightweight and flexible, but even so, the toy is really durable.”

115 commentaires
par Ron Langley sur April 28, 2021

par Greg Grayson sur April 25, 2021

Excellent sound ang quality I would defiantly recommend the earbuds

par Danny Naranjo sur April 25, 2021



par HariKrishna sur April 22, 2021

Have tried multiple headphones for my office meetings, Found that MPOW Active Noise Cancellation headset was very useful and the sound quality is good.

par Tammy sur April 20, 2021

Fantastic product. Great value. Easily connects to your phone. Sound quality is on par with airpods. Really worth the purchase.

par Billy j Anderson sur April 13, 2021

great product

par Aaron Young sur April 12, 2021

the xmpow are very good I tried listening to music with them they are nice and clear

par Tony sur April 11, 2021

Just received. Easy to follow set up instructions. Set up without issues. 2 year warranty.

par Jon Arntz sur April 05, 2021

For my birthday my family gave me both the MPOW HC6, and the Sennheiser Consumer Audio SC 60 USB ML. When compared head-to-head with this more expensive Sennheiser, the padding is significantly more comfortable, it has better sound and blocking/cancellation, as well as less expensive. Thank you MPOW!

par Cynthia sur April 04, 2021

I’m so excited to get these earbuds. They will be great to use while on walks or while cleaning house.

par Yann sur April 03, 2021

Bon produit qui correspond à mes attentes !

par Kavitha Subramanya SureshKumar sur April 02, 2021

This product is awesome i have recommended to friends and they too have ordered it. and are very happy about it.

par Oyewole Ogunnaike sur April 01, 2021

The Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs perfectly reduced the background noises sufficient enough for the user to concentrate on their tasks. I will recommend this product to anyone who works in a noisy environment wanted a private moment in a busy atmosphere. I promised you would not be disappointed with this product. The product is comfortable on the ears, smoothly fitted, and the price is fantastic for this product’s outcome quality.

par Karan D Sanford Taylor sur March 28, 2021

Best wireless earbuds!!! Love this product

par ANGEL CEBRIAN LOPEZ sur March 27, 2021


par atanda sule sur March 21, 2021

Nice headphones of highest quality both physical and performance

par JESUS MERCADO sur March 20, 2021

The product ( the speaker) has exceeded my expectation. Great and clarity sound. And the price is great ,too. It’s so easy to play with it . For me , is a wonderful quality product.

par Alfonso sur March 20, 2021

Buen sonido y muy cómodos.

par Sharon Mack sur March 20, 2021

I’m glad we got these! I ordered two one for my daughter and one for me. The sound quality is great!

par Justin Smith sur March 17, 2021

Hello awesome price that goes along with awesome product. Quality comfortable and customer service is a 10. Very satisfied with product.

par David Boatin sur March 17, 2021

Great product at a great price, was surprised with the sound quality. Nice base feel, far better than my previous wireless airbuds. I’ve only had it a few hours and listening to music with these is a nice experience. The fact that i can use just one earbud if i don’t want them both in my ear is an added bonus.

par Mark Jones sur March 13, 2021

I’ve never had any earphones before but in my view this was money well spent
Worked straight out of the box Very easy to pair and they do everything the said they would do
Perfect for listening to You Tube and for Phone calls and Meetings on Teams
They do everything that my daughters ones do but for 1/4 of the cost
Great value for money

par Chad sur March 13, 2021

I like the headphones a lot.

par Charlotte Copeland sur March 13, 2021

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par robert milkie sur March 10, 2021

I just received these and after a minute or 2 I am connected with no problems whatsoever. Great sound and better than $130 pair of ear buds I just threw away. You really can’t go wrong with these. Only problem I see, is that they are made in China, so I’m guessing they will crap out soon. Hope not.

par Stewart Fuentes sur March 08, 2021

Enjoying every moment with my mpow H17. Just to be able to get away from the world, while I’m engaged in my movies/games.

par Donna A sur March 06, 2021

Received today .and very happy to strat using

par Jean sur March 04, 2021

Très bon achat belle apparence de qualité

par J Avrin sur March 03, 2021

par Joseph Ballard sur March 03, 2021

I purchased the MPOW MBITS EAR BUDS on Amazon , and I think that the sound is better than my Samsung Galaxy Buds. The MBITS have a deeper bass and more volume. I would highly recommend this product over any other ear buds I have purchased or tried.

par Christopher Anthony sur March 01, 2021

Great sound ,easy to program and very handy just what I needed to wear in the qym. Great fit also can’t wait to wear in the gym. Go get you a pair you want be disappointed.

par Stephen Fraser sur February 28, 2021

So far so good, easy to use comfortable look good as well!

par Claudia Maass sur February 27, 2021

par Jr sur February 23, 2021

Surprisingly, this is a great product.

