Mpow® 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kits Fisheye Lens Updated Version

Mpow® 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kits Fisheye Lens Updated Version

  • Wide Compatibility

  • Angle: 180 Degree 

  • Convenient Macro Lens

  • User-friendly, Could Be Used With One Hand

  • Use Updated Lens, Better Fisheye Lens You Will Get

  • UPC: 632423357227



    What Mpow Updates

    • Updated Lens : Mpow updates all three lens, now you get better Fisheye Lens, 0.36X Wide Angle Lens compared to previous 0.67X Wide Angle Lens, 20X Macro Lens compared to the previous 10X one.
    • Convenient Macro Lens : Mpow adds a accurate transparent cap to the Macro Lens so as to save the trouble of focusing. Just place the cap of the lens on objects you want to shoot, you will get a stunning macro effect.
    • Greater Vision : Mpow lens can stay in the middle of your phone's lens, thus getting a much better vision.
    • Wide Compatibility : Fit iPhone 6s+/6s/6+/6/5/5s/4/4s, iPad Air 2/1, iPad Mini 3/2, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S3/A7/A5, Galaxy Note 4/3/2, Blackberry Bold Touch, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid and other smart phones.
    • This is the 4th generation of Mpow Lens, and this time we bring you the best phones' lens Mpow has ever made. 
    • Fisheye Lens effect becomes striking; 
    • 0.36X Wide Angle Lens shoot wider views compared to the previous 0.67X one; 
    • 20X Macro Lens captures twice the details than previous 10X one. 
    • What's more, Mpow add a accurate transparent cap to the Macro Lens so as to save the trouble of focusing. Just place cap of the lens on objects you want to shoot, you get a stunning macro effect.

    Supreme Fisheye Lens

    • Features: 180 degree of the scene can be captured by Fisheye lens, which takes you into a stunning fantastic world. 
    • Angle: 180 degree 
    • Magnification: 0.33X

    Wide-angle Lens

    • Features: Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery 
    • Magnification: 0.36X

    Macro Lens

    • Features: Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects. 
    • Magnification: 20X

    Fisheye Lens updated version

    Fisheye Lens updated version

    Fisheye Lens updated version

    Fisheye Lens updated version


    Customer Reviews

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    1. The macro lens provided hours of entertainment.
      Tiffany Taylor

      We had hours of fun with these lenses. They are amazing! To be honest, I'm not huge on the fish eye, it doesn't give an overly orb-like effect, but the wide angle is super helpful and the macro lens is a blast! First we tried fish eye lens. We tried before and after shots and it kind of makes it look like you're looking into a Christmas ornament. After that we tried the Read more good steps backward. Afterward, we tried the macro lens and were disappointed that we couldn't get a clear picture. We thought it must be a dud, but it turns out that the lens has to be right on top or just hovering over the object. When we got the hang of it, we spent all night checking out different textures. It was so fun. We even used it to track my daughter's skin before and after trying a new eczema cream by getting extreme close-ups of her skin. I recommend this set for anyone with a camera phone or tablet, especially kids, they will LOVE it! Read less

    2. Terrific 3 in 1 Lens Kit with Fisheye, Wide Angle, and 20X Macro - amazing photos with your cellphone!! Love this lens kit!!

      I am so excited to have this new Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kit!!

      I really enjoy taking pictures, but since getting my smart phone, I've really neglected keeping my camera with me. It's just too easy to use the phone to take pictures since it is always with me. I have sacrificed a lot of the quality in my photos because of this. Well, these lenses from Mpow Read more e camera so that taking photos is really fun and exciting again. These 3 lenses come in a very nice black plastic case that is lightweight and small enough to easily fit in a handbag or even your pocket.

      Something that I really like about this lens kit is that it comes with 3 separate clips so that your lenses can be left on their clips, ready to be used. Most of the other kits come with only one clip and you have to switch out the lenses. Each lens in this kit comes attached to it's own clip and the clip has an easy-to-see logo that identifies the type of lens: Macro, Wide Angle, and Fisheye! It's awesome. I hope you can see those logos in the photos I am uploading. This causes you to truly be able to attach and use these lenses within seconds.

      The case has notches to secure each lens clip in place so it can't move around in the case. Each lense is covered with a lense cap. A lint-free microfiber cloth for cleaning the lenses is in the case. The design of this lens kit is just fantastic, and takes into consideration the awesome performance of each lens, the protection of the clips and lenses, their portability, and their care. Very impressive!!

      The weather is preventing me from experimenting outdoors like I would like to with the Fisheye lens and the Wide Angle Lens. I can tell you from what I have been able to do that the effects are wonderful! The Wide Angle lens does just what it says and gives you a much wider view of the landscape than you can get without it, and it does it without a lot of distortion. The Fisheye is interesting, and it's an effect I haven't really used before. I really like it and this lens does it well. It's something I am definitely going to have to experiment with to see what I can do. Some other reviewers have posted amazing Fisheye shots!

      I posted some examples of Macro shots. I am amazed by the closeup shots! I am just in love with these lenses!! A total amateur like me can have a blast. I can't wait to take some pictures of bugs with my Grandson. Can you imagine what those critters will look like with this lens?? Omgosh, they will look like little prehistoric monsters lol :).

      I highly recommend these lenses to anyone who wants to dramatically improve the performance of their cellphone camera. Read less

    3. Good

      Beautiful lenses, love all 3 of them Read less

    4. Nice lens kit set - works well and fun to use

      This is a fantastic add on for mobile photography. These lenses allows me to capture so many fun pictures.

