Mpow® Streambot Y Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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  • Multifunctional design: Hands-free calls, enjoy clear music, GPS voice navigation, charge your device.

  • Excellent Stable FM Signal.

  • Clear Voice Capture Technology.

  • Adjustable neck, Small and detachable design, easy to take out or in.

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  • CNET highly recommended Mpow® Streambot Y Bluetooth FM Transmitter.
Mpow Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • Built-in CSR's own echo cancellation and noise suppression DSP software technology to enhance the audio quality of Mpow Streambot Y.
  • With rapid PCBA optimize, Mpow offers you more stable FM signal to ensure high-fidelity while compare with others.
  • Designed with an adjustable neck to adapt itself to any vehicle nicely. Really a perfect accessory for an on-the-go lifestyle driver.
  • Small and detachable design, easy to take out and enjoy yourself.
  • You are the Fashion Star
  • Being fashion, connect your smartphone with car speaker via Mpow Streambot Y, customize your personalized and individualized music.
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
  • Make and Receive Calls on your phone hands-free while driving!
  • Enjoying clear music & GPS voice navigation.

Mpow® Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Handsfree Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling, Music Control

  • Comfortable Indicator Light
  • Soft and comfortable indicator light, will not affect driving when you use it and give your family a safe promise.
  • Support Cars with Different Models
  • You can use Mpow Streambot Y in cars with different models. Even suitable them without AUX port.

Mpow® Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Handsfree Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling, Music Control


  • Bluetooth Version: V2.1+EDR
  • Bluetooth Profile: HSP, HFP A2DP und AVRCP
  • FM Frequenzbereich: 88,1~107.9MHz
  • Bluetooth Operating Reichweite: 30 feet
  • FM Operating Reichweite: 15 feet
  • USA Ausgang: 5V/1A

What's in the box

  • 1 x Mpow Streambot Y Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  • 1 x User's Manual

Tech Haul For Mpow® Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter 

Additional Info

Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (7)

A Feeling Of Great Satisfaction And Amazement - MPOW Streambot Y Bluetooth Transmitter You Are A Winner !!!!!Review by Kobus
The last 5 to 7 years have seen the introduction of so many of these gadgets entering the market. Some tried to innovate the looks and appearance, however, admittedly this nifty little character is now making a grand stand. Mp3 files played on my mobile via Bluetooth to my car radio has undergone a complete transformation. In fact your DSP software technology has prompted me to actually adjust my Equilizer App's settings in order to accommodate Streambot's crisp and clear rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia". I am impressed, and I think it is appropriate to say "look no further - this one is a winner. Congratulations MPOW with your product - I will spread the word here in South Africa.!!!!!! (Posted on 4/25/2016)
This Product Rocks!Review by Dee
Listen, If you need music in your car and aren't into buying a new car/radio. This is the product you want to get! Great clarity with sound! (Posted on 1/2/2016)
Well-Built FM Transmiter with Numerous FeaturesReview by Anthony M.
The Mpow Streambot Y is a fantastic product for any car that doesn't have an AUX-IN port. One of my cars unfortunately has no AUX-IN on the factory audio system, so if I want to connect my smartphone, iPad/iPod, or any other device to the car speakers while traveling.... I need an FM transmitter. I've tried many products by other companies, such as Belkin, GoGroove, etc. and always was somewhat disappointed with certain features. They also usually provided a poor FM signal and my music was faded or dropped out.

After reading a pretty positive review from CNet, I decided to pick one up on a whim. I figured I had nothing to lose since it's backed by an 18 month warranty and every other Mpow product I bought in the past was fantastic. Well... I'm sure glad I did! The FM transmitter is perfectly crystal clear once I played around with a few frequencies trying to find the best one. I rarely hear any static or interference. Also, the hands-free Bluetooth calling works very well with the built-in mic. I've called friends and they said my call quality was very good (although keep in mind, this is with the windows up and no air rushing inside the car). Another cool feature this product has is it provides a 5V/1A USB charging port in place of the outlet it's taking up to power it. This works well because I can charge my phone and have it connected to the Streambot Y at the same time. On top of all of that, the device just looks nice. It's sharp... almost futuristic looking, and built very well. Unlike other products, which are made from cheap components, it feels sturdy in the hand and I have no doubt it will last a very long time.

There aren't any cons that I can think of. There are only a few suggestions I have for the developers on future models. First, I think you should include automatic FM signal scanning instead of doing manual adjustment. This process can be a little time consuming and for the technically challenged (like my girlfriend) it can pose a problem. Second, you may wish to add a 3.5mm port on the transmitter itself so that people who have devices without Bluetooth can stream them to FM frequencies on the car's audio system. Other than that... absolutely fantastic. :-) Keep up the great work Mpow! (Posted on 11/30/2015)
Easy installation and superb performanceReview by Mike Tarrani
I've owned four similar devices over the past five years, but this one is the slickest in looks and the easiest to install and use of them all. For one thing, the bluetooth part of this transmitter makes itself know as soon as you turn it on for the first time. You do not need to press any buttons or hold them down - just do a scan from your phone's bluetooth settings menu and 'mpow' shows up. Pair and connect, then find a free channel on you FM radio and match that channel with the FM transmitter on this device and you are set. Simple, fast and hassle free.