par SAVARY sur February 23, 2021

Vous trouverez le lien Amazon et mon commentaire ci dessous :
Génial. Super facile d’installation et rapide.
Rapport qualité prix au top. Toutes les connexions dans les 2 sens ce sont bien passé.
Aucun regret pour les multiples possibilités.

par Patrick Marc sur February 22, 2021

Great purchase, very satisfied and in 48 hours!

par C sur February 20, 2021

Excited to try out my new wireless earbuds!

par tammy sur February 18, 2021

ear buds are comfortable to wear, and all around good product.

par christophe cebe sur February 18, 2021

par jose luis garcia bugarin sur February 18, 2021


par Jennifer sur February 18, 2021

Super fast delivery next day delivery highly recommend headphone. It’s a great price and super trendy great product

par Eleonora Martin sur February 16, 2021
Deliver to W14?
Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, HiFi Stereo Wireless and Wired Headset with Mic, Handsfree Calls, Voice Assistant, Soft Memory Protein Earmuffs for Home Office Online Class Travel Phone PC TV
Eleonora Martin
5.0 out of 5 stars
It is really amazing!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 January 2021
Colour Name: 1 Black
It really is amazing! I love listening 🎧 to music and dancing with them on. I love the noise cancellation and the sound quality is great! The battery life is really long and it is rechargeable only in 3 hours. Very good product and I recommend this to anyone reading this review.
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par Eleonora Martin sur February 16, 2021

par Andy Anderson sur February 15, 2021

Works great. Good price, and fast shipping

par Salvador Olmos sur February 15, 2021

Muy contento con mi producto

par Christopher White sur February 13, 2021

I have only had the earbuds for a couple of days but for the price, the sound is impressive and you just don’t feel them in your ears, even if you sleep all night with them in your ears. If you are looking for a decent set of earbuds with excellent battery life, decent sound and comfort is a priority, these fit the bill. Connecting via Bluetooth was seamless and took about 2 seconds. I don’t think you could do better in this price point.
Hopefully, I will still feel this way in a couple of weeks. I am concerned with the stability of the thin wire and not the best connection points. i have ordered some cable protectors for the weak points. Hopefully this will extend the life.

par Vincent Szili sur February 13, 2021

Très bon rapport qualité prix.
Je recommande ce casque

par Robert Redding sur February 13, 2021

I would recommend this product to prospective purchasers.

par Robert Redding sur February 13, 2021

Very impressed with the wired computer headset and would recommend it to prospective buyers.

par Robert Redding sur February 13, 2021

Very impressed with the wired computer headset and would recommend it to prospective buyers.

par Jamie Blanchard sur February 13, 2021

par Ricky sur February 10, 2021

Wireless earphones are comfortable with excellent sound – despite he reasonable price.

par Marisa sur February 10, 2021

Received as Christmas present. It has a great sound and it’s very easy to wear them. Really recommend.

par LaQuista sur February 09, 2021

I love these ear buds! This is the second pair that I have purchased. My fiance was so impressed with the pair that I bought for myself that he asked me to order him a pair. We love these ear buds!

par LaQuista sur February 07, 2021

Love these ear buds. Light weight and great price! They feel like they are falling out of my ear but they are not. My fiance loves them so much that he’s thinking about getting him a pair.

par hany sur February 07, 2021

i was pleasantly surprised. it came fast (Prime member), as soon as got it out of the box, i realized it is made of good quality.

it looped comfortably around my ear. and it also paired instantly with my macbook.
i intend to use it for my online meetings, it allows me the freedom to walk around the room while in meetings. the sound is crisp and clear.

par Duc Ha sur February 07, 2021

Very affordable earbuds (discount included) with perfect sound, design, size and long battery life. Why spend $100+ for earbuds. Highly recommended for the budget-conscious consumers without compromising on quality or service.

par TyongieTucker sur February 06, 2021

I’m bought this product for my daughter and she loves it. Thank you so much for a great product.

par Lois sur February 04, 2021

arrived on time, set up was easy

par Bianca sur February 03, 2021

Amazing products.

par q putnam sur February 03, 2021

Customer Review
Amazon Customer
Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2021
Color: BlackVerified Purchase
I had been using a phone holder that fit into the CD port in my car and that was nice and all but I did have to lean over a bit to set my phone in place. It was a little uncomfortable and the phone was a little farther than I would have liked but it was eye level so it wasn’t that bad. I also had to plug my power cord into the phone every time I wanted to drive and charge.
When I saw this advertised on Amazon and saw what it could do I immediately ordered mine. When I put it into my car I was blown away with this product. Just having gotten the IPhone 12 Pro Max I now had wireless charging capability so I plugged it in and the two side arms opened AUTOMATICALLY I then put my phone on the rest and next thing I knew the side arms were closing to hold the phone securely in place and it started to charge. When I was ready to turn the car off I touched 1 of the two buttons on the side to release the phone and WALLA. NICE!!!

