Mpow® Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones

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  • Excellent Noise Cancellation : The 6th generation CVC technology reduces outside noises and enables clearer sound from microphone.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 & aptX : Bluetooth 4.1 chip with aptX technology, Mpow Seashell offers you great listening experience.

  • IPX4 Waterproof Level : The certified IPX4 ensures that Mpow Seashell can protect itself from any drop or splash of water. Perfect for sports!

  • Great Battery Performance : The built-in battery of Mpow Seashell allows up to 7-hour playing/talking time and 185-hour standby.

  • Wide Compatibility : According to the test, Mpow Seashell is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smart phones.

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  • Designed for Sports
  • The stylish wireless back head design is made for sports enthusiasts. It's time to free yourself from those entangled/coiled long lines !
  • Great Sound
  • CSR 8645 chip, aptX technology, surrounded stereo sound are all built in Mpow Seashell just for creating excellent music and movie experience.
  • Noise Cancellation
  • The 6th generation CVC technology reduces outside noises and enables clearer sound from microphone. You can get high quality, hands-free phone conversation even on the street or inside the shopping mall.

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Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (15)

好きですReview by RABBIT
いくつかのイヤーピースとイヤーフックのなかから、耳にフィットするものを選んで使えます。少しくらい激しい動きをしても耳から外れないように工夫されているのです。防水、長時間バッテリー、軽量、フィット感、まさにスポーツ仕様にぴったりと思います。もちろん音質も問題ないと思います。むこさんから一言、デザインが好き、平たいコードは絡まないからいい、とのこと。 (Posted on 2/1/2016)
高音質な本格スポーツワイヤレスイヤホンReview by KING
高音質な本格スポーツワイヤレスイヤホン (Posted on 2/1/2016)
高音質ですReview by ラッキー
(Posted on 2/1/2016)
exceeded expections sooo hardReview by Sarah
these are flawless. i've never had a pair of headphones that stayed in while i was jogging even while i was sweaty, and these do that with absolutely no problem. they're super comfortable, the sound quality is awesome, and charge really quickly. it was incredibly simple to connect them to my phone and find the right fit with the bud tip and wing. i've been telling all my friends to buy them because they're honestly perfect.
also they look really cool :^P (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Phone and BluetoothReview by Jamaal Couts
My wife loves these headphone while working out. (Posted on 1/28/2016)
As is usual with an Amazon purchase, 5-star all the way.Review by Kathryn A. Marshall
As is usual with an Amazon purchase, 5-star all the way. (Posted on 1/28/2016)
prefetReview by College parent
nice earphones for running (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Light Weight, Great Sound, Splash Proof, and Stylish TooReview by ebpman
The Seashell headset is a very stylish and lightweight headset. It splash proof so you don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain. The earpieces provide great noise isolation since the rest in your ear canal. They don't cause ear fatigue after extended use and are very comfortable to wear. The stabilizers make them even more secure in your ear. The audio playback is good. Clear audio that makes very distinct the hi mids and bass.

- Great audio playback
- Light weight
- Splash Proof
- Great Fit
- Audio Prompts
- Good range
- Lots of accessories to customize the best fit
- Great noise isolation
(Posted on 1/28/2016)
Great foot work or play! Review by Ashley
I had originally purchased these to use them as running headphones. I have purchased several Mpow products of the past it was always satisfied so I need you to be a great buy. I am training for a marathon and I really like that they didn't have a hard casing around the back so they wouldn't constantly be smacking me in the back of the neck as I ran. As I'm sure anyone can imagine that becomes quite annoying and painful after a 15 mile run. They work great! Sound is crisp and crystal clear. They have easy controls to operate. I am even able to use them at work with only one ear in. As always I am very satisfied with my purchases I would definitely recommend these. (Posted on 12/24/2015)
Great fit and sound quality !Review by Amber
I'm constantly listening to music whether it be while working out, cleaning or just relaxing so I'm always looking for the perfect pair of headphones. I recently came across the Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones and was very anxious to try them out! Unfortunately I haven't found my holy grail, until now! These headphones are outstanding and simply a must have! You really need to experience how amazing they are for yourself. I love how stylish these look as well!

These are very versatile with so many great reasons to try them out! You can have a hands free conversation, they stay in place while running/exercising, they cancel out excess noise and they have great sound quality just to name a few!

Once I received them I was impressed by the packaging itself to the free accessories! They came neatly packaged in a nice little flip box with the headphones securely placed. I then noticed the extra earbud sizes plus the USB charging cord. I have my tragus pierced, a prominence on the inner side of the external ear, and most headphones are to painful to wear. If you have your tragus pierced as well then you definitely want to get these and see which earbuds fit you more comfortably. They comfortably stay in while I exercise and would be great for the tanning bed so you don't have to worry about getting a tan line from the cords.