What I love is the on-off button. In some older cars - particularly Porches - the lighter socket is always active. Some of the transmitters on the market do not have an on-off button and will drain your battery unless you remove it when you shut down your engine. So, for newer vehicles this may not seem important, but for older ones it's a major feature.

The design is clever. The head attaches to the gooseneck via a magnetic connection that holds in place. The entire unit is compact. However, the physical characteristics are not as important as the sound quality and here is where this one excels. Each incoming or outgoing call that I received or made with my Galaxy Note 3 phone was crystal clear on both ends. More importantly, when I am streaming music (a constant when I am driving) the device did not pick up any ignition interference. A few of my other transmitters would do that and it drove me nuts. This one seems to have zero EMI and RFI issues, for which I am grateful.

Bottom line: if you have an older vehicle that is not bluetooth enabled, this is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to give it hand's free capability as well as the ability to stream music to your FM radio. As of the date of this review this particular model is the best one that I have owned and the one I sincerely recommend to friends. (Posted on 11/30/2015)
Love it! Sound is so clear!Review by kyleranne trimachi
I just got it yesterday, but so far it's working perfectly! I've tried transmitters in the past that use radio frequency (you plug a cord into your headphone jack), but it was always super fuzzy and I had to change the station as I drove around town.

The sound is clear and I haven't had to change the station once! Love it!!! No more CDs or played out radio yay! (Posted on 11/30/2015)
Great Way to stream music wirelessly in your car - I love it!Review by John RyanT
This is a terrific solution to play music from your smartphone in the car. Read on to find out how...

What is it?
The MPOW Streambot Y is a bluetooth device which means you can stream music or audio-books from your smartphone to your car radio speakers wirelessly and without any fuss.

You don't even need any special connectors on your car radio - any radio will do, regardless of how old it is.

Fantastic device!

What's it like?
It has two bits to it:-

* An FM Radio transmitter that sits atop a semi-flexible "gooseneck" arm. This bit connects to your smartphone using a "Bluetooth" connection. Effectively, you "pair" your phone with the device, and it sends music to it, which is then converted to an FM radio signal - broadcast to your radio and speakers.

* A little cigarettle lighter charger which contains a USB charging port, and "gooseneck" arm. This is used to power the device.

As an added bonus, you can even make hands free calls on the device, while also charging your smartphone using the USB connection.

How does it work?
Assembled in seconds, you plug it into the cigarettle lighter, and press the M button on the top to switch it on. An LED displays the FM frequency the device is broadcasting on (so you can avoid it clashing with local radio stations), and you can adjust the frequency (if for example you hear sound from other stations), using the metal ring at the base.

Having selected a frequency, just tune in your radio to the same FM number, and pair your mobile and off you go.

Sound quality was surprisingly good, and I listened to music on Spotify using a 4G connection to the mobile without problems. I also made a test phone call using the hands free feature, and sound quality was again surprisingly good.

Even in busy traffic, I didn't get any interference from other driver/radio users - a problem I've seen on these kind of devices in the past.

What's the other options?
Well, I've tried a number of other options and each have their drawbacks.

1. If you're lucky enough to have an existing top-end car radio with built in bluetooth connectivity, you can just connect your smartphone to the radio directly

2. if you're radio doesn't support bluetooth, but has a USB connection, you can buy a bluetooth connector, and plug that into the USB in the radio.

3. You could buy this one - and use it without any wires.

I must admit, I was skeptical of the sound quality I expected on these kind of devices, but was really pleasantly surprised. A great little device, and well worth the money.

Disclosure: I was provided this device for an independent, unbiased review. Having said that, when it's this good it's an absolute pleasure to test.

Highly Recommended. (Posted on 11/30/2015)
they all have horrible sound, are always fuzzy soundingReview by megan Rae Heller
I have gone through honestly probably 5 different fm transmitters. They are ALL junk, they all have horrible sound, are always fuzzy sounding, and break within a couple months. As for the breaking after a couple months, I guess I do not know yet, as I have only had it a week, but the quality seems way better than all others I have tried. This one is amazing sound! Ah, I am finally so so happy. And it works flawlessly with the bluetooth, but still has a place you can plug in a usb cord and charge your phone. I love it, and for the price, you really cannot beat this steamboat transmitter. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Product Questions

I am very curious - how does this device compare to the GoGroove FlexSmart X2? Is it worth it to switch?
Does the device auto pair up with my phone when I get in the car or is it done manually?
When a call comes through are you able to hands free answer the call, talk on speaker/through your cars speakers & hang up the phone all hands free?
Does it have an on / off switch?
Will this pair with two devices (not-simultaneous). My wife and I have separate phones, will it connect to whichever phone is in the car at the time?

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