Mpow® Sport fit Wired Headphones

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  • Secure over-the-ear ear hook never falls out , designed specifically for sports.

  • Ergonomic earpiece design provides long-term wearing comfort.

  • Noise-cancelling technology provide you with energetic sound and enhanced bass.

  • With microphone and speaker button , you can call/answer a call with this earphone.

  • Featured TPE wire anti-pull, makes this earphone more durable than others.

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  • Special Design for Outdoor Sports
    Secure over-the-ear ear hook never falls out , provided with sweat-resistance feature as well ,now you can jogging ,running outside, or workout in the gym.

  • Comfortable Oblique In-ear Wearing Design
    For Earphones, comfort is always most important when wearing. This Mpow Sportfit Earphone is specially designed for Oblique in-ear wearing, allowing comfortable & happy experence.

  • World Class Audio Output Quality
    Facing right towards the ear canal, the speaker of earbud can better perform its audio quality , streaming excellent bass music.

  • Fashion and Durable
    We not only dedicate to the functions of this Mpow Sportfit, but also pay much attention to the outlook. This pure black little gadget is equipped with featured anti-pull TPE wire , which makes itself fashion and durable.

Mpow® Sportfit wired earphone 3.5mm Stereo sport running earbud headset headphone with Remote and Mic Volume Control for iPhone and other Smartphones

Mpow® Sportfit wired earphone 3.5mm Stereo sport running earbud headset headphone with Remote and Mic Volume Control for iPhone and other Smartphones

What's in the box
  • 1 X headphone
  • 3 x eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 3 xear hook (small, medium, large)
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 X user guide
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Additional Info

Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (9)

使いやすく便利Review by さいきゆみ
(Posted on 2/3/2016)
価格帯を超えた高音質ヘッドホンReview by TAKA






安価で高音質のヘッドホンをお探しの方には、是非試して欲しい製品です。 (Posted on 2/2/2016)
クリアーで音場は広く、タッチノイズを弱くするユニークな機構になってる。Review by Brilliant Dragon
音はクリアーで音場もそこそこ広くって、 定位置感もしっかりしています。やや低音が強いと思う程度でどの周波数帯もまんべんなく鳴らしてる、音の味付けも温冷どちらにもされてなくてナチュラルな方向で作られてるようです。ドンシャリ系のようにノリのよい音楽をよりノリをよく聞くということやや弱いかもしれないが、どんな分野でもまんべんなくこなせるオールラウンダーという印象です。だから、聴きやすいタイプかな。何も知らずに聞いたらこの値段だとは思わないだろうという製品ですね。つまり、この価格で手に入れたら大抵の人は満足できるのではないかと感じました。

さて、このイヤホンの特徴は、イヤーフックにありますね。プラスチック系の柔らかい素材なんですが、一応左右があります。一見どちらが右で左かわからないけど、短い先のほうがじゃっかん内側に向いてる方が耳側になってるようです。わかりにくいです。耳にほとんど触れないところにL/Rのエンボス加工があっても良かったかも知れません。 しかし、このイヤーフックはシュア掛けを想定してるこのイヤホンには重要だと思いました。なぜならタッチノイズを随分低減してくれるからです。眼鏡を掛けてもさほど負担にもなりませんしね。コードは丸型ではなくて、楕円形かな。フラットタイプよりか丸型に近いタイプです。そして柔らかいですね。この形状も耳にすっぽり収まってくれるものなので、激しい動きでも上下したり外れやすくなったりというふうになりにくいと思います。
(Posted on 2/2/2016)
本機は高級機に比べても全然、負けてません。Review by 内田裕介

音のいいイヤホンをお探しなら、現時点ではいちばんのお勧めです。 (Posted on 2/2/2016)
Quality headphones. Works well with Android or iPhone smartphones. Great for sports.Review by McKay C
If I had to describe these earbuds in two words, I would probably say "comfort" and "simplicity."

They are comfortable enough that you can wear them all day, yet they are secure enough that you can use them for sports. I like the mic/play/pause button. I have had a few headphones with this button and most are quite awkward. This button is large and easy to press. I feel like it is easier to control this way.

Another nice thing about these headphones is that the volume control is a slider. With all the other headphones I have with volume control, the buttons are designed to work with iPhones so they don't work with Android. This volume slider however works with any smartphone or other media player. You don't need a smartphone to enjoy these earbuds.