par Q Putnam sur February 03, 2021

par quinten putnam sur February 03, 2021

par Margaret Schaeffer sur February 02, 2021

Love my car phone holder, I like that could have it down lower and not blocking my view like some of the other ones. it is strong and sturdy. It makes using my GPs so much better.


par Rocio Meza-Barajas sur February 02, 2021

I love this earbud is exactly what I wanted. And a good price too.

par Qasimmehmood sur February 02, 2021

Good quality

par ILEE sur February 01, 2021

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I had the wired, so I decided to get the wireless and glad that I did! Basically, I took it out of the box, plug the components into my computer and it was already charged; it paired and I immediately made a call.

par Ursula Thieme sur January 25, 2021

While it is very useful not to have a corded pair – my iphone headphones always get stuck, these are very sensitive when they start to fall out of my ear, just lightly pushing them in restarts a new program in my phone. It stops what I am listening to. But really for the price, this little hassle is easily resolved.

par Jay sur January 24, 2021

Very nice product.

par Julia sur January 24, 2021

love it in my car! no more wires!

par Mike jenkins sur January 23, 2021

Very nice great for bike riding

par Mike jenkins sur January 23, 2021

Very nice great for bike riding

par Bruce sur January 18, 2021

Just recieved mpow 59 wireless headphones, great value. Wireless connected to all my devices easily. Battery lasts several days. I use the wire if using on computer so I save the battery.

par Annette west sur January 18, 2021

Very neat and Sleek great for Work At Home

par Sonya Martin sur January 18, 2021

It is wonderfu so far

par Carlos sur January 17, 2021

This earbuds era exactly what I was looking for..I love my mpow x3 ..

par Peter Lambert sur January 17, 2021

Excellent product for the price very simply to set up

par Pradip Shivanekar sur January 15, 2021

An excellent product

par Dale Johnson sur January 14, 2021

very good sounding with great bass

par Dale Johnson sur January 14, 2021

very good sounding with great bass

par Paul Nudd sur January 14, 2021

Very good price for this product. I’m very satisfied with my purchase!

par BM sur January 14, 2021

I have owned MPOW CD Slot car mount for a week. I use it daily every time I drive. The most valuable features for me are the ease of installation, firmly attached when installed, and solid plastic construction. I like the Mpow over other holders because the phone sits lower on the dashboard and does not block my heat/air conditioning vents. Mpow also provides a 2 year warranty. Prior to purchase, I suggest comparing photos of the holder to location where the phone will sit on your dashboard so you are aware what items on the dashboard will be obstructed after installation. It is a very good product for the price and I have recommended Mpow CD slot car phone holder to others.

par Chuks sur January 14, 2021

Great product. Enjoying it. The different manoeuvre positions is so convenient.

par didye sur January 13, 2021


par James sur January 11, 2021

Great ear buds, love the fins, always had trouble keeping ear buds in , but the fins solve the problem. Pair quickly, good sound, though I mostly use them for audio books but some music as well. very impressed and the added hours of charging with the plus is a bonus.

par Amon Brooks sur January 11, 2021

Great sounds. these earbuds feel great, look good and were a perfect gift for this busy me.

par Sarah Coleman sur January 09, 2021

Just received my MPOW ready to install it in my truck.

par av pa sur January 09, 2021

excellent product

par Robert Heal sur January 08, 2021

Great product super clean sound, fast pairing to phome all charged right out of the box. Great Price !!!!!

par Latonia Nichols sur January 07, 2021

Love how it feels just can’t mute it nor is it noise canceling but a good product

par Pamela Goodner sur January 07, 2021

I just received my second MPOW Wireless Receiver and I absolutely love it. I originally purchased it for myself and this one is a gift. Great Product!

par Pamela Goodner sur January 07, 2021

I just received my MPOW wireless receiver and I absolutely love it! This is the second one that I have purchased. I originally purchased one for myself and now I have purchased this second one as a gift. Great Product!

par Victoria sur January 07, 2021

Just received my bluetooth speaker and I love it. The sound is fantastic.
I will definitely be browsing other products

par Sharice S. sur January 06, 2021

Good quality headset for my work from home job

par GUYLAINE ALLARD sur January 04, 2021

très bonne sonorité

par Gerald A Burton sur January 01, 2021

Nice ear pods for the money. I like them except the touch taps are a little sensitive for changing modes.

par LG Lobo sur December 31, 2020

Excelente sonido, la cancelación de ruido es muy buena, son muy cómodos, en llamadas funcionan muy bien. Una muy buena compra.

par steve sur December 31, 2020

Very fast delivery …. really comfortable … and worked great right out of the box

par Jerry sur December 31, 2020

I received the headphones for Christmas and I have just opened it up, looks very good can’t wait to try them as soon as they charge.

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