Most of the time you have to charge your products while you anxiously wait to try them out but luckily enough these already come charged! They do recommend charging before use but it is not recommended. It takes around 3 hours to charge and the playtime/talking time is approximately 7 hours but I got a little longer! These will definitely last you few days before needing charged depending on how much you use them. Also there is a feature that will allow you to know when you are ready to connect and when needing to be charged! To connect these via bluetooth to your device you will hold in the multi function button until you see the blue flashing light and hear a voice say power on. Next you will search for devices on your bluetooth settings and look for Mpow Seashell and pair the two together. Simple as that and mine connected within seconds. If you have trouble pairing the two make sure your bluetooth is turned on and visible for other devices to find. The sound is amazing on these and they get really loud! Someone sitting next to you will be able to hear some noise if you have the volume turned all the way up. Another great feature for these is that you can connect to two bluetooth devices at the same time! Once connected you then get to take advantage of listening to music, answering calls, rejecting calls, redialing the last called number, voice dial, and microphone muting! The range is great as well, works up to 10 meters away from you device! I'm honestly amazed at how much this headset is capable of doing!

Overall I highly recommend the Mpow Seashell Bluetooth Headset and at such a great price! Definitely a well deserved 5 star product! Great quality and look very stylish (Posted on 12/3/2015)
VERY IMPRESSED!!Review by Bri Shrout
I absolutely love these headphones. I’ve had several pairs of headphones throughout my life and these are, by far, the most comfortable I’ve tried. These headphones come with a variety of accessories, so you can customize them to fit comfortably. I’ve tried all of the accessories and they are very easy to remove and replace. I also like that they are compatible with bluetooth enable products. I own the LG G4 phone and these headphones pair quickly and easily to it without any trouble at all. I’m really impressed with all of the features that these headphones provide with only consisting of three buttons and an LED indicator. You can easily listen to your music and also make and receive phone calls all with just three conveniently located buttons! The sound quality of the headphones is exceptional & does a really great job at cancelling out background noise better than others. The most impressive aspect is the battery life…up to 7 hours or talk & play time and up to 200 hours of stand by time!!! I’m completely satisfied with these bluetooth headphones and will definitely recommend to anyone interested in purchasing this type of product. The overall design is impressive and is a high quality product at an affordable price! MPOW is one company that I will continue to keep an eye on for more incredible products!! (Posted on 11/30/2015)
Great Sound!Review by Alexa
These Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones are the ninth Headphones I have ever purchased online and I love it. I must say I am extremely impressed. Mpow really stands behind their products and is an amazing company to work with.

These Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones are really built well. They are extremely easy to use and the quality is pretty awesome. These Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones can go really loud and it's just perfect! I love the style, extremely stylish! They are also extremely comfortable to wear. They have an inline control so I can answer the phone with one push or I can pause/play music. The Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones are light and easy to carry. I love the fact that there is no cord to plug in and get tangled in.

I would highly recommend these Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones to everyone that has a use for them. It is so worth the little extra money! I love these Mpow Seashell Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Running Gym Exercise Sports Headphones and will be ordering a few for gifts this year! (Posted on 11/30/2015)
Great Sounding, Perfect Fitting Bluetooth HeadsetReview by Ron Wattso
Here is what I found:

1. LOVE the microUSB charge port, it is so easy to get open, and of course, plug up again
2. You gotta like the flat cable that doesn't get tangled no matter how many times you put the headset on and take it off again
3. The fluorescent green (that was the color of the set I have) makes you easier to see in the dark
4. MPOW has thoughtfully included three different sizes of earbuds so you can get a perfect fit. That is soooo important! An improper earbud fit will leave the earphones sounding tinny with no presence or bass, but a proper fit, well, they sound fantastic
5. All types of music, from country and western to classical, from pop to dixieland, sound fantastic in this headset
6. Phone calls come across clear and understandable. I tried calls from my phone and to my phone, and found all of them excellent.

The only unusual thing you will find is my voice volume on the video is lower after I have the headset on. Why? Because the earpieces isolate all outside sounds and I couldn't tell how loud I was! I must admit these are about as good as any headphones I have tried, and I give them an enthusiastic two thumbs up. (Posted on 11/30/2015)
This blue tooth works better than others I have triedReview by maryk
This blue tooth works better than others I have tried. Packaging easy to open. Held everything for future use. I used these while working out and they stayed put extremely well. Music quality was comparable to most. I could hear my headphones over the gyms music so that was nice. Easy link up to my phone and the charge has so far lasted a few days. Overall I am very pleased work this product.
(Posted on 11/30/2015)
Very Satisfied!Review by raymond valentine
I run/workout outdoors 5 days a week. I have gone through several pairs of expensive Bluetooth headphones including the last pair before these which was the Jaybird X Sport for $130. I was more that a little curious to see how these Mpow's were going to measure up considering the much lower price point. What I experienced was a set of headphones that are just as good if not better in many ways. Here are some of the observations I made and reasons why I love them:

1. They are very light and stay put! When I workout I run, jump, crawl and am all over the place. Having headphones that I don't have to adjust or put back in my ear is a must. These have stayed so well I hardly remember adjusting them at all.
2. Battery life. The seller claims that they last 7 hours of playing time. I did not put these on a timer but that 7 hour claim seems truthful if not an understatement.
3. The controls. These controls are very intuitive. I found that out after I put them on prior to observing the controls. When I grabbed them it was very easy to tell where the +, - and action buttons were.
4. Sound quality. While not the best I've heard I give the sound a solid 8 out of 10. What's more my wife gives the microphone a 10 and says I'm crystal clear with virtually no background noise when she calls while I'm on the headphones.

The headphones got pretty wet but I did not run into any problems.
(Posted on 11/30/2015)

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