If you want something quality and simple these headphones will do the job. Oh; I should also mention that the sound is fantastic! (Posted on 12/1/2015)
It Has Got To Be Good If It Holds Up During The Color RunReview by Dennis Macri
So many people are getting away from the wired earphones. I don't know why because to me, they have a much better, clear sound.

This Sportfit wired earphone has an over the ear hook that stays put while running. I actually wore it during the color run a few days ago. The ear buds did NOT fall out of my ear. Not once.... But, I don't recommend wearing this during a color run. Not because they aren't comfortable, they are extremely comfortable. But what a mess that color is to get off of things. I think the sweat resistant feature helped them from becoming damaged when all that color was dumped on me. I tried to protect them as much as I could so that helped some. I also told the people squirting the color on me to hit below my chest.

The audio is super. I listened to Meat Loaf all the way through the run and... this earphone has a noise cancellation feature that helps stop other noises from getting through and ruining a good song. There is nothing worse than ruining Meat Loafs Dashboard Light song.

You can also answer or make a call with this earphone by using the microphone and speaker button.

I put this gadget through the mill when I took it on the color run with me and it is still working as well as it did before I did the run. I don't know if any of you have ever done the color run, but it is a mess!! You come back looking like a rainbow of colors.
(Posted on 12/1/2015)
The headphone is made pretty well, especially the wire is anti-pull resistant due ...Review by Kiran Kumar
In the era of wireless bluetooth earphones, the wired ones aren't outdated yet. There is still a lot of people who prefer wired one because there is one less device to charge. The headphone is made pretty well, especially the wire is anti-pull resistant due to some rubbery material for increased durability. The earphone comes with 3 pairs of buds of varying sizes and couple of ear hook. It looked weird at first time when I took it for plugging to my ears, but once I understood the idea, it is ergonomic and stays in place without falling down.

Coming to the controls, the earphone comes with a volume slider, mic, and call button. I found the sound quality to be good for the price and distortion free. I wouldn't say it is perfect, the bass is clear, but slightly lesser than the treble.
(Posted on 12/1/2015)
Very GoodReview by stlblue1
When I first got these I thought they would be like all of the other corded headsets out there but I was wrong. These have some distinctions from other brands available. First, they can be used with or without the ear hooks. Personally I like them without, but if my grandchild uses them, I will put the ear hooks on. They are very easy to install. Second, the volume thing on the cord is so easy to use. It just slides to adjust the volume, no finding the up or down and pressing on it. Third, the phone answer/microphone button is separate from the volume button. This is great because the microphone is closer to your mouth and this makes me clear to other callers. Finally, this cord is very long. Can easily carry the device in my pocket and it not tug on the ear pieces. This was unexpected, but just another of the well thought out features of this product. Its a great value, durable and even has a clip to clip the cord to you. I really like this product. (Posted on 12/1/2015)
Big Thumbs UP on these guys.. !Review by mochas mom
I have bought and used all levels of earphones.. from elCheapo to SUPER Expensive so I think I can give a pretty decisive eval for this unit.

Several things stand out w these Sportfit wired earphone. First that they are WIRED.. I know the ' thing' is to get bluetooth devices but for me I lie the performance of a wired earphone.. Also it doesnt' drain my phone or tablets battery trying to stay connected via bluetooth...

One is the comfort of the ear buds portion... that is adjustable to your preference ; either in the ear bud or over the ear hooks ( my personal preference ). as I like to listen to audio books in bed and this is much more comfortable to keep in place.
Second . the volume control is so easy to get to when wearing these... I found this headphone so much easier to adjust vs several that I have at a higher price point
Third answering the phone is so much easier w these it has a dedicated microphone and speaker button , you can call/answer a call with this earphone.and HIT the right darn BUTTON..
I have struggles with other headphones and missed the darn call because I could not find the gizmo to click to answer the phone.. NOT with this version.
Forth The sound quality from these hardwired headphones is definitely an improvement over Bluetooth versions I have tried. . They are also noise cancelling so.. when we were flying this was a BLESSING.. as we had a crying toddler in are they WORK.

Very pleased w these earphones and plan to order another set for a family member. (Posted on 12/1/2015)

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