MPOW BH261A Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter
  • SKU: BH261A

MPOW BH261A Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter

    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 ADAPTER: MPOW BH261A with built-in Bluetooth CSR 5.0 chip for more stabler and 50 feet longer range Bluetooth signal. MPOW aims to bring better audio quality enjoyment and wirelessly smart life.
    • APTX-LL FOR REAL-TIME PLEASURE: aptX low latency audio codec brings faster audio transmission for an improved synchronization between picture and sound. Note: APTX-LL requires your receiving headphones / speakers) must also support aptX low latency.
    • PAIR 1 WITH 2: MPOW Bluetooth transmitter can pair with two Bluetooth headphones, speakers simultaneously, sharing the fun or doubling the pleasure. Dual-link mode also supports APTX-LL technology. Note: Requires both headphones support aptX-LL.
    • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Support aptX HD, aptX LL and aptX audio coding. Smart Intuitive LED indicator informs you the audio coding of your Bluetooth device is using. The adhesive tape makes it easier for you to place it on your TV or wall.
    • NON-STOPPED PLAYING: MPOW transmitter requires USB power, you can power it via TV's USB port or other 5V USB outlet. Built-in security guard prevents any potential dangers while charging. (The volume should be controlled by TV or Bluetooth Headsets.)