      The Good:
      1. great quality lenses - all of the 3 lens are high quality lens and works great
      2. individual holder for each lens - you don't have to switch lens into holder to change lens. each lens has their own holder, so easy to switch. Read more or group selfie
      ii) fish eye lens - this is the most fun to use lens. you get fish eye view, this covers a lot of area which is not possible with normal camera lens. this is awesome lens for capturing different looking images, even great selfies.
      iii) macro lens - for close up photos, this is your lens. each object has different look and pattern if you can capture really close up picture. macro lens works well, you can try it on normal household objects or flowers.
      4. optical fiber cloth included to clean the lens in case you happen to get fingerprints on these
      5. each lens also has a cap on it
      6. a nice box is included to carry the lens kit with you
      7. works with most of the phones and can be used with front(/selfie) camera as well

      Could be better:
      1. They can include one extra length holder. Lens holder works on most of the phones but on phone like one plus 2, camera lens position is very down. So this lens holder doesn't reach to camera lens position. you can still use is manually and use holder for front cam. Having a longer holder will make this perfect.

      Overall, these lenses are easy to use and allows you to capture fun photos. Read less

    5. Lenses of the highest quality

      Always wanted to try one of these and even though they seemed a bit expensive I still decided to go for them as I just got a few products from Mpow and I was genuinely impressed. Thankfully, these were just as good!

      In regards to the Macro lens, I found it very impressive! I also attached a picture of the word "MACRO" that I have written in a tin Read more
      My friend have just purchased a set that is similar to this which costs around 4 pounds and is just horrendous compared to these ones and now she decided she'll pay a few more pounds for a much much better lenses! Hence, I highly recommend these.

      They can be used for the front and backside camera of the phone. Used the set on my Samsung S5 and an iPhone 6 and works perfectly fine in both. Read less

    6. Great product

      This 3 pack of lenses works great. They all fit over my iPhone 6s with a thin case on, which is convenient that I don't have to take my case off. It comes in a travel case with lense cleaner, that all 3 lenses fit in. Each lense has a protective lense cover so they don't get scratched. The wide lense is good for landscapes, the fish eye makes a cool picture, and the macro is good for focusing on something very small. I would definetly recommend this to anybody interested in the item. Read less

    7. Awesome Mpow clip-on lens kit!
      Rosie aviles

      I received my MPow 3 in 1 clip-on lens kit with 180 degree fisheye lens, a 0.36X wide angle lens, and a 20X macro lens. As soon as I tried them out I was amazed at the difference these little lens do when it comes to taking pictures. I love that I get a different effect with each lens, so far I love the macro lens the best. I just put it on my phone and if the view is fa Read more ook like they are in a bubble. For the theme parks I love using the wide angle lens since it gives me the panoramic view and I am able to capture more. These lens make my pics come out crystal clear and perfect. I also love that they come with a storage case so it makes it easy to take anywhere with you especially travel, and each lens comes with a cover so they don't get dirt or dust in them or even scratched. I am so glad I got them.
      Read less

    8. Easy and fun to use
      J. Graham

      These clip on lens kits are all the rage right now.

      My daughter has been having a blast playing with my set.

      You will receive 3 clip on lenses-
      180 Degree Fisheye Lens
      0.36X Wide Angle Lens
      20X Macro Lens

      Very easy to clip on the phone with or without case on.

      The Macro lens is a bit tricky. Read more raph. make the lens rim touch the item and pull back just enough to focus.

      I was amazed at what I captured!

      The are just plain fun to use.

      They can be used on a wide variety of phones. I would say they are pretty universal.I used this on my Iphone 6.

      I love that the Mpow brand also included the lens caps to help protect these lenses while being stored in the little black storage case, or if you just throw them in a camera bag, you know they will be protected and ready to use.

      Great design. Each lens is clearly marked and also stamped on the clip.

      Great gift idea. Read less

    9. Love this lens kit!
      Aniela Kieta

      Great kit of different variations of the types of lens. Takes crisp pictures, and is great to use. I have no problem in the actual use of the lens, and the application on the phone. It really is very simple to put on your device, and you do not need to pay much for high quality pictures. The kit comes with a carrying case which small holders for each of the 3 lenses. You Read more the picture. Each lens has its unique characteristic in which we are able to see the difference between each of the lenses. The holder for the lens has a nice feel, and includes a picture of what each lens is, along with the companies logo printed below. Each of the lens has a thick glass which is great because it makes it hard to scratch the actual lens. I didn't even know that you can purchase this type of kit to use for your device. This gives me a variation of options when I take my photos on my cell phone. I would recommed this product to anyone who enjoys photographing, and would like an accessible kit to switch the camera lens.
      Read less

    10. My take on Mpow's 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kits!

      When I first received the lenses, I wasn't quite sure what to think about an attachable lens to my brand new iPhone 6S Plus. I really didn't think it would be at all useful, but I was wrong. The wide angle was cool because it fits a lot more scenery within the frame of the shot, truly giving you a wider angle of view. I uploaded photos of our backyard from my iPhone 6S P Read more but certainly not least, the Macro lens x20 zoom that turns your phone into a microscope! The zoom on this lens is incredible, you just have to make sure you set it directly on top of the object. Overall I really enjoyed this product and how easily they can attach and detach from the phones and tablets we have, the case keeps them stored safely and also comes with a cloth to keep the lenses clean. This would be a really great gift for anyone to enjoy. Read less

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    Product Questions

    Will this work on an iphone 6s with the otterbox defender case on? Heard photos are distorted if you use the Mpow 3 in 1 on a thick case.
    Would this work on the LG V10?
    Is the Iphone 5c compatible?
    Does it fit the nexus 5